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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My Friend is Nick Cage

Episode 2.04: Green-Eyed Monster. Original Airdate 10.19.05

"Veronica tries to get her mind off the bus crash by going undercover to help a wealthy woman who is determined to prove that her husband is cheating on her. Meanwhile, Keith asks Alicia about the mysterious man who recognized her in Chicago, and Weevil gives Veronica new information about the accident." 

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • It's Broadway's Laura Bell Bundy! cue: Legally Blonde cast album.
  • Shoutout to Vinnie Van Lowe!
  • But Gasp! Veronica didn't dump jumpy girlfriend Julie as a client. She's moonlighting on her own.
  • awwww reminder that Wallace has an adorable tiny brother
  • GASP who is that mysterious CW superhero
  • Keith and Alicia continue to be adorable. I continue to fret because I know it's almost over.
  • Keith and Nathan - sorry, Carl - giving each other the other man's bio. Kinda cute.
  • "She's not my old lady. She's my special lady friend." Keith is the cutest.
  • apparently Duncan has been trying to visit Meg in the hospital for a while now, and the Mannings don't like that.
  • "What if I get an upgrade? What comes after silver?" // "Psycho?"
  • This episode is a world of Julie NO.
  • "There's a fine line between looking for a problem and creating one." Note to future Veronica and her future Logan trust issues.
  • Confirmed the evidence bag earing is his.
  • Is this the first we hear about the Fitzpatricks as a crime family?
  • Wallace: makes out with Jackie. V calls him. "Are you in immediate life-threatening danger?"
  • hahahahahha he's house sitting for his friend Nic Cage. Dang I would love if Cage actually cameoed at the end of this. He'd just wander into frame, scream "I LOST MY HAND," then wander off.
  • "Oh sorry, should I hide in the bedroom like a HOOKER?"
  • Mac is here to hack into Meg's secret laptop.
  • ... that was a 15 second scene. I need more Mac.
  • "My day is complete! Veronica Mars has accused me of evil." Logan's gesture work is on point
  • Nathan Woods just pulled a Darth Vader on our boy Wallace.
  • ...I wrote almost nothing this week.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Ooh, Meg mention.  She’s still in a coma.
  • Mars Detective Agency’s new client looks like she stepped out of Legally Blonde (which - see Z's notes above)
  • Hey – Veronica is making a fake phonecall to make Keith think she’s cancelling the client.  Surprise, surprise.
  • “Aren’t you awfully young to be a detective?” "It's amazing. I never get tired of that question."
  • So Mrs. Wallace has an ex.  I’m glad she’s being honest with Keith, finally.
  • Aww, it’s cute that Veronica and Wallace’s lockers are almost next to each other.
  • Meg’s dad: “Why do you come here every day?”  Way to fill Veronica in on what’s been happening with her boyfriend. Expositionnnnn
  • I remember the outcome to Julie the client’s case and it’s kinda sad.
  • Veronica: Rut Roh.
  • “He’s with a Rabbi.” “A Rabbi?  He’s not Jewish, I’m Jewish.” “Are you there yet?”
  • Poor hot mess Julie.   I mean I feel her.  She’s a hot mess but it’s probably the result of being hurt so many times in the past.
Hot Mess Julie
  • “What comes after silver?” “Psycho.”
  • Sheriff - I mean he constantly suspects Keith despite Keith never being intentionally deceiving.   But that’s because people assume everyone is like them.
  • Veronica and Wallace both have sidekicks.  Those didn’t last long, did they? (2011 according to this story)  They must have been sponsoring the show.
  • Oh shit.  I don’t like Jackie and Veronica being rivals.  It’s kinda cliché of tv shows.  They're the only current female leads. [That's why we need more Mac. - Z]
  • Wow, Veronica is really laying on “sex-crazed soritory girl” thick.  She’s putting it on.
  • Wallace isn’t as good at lying as Veronica is.
  • Seriously when does Veronica do homework?  She has a ton of time on her hands spying and detectiving  and spending time with her boyfriend.
  • “Oh sorry, should I hide in the bedroom like a hooker??”  Love V’s indignation here.
  • Hey, it’s Mac!  Remember when they were going to run a business together?  Neither do the writers.
  • It’s really sad.  The Julie stuff.  Bad ending because of suspicion and jealousy and bitterness.
  • Does Nathan telling Wallace who his daddy is count as a stat?


Veronica, pretending to call the Sheriff's office: Hello, Inga
Z & D: Ingaaaaa!
D: She does still work there!

Favorite Lines:

Zelda: "*eats a doughnut bribe* Keith Mars for Sheriff!" - Wallace
Daniel: "What comes after silver?" "Pyscho?" - Julie/Veronica


Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Duncan, Logan, Weevil, Jackie (Absent: Dick, Beaver)
First Appearance: Stewart Manning, Rose Manning, Grace Manning
Recurring: Alicia Fennel, Darrel Fennel, Nathan Woods, Lizzie Manning, Sheriff Don Lamb, Mac
Future Famous Person: Laura Bell Bundy
Veronica's Alias: UCSD student with a flat tire


Dead Humans - 0 
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 1
Who's Your Daddy? - 0 (but now Wallace knows!)
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0 (he got paid)
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hot Damn, Colin Firth Is In It!

Episode 2.03: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang. Original Airdate 10.12.05

"Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Meanwhile, Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice."

We are very excited to welcome our friend Melodie to today's post! Welcome, Melodie!

Melodie's Thoughts:

  • Hi everyone! Long time watcher of VM, long time reader of this blog, first time guest! I'm super excited so let's dig right in.
  • And I start the episode on Papa Casablancas. Boo.
  • But Kristen is so adorable doing her little "excellent"
  • Beaver seemed so innocent and sweet but now I'm just creeped out by him and this scene of him sheepishly asking for a favour from Veronica feels so sinister in hindsight.
  • Sheriff Lamb is such a jackass. The smug way he's gleefully showing a teenager a dead body with her name on his hand is just gross. Kudos to the actor for being able to play such a skeevy character.
  • Aww, Keith and Alicia are so sweet together. Even V can't deny it, much as it weirds her out to see it, understandably.
  • "I'm super, thanks for asking!" LOL! Veronica is a South Park fan.
  • One of the pics Veornica pulls up for Kendall, looks so much like a photo of Cordelia from Buffy that I'm convinced that's what it is. You can't tell me otherwise.

  • I love Veronica and Keith scenes. Veronica LOVES unicorns.
  • Aw, Veronica is kind of jealous of Jackie but she still helps Wallace out with her because she wants her friend to be happy. Besties! I love it when they show how much Veronica cares about Wallace.
  • Veronica, don't feel bad for Beaver, trust me.
  • I used to be impressed by Beaver noticing the switched gym bags, but I know better now. Now I side eye him and get grossed out every time he leans in really close to Veronica. Bleh.
  • Curly and Aaron Echolls know each other, but what does it mean?
  • Aw, I really like Mr. Pope. He just seems like a really nice and enthusiastic teacher. It sucks what happens to him.
  • LMAO! Can I just talk about everything wrong with the Logan/Duncan fight scene? Because I just can't with this.
  • First off, SHENANIGANS! There is no door behind Logan so how the hell does Duncan lunging at Logan, end up with them in the hallway? I like to think that they kind of danced around the room a bit, twirling until they reached the door so that they could fight in the hallway, very polite. [Logan and Duncan are competitive dance partners. Headcanon accepted - Z]
  • Second, NO ONE reacts to this fight. Literally no one, not even Veronica. Not even the teacher. It's just dead silence and them grunting at the lockers and then hard cut to the nurse's office. It's very awkward.
  • But Logan isn't upset about Duncan stealing Veronica, he's more upset that his friend left him twisting in the winds amid all the controversy over the summer. And Duncan is pissed because, duh, Logan's father killed Lilly, his sister.
  • Aw, Logan hates Aaron too. Poor baby has no one. I'll hug him.
  • Veronica being overly jealous of Jackie is not a good look but at least she is justified later on. And Jackie is annoying with all the name dropping.
  • iPod switcheroo! Can we all just take a moment to be amazed at how much technology has changed in just over 10 years? Crazy.
  • Hotel switcheroo! The Sandpiper isn't a luxury hotel at all.
  • It's heartbreaking watching Veronica try to warn Mr. Pope to sell his stocks but Mr. Pope doesn't want to saddle someone else with the debt. He's a stand up guy and I just hope that he got to retire with his boat eventually.
  • Why is some weird guy calling Alicia, Cheri?
  • Oof, someone tell this Lars guy that he can't sing. At least his girlfriend liked it though?
  • Courtney follows up the sappy love song with "Love Hurts." lol. Side note, is this guy a someone that I should know? They give him a lot of screen time for his singing and it isn't that important so why dwell on him so long? Did he win this? [We weren't quite sure either, but the internet tells us it's Courtney Taylor-Taylor, lead singer for The Dandy Warhols, who also sings the VM theme song]
  • Beaver sending V away but then looking through all of the pictures. He knows more than his sweet/innocent schtick is letting on.
  • Jackie brought another guy to the coffee shop that Wallace's best friend works at. Not only is that super shitty, that is knowing, blatant shittiness. I hate her. Love hurts, indeed.
  • Even after everything, Veronica still tries to warn Logan about Mr. Casablancas. #LoVe
  • Uhoh, scary guy has tracked down Alicia!
  • Veronica is clearly hurt that Logan doesn't care that he's in danger of being seriously hurt, she still cares. When does she dump Duncan, already?
  • Oooh, Aaron and Curly worked together on a film! Curly was the stuntman and the stunt was sending a truck off a cliff. Dun dun DUN!
  • Ooops, Mr. Casablancas doesn't care that his wife is cheating on him. He's too worried about being exposed for real estate fraud. SHRED EVERYTHING!!!
  • Lol, he just leaves his kids and wife behind. Later suckers!!! What a horrible human being.
  • We end the episode with Veronica revealing that the bus crash was meant for her and that all of her classmates died because of her. That is some serious guilt to carry around. Ooof. Poor Veronica.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Senior year – I’m glad VM did the strict 2 years of high school instead of extending an extra year like a lot of HS shows do.
  • Hey it’s Dick Sr. again
  • VM: Excellent. 

  • Dick Sr. is such an asshole to his younger son.  It’s so gross.
  • Ugh, they’re talking about finance and real estate and I’m bored.
  • I have Cassidy’s Penguin Polo Shirt. 90s clothes are my jam.
  • VM is being hauled into the police department.  Must be Tuesday.
  • So this is follow up to the guy found dead with Veronica’s name on his hand.
  • Uh oh.  I truly don’t remember the outcome to this particular small mystery so it’ll be exciting when it’s revealed.
  • Keith is a best-selling author now but they still live in that shitty little apartment. [Maybe it's going into Veronica's Stanford fund? - Z]
  • I don’t like when Veronica keeps secrets from her dad.
  • It’s also a shame that Veronica has to do detective work that the Sherriff’s department can’t or won’t do.
  • I love VM in detective mode.  Giant cameras getting the shots.
  • "Hot bitchy transfer" – Veronica describing Jackie.
  • Wallace: "Retract claws"
  • Aww, sweet that Veronica is playing wingman despite not really liking Jackie.
  • Wow, go Beav.  He noticed something that Veronica completely missed.
  • Ooh, Curly knew Aaron Echolls.  I love when evidence is so readily available.  And why didn’t the police know about this?  Right, because they’re useless.
  • I know this teacher.  Mr Pope.  He’s just that guy in everything, Michael Kostroff.
  • Aww, the clueless nurse asking Logan if the alcohol rub stings because he has tears in his eyes.   LOGAN IS JUST EMOTIONAL.  HE DOESN’T STAND FOR YOUR TOXIC MASCULINITY STANDARDS, NURSE RATCHED.
  • "I realize I’m not a 19th century British woman-" – Wallace
  • Oh man, Veronica really doesn’t like Jackie.  And she can’t tell Wallace.
  • Oh those little ipod nanos.  They lasted a few years.
  • "And your ass looks totally awesome by the way." – Veronica "….oh!" – Cordelia Casablancas.
  • Poor Mr. Pope.  He’s gonna get screwed.  And Veronica’s gonna reveal it.  But they’re talking about finance and real estate and it’s boring and over my head and I’m falling asleep.
  • But Mr. Pope’s a good guy.  He can’t sell his stock knowing that some other sucker would get stuck with it.  He reminds me of Keith in that way.
  • Uh oh.  Wallace’s mom has a secret.
  • Aww. This is so cute.  Random guy singing bad karaoke really badly and his girlfriend is looking at him like he’s [insert someone cute and famous here]
  • Uh oh.  Jackie is with a random dude.
  • Oh no oh no oh no.  I was wondering if Veronica would discover Logan in her investigation.  And she’s devastated. Because she still WUVS him.
  • Omg, this wall street scene at the Casablancas company is amazing.  Mr. C leaves in a helicopter and ….doesn’t even take his son. [or his other son. - Z]
  • Poor V.  She thinks the bus crash was because of her.  Not everything is about you, Veronica.  But I guess you’d think that given it’s the name of the show.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a dumb movie and a dumber Broadway show and yes I've seen both shut up let's watch Veronica Mars
  • Veronica is a Future Business Leader of America ... with guest speaker Dick Sr. Great. Super.
  • They're all eating ... does the club meet during lunch? Is that a thing?
  • Wow Dick Sr doesn't acknowledge Beaver. What a ... dick.
  • Veronica's the only one who respects Beaver's wish to be called Cassidy. I hate him too much.
  • Anyplot, he wants Veronica to prove Cordelia Chase is violating her prenup with Dick Sr.
  • Veronica snarking Sheriff Lamb = always a good time.
  • It is pretty crazy that Curly had Veronica's name written on his palm ... and that while his body washed up on a beach, that name didn't get blurred or washed away at all ... pretty contrivancy, even. One might even call it ... shenanigany?
  • Keith and Alicia are way too cute and lovey dovey, which means something is gonna go wrong soon.
  • Seriously, though, how did Veronica manage to make only the unicorn wallpaper on her laptop be open? We saw her just slam down the lid, not close a bunch of windows.
  • omg Veronica stop making fun of Wallace's pudding cup. Pudding cups are great!
  • Jackie hates Pride and Prejudice! boooooooooo hissssssssssssss
  • But Veronica is Wallace's friend and will be a true wingman, inviting him and Jackie to join her P&P-watching party with Duncan.
  • Beaver's being sneaky with his observation - pointing out that Kendall's sleazy hotel was one of Dick Sr.'s properties, and that Kendall and Gym Buddy swapped gym bags.
  • gasp Curly has a celeb photo with everyone's favorite murderer, Aaron Echolls
  • this teacher running FBLA is endearing and charming, therefore bad things will happen to him. poor Mr. Pope
  • aww man he's invested in Dick Sr. We who know the future know it won't end well.
  • this fight between Logan and Duncan is painful. It's not about Veronica. It's about the fact that Logan was accused of murder this summer, and he felt abandoned by Duncan. But it's not as simple as that. Duncan had to deal with the fact that his best friend's dad murdered his sister, that his parents thought he did it, that they're in trouble for obstruction of justice, and basically everything was shitty for both boys this summer.
  • "Your dad murdered my sister." // "I hate him too, you know."
  • YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS NOT THE SOUNDTRACK TO THE BBC P&P AND I'M CALLING THEM OUT. Shenanigans. I know what that score sounds like.
  • hahaha Veronica's doing one of my biggest pet peeves: people talking at me as if I can hear them when I clearly have earbuds in and can't hear a word they're saying.
  • aaaand now the penny drops. Veronica sees that what Dick Sr was selling as the Sandpiper hotel is loads seedier than the brochure.
  • oh man, Veronica found an honest guy, so of course he's getting screwed. "You don't dump [stock], Veronica, you sell it ... to somebody else. I'd just be sticking some other sucker with the consequences."
  • This episode really is about setting up nice people/relationships before it ruins them. VM is a show with a cynical lens to be sure.
  • Uhmmm NO. Just because you have a fancy badge, hotels still aren't supposed to give out guest information without some kind of warrant. Eff this.
  • Aw poor Lars and his bad voice. Beginning of the running gag of him being upstaged by real singers on karaoke night.
  • Oh shiiiiiiiit. I remembered the Dick Sr. scandal, but forgot this was when Beaver and Veronica found out about Logan and Kendall.
  • Interesting, because I was feeling bad for Logan earlier during his fight with Duncan. But he's in full on douche mode when Veronica confronts him.
  • "Right, and so you storm out in a burst of professionalism."
  • Meanwhile as soon as Dick Sr. realizes there's a private investigator, he knows it's time for his go bag. "Shred it, shred everything."
  • wow he's just got a helicopter all fueled and ready to go on the roof? that's ... I guess that's a thing
  • Bye, Dick Sr. We hate you!
  • Dang, Veronica thinks the bus crash was about her because of Curly's connection to Aaron. Don't worry, Veronica. It's way more awful than you think.


Dick Sr: That's where Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITS, come in.
D & Z: *gasp of recognition!* (we work at a financial/real estate firm)

D: I can't believe how many times I've typed Casablancas.
Z: Me too, I'm starting to question how to spell it.
D: ... House of White People? Is that what the name means?

Favorite Lines:

Melodie: "Okay, then I have something to admit. I LOVE unicorns. What, Dad? Girls are crazy about unicorns!" - Veronica
Daniel: "I realize I'm not a nineteenth-century British woman." - Wallace
Zelda: Veronica: "It was a job, nothing more." // Logan: "Right, and so you storm out in a burst of professionalism."


Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Duncan, Logan, Dick, Beaver, Jackie (Absent: Weevil)
First Appearance: Mr. Pope, Nathan Woods
Recurring: Richard Casablancas, Deputy Jerry Sacks, Sheriff Don Lamb, David "Curly" Moran, Alicia Fennel,  Kendall Casablancas, Lars/Singer
Already (?) Famous Person: Courtney Taylor-Taylor, lead singer of the Dandy Warhols
Generally Known TV Face: Cress Williams, Michael Kostroff
Logan's Inspirational Message: "To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best." - William M. Thackeray
Veronica's Alias: Curly's niece whose name is coincidentally Veronica Mars
Logan's Nicknames: Nurse Ratched (School Nurse)


Dead Humans - 0
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 1
Dick's Single Entendres - 
Logan's Single Entendres - 1 "Didn't plug her right the first time, huh?"
Shenanigans Called - 3

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Go on Oprah and Tell the World I Loved Kittens

Episode 2.02: Driver Ed. Original Airdate 10.05.05

"Veronica finds her life once again swirling out of control as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the bus crash by helping the daughter of the bus driver rule out suicide. Meanwhile, new student Jackie gets the attention of Wallace, who does a little detective work of his own."
Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Veronica can no longer hold herself responsible for solving Lilly's murder, so now it's time to blame herself for Meg's being on the bus when it crashed
  • Jackie's here and she's already awful (listen, I really like Tessa Thompson now but I mostly hate her as Jackie. I don't think she's doing her best work, and Jackie is an underwritten and kind of awful character)
  • Last week Woody Goodman was running for Mayor; this week, he's running for County Supervisor. Because oops Neptune doesn't have a mayorship.
  • Woody Goodman is so creepy. He's always so creepy. Did Guttenberg know he was a creeper when they cast him, or did he just decide he was gonna be a creeper independently?
  • "Elections dredge up ugliness, and I don't wanna subject you to that again." // "You wanna protect me? Run for Sheriff." boom
  • Keith's face "I can't imagine where I'd be if you'd gotten back on that bus."
  • Gasp Jackie is Terrence Cook's daughter! ... estranged daughter
  • Wallace side-eying the shallow girls pretending they knew the bus victims
  • And then he sees Jackie and he lights up adorably
  • Kendall to Logan "You need to not remind me you're in high school, there's an ick factor." AGREED MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. Also that was such a Cordelia line.
  • ugh seriously how long til that entanglement ends?
  • wow yeah Dick Sr announces he's taking Dick Jr to the firing range and invites Logan, and everyone ignores Beaver
  • haha Wallace calls Veronica for a favor and uses her patented cute smile-head tilt-"whatcha doin'?"
  • Kevin Smith is so excited that he was on TV.
  • I actually think it's a darling thing, that other writers who loved Veronica Mars threw their names behind that love by cameo-ing on it (stay tuned for when Joss Whedon shows up to yell at another America's Next Top Model).
  • Oho Driver Ed needed change for a phone call. The last payphone in America!
  • The Sheriff's office is hiring a new receptionist? Where's Inga?
  • Oh right, Jane! I remember Jane. Aw and Jane clearly has an adorable crush on Wallace.
  • "I think my father has a similar philosophy. Of course, he's a murderer, so."
  • Oho and a reporter tries to get a story off Wallace, and Wallace recognizes the notebook style. DETECTIVE WALLACE ON THE CASE.
  • It's bittersweet but very well acted, the scene between Jessie and her dad's gf
  • And Veronica and Duncan have had their first consensual sex.
  • And they hear through the hotel wall, loud moany sex. Duncan: "Maybe we did it wrong."
  • And whoop she knows it was Logan. And now he knows she and Duncan are sleeping together. Everything is awkward and bitter.
  • Turns out Dick Sr is as awful as Dick Jr  I AM SHOCKED
  • Keith tells Woody he's not running for Sheriff. But then he sees Lamb being awful and dismissive to Jessie, and well, he's a good man, our Keith.
  • Veronica: sees girl who was a bitch to her kissing Wallace. sees Wallace's smitten face. doesn't say anything.
  • Check out the dead guy with Veronica's name on his hand.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • After the crash…
  • It’s interesting that Meg is the only survivor.  Kinda..she’s in a coma.
  • Omg, look how young Tessa Thompson is!  She hasn't aged in over ten years.
  • “You know you can do better right?” – Duncan’s look.  Heh.
  • Suicide is a personal thing.  They wouldn't risk others.  Blaming the bus driver sucks.
  • Hey, it’s Ari Graynor!  The first thing I ever saw her in was on Broadway. “Dog Sees God”
  • She’s the bus driver’s daughter.
  • Veronica, “You must chill,” Ok. Fine.  But her dad just died and being accused of committing suicide while killing 6-7 other people. So…
  • Ugh.  Knowing what I know about Woody/Steve Guttenberg – this scene with him as a little league coach is so damn creepy.
  • But right now, he seems like a good guy.  He’s backing Keith, he’s being a good citizen, helping kids out… watching it for the first time, he seems all right - but ugh.  We don’t know it yet.
  • It’s funny that Kevin Smith is playing a convenience store employee.
Lookat that tiny tiny TV

  • Veronica’s getting really p.o’ed about the 09ers.
  • Jackie enters the room.  And Wallace is in love.
*choirs singing*

  • Ok, Jackie is pretty awesome here. 
  • Cordelia Kendall: You have to stop reminding me you’re in high school. There’s an ick factor” Yes, there is, so stop.
  • Oh poor clueless Mr. Casablancas.  Maybe.
  • So gross that the convenience store is selling Bus Crash souvenirs.
  • The bus logo on the souvenirs has wings…so gross.
  • So Wallace is going to go all Veronica Mars for Jackie
  • The way he’s talking, Veronica is trying so hard not to throw up.
  • Kevin Smith is actually very funny in this role.
  • Veronica is so smart. What would this town do without her?
  • Wallace has learned a lot from Veronica.  Asking witnesses, cross referencing and stuff.
  • The Gun range – Dick doing the douche side arm thing.
  • Oh hey, Wallace still works at that other convenience store – We haven’t seen him work there since like the pilot.
  • So Veronica sleeps with Duncan…and this time, she’ll remember it…and this time he won't think she's his sister... [...yay? - Z]
  • Oh hey, look.  Logan has a suite as well.  Rich kids.  Man.
  • Wow.  Dick senior is just as much of a dick as Dick Jr.
  • And Wallace figured it out!   He saved the day!
  • “Um, who was that kissing you?”  Aww, Big sis Veronica is concerned.
  • Hey, dead guy on the beach.  Written on his hand is Veronica Mars.

Logan and Kendall: second naked sex scene
Zelda: Ugh how much of this?
Daniel: Right? I need another Tums

Favorite Lines:
Zelda: Veronica, to Lamb, "Seriously, why do birds suddenly appear every time you're near?"
Daniel:  Keith: I can't imagine where I'd be if you had gotten back on that bus. Veronica: You'd be sad for a while and then you'd probably turn my room into some sort of sewing nook or yoga studio. Keith: You don't have to make a joke, you know.  Veronica: Sure I do.


Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Duncan, Logan, Dick, Beaver, Jackie (Absent: Weevil)
First Appearance: Jackie Cook, David "Curly" Moran, Richard Casablancas, Jane Kuhne
Recurring: Sheriff Don Lamb, Woody Goodman, Veronica's "Office," Terrence Cook, Kendall Casablancas, Deputy Jerry Sacks, Wallace's job at the Sac n Pack
Future Famous Person: Ari Graynor (Jessie Doyle)
Already Famous Person: Kevin Smith (Duane Anders)
Veronica's Alias: Deputy Ann Shaughnessy, Dawn Lamb, assistant to the District Attorney


Dead Humans - 1
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Jessie Punches Someone - 1
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called -

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Just When I Think I'm Out, They Pull Me Back In

Episode 2.01: Normal Is the Watchword. Original Airdate 9.28.05

"Veronica spends the summer trying to become 'normal' again, but finds it difficult when Wallace is kicked off the basketball team for testing positive for drugs. Meanwhile, Keith is finding it hard to cope with popularity after releasing his book on the Lilly Kane murder, Logan takes refuge from the paparazzi at Dick and Beaver's, and a field trip to the local sports arena has shocking consequences."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Hey! New year, new job.  Veronica has a normal job (that’s the watchword). 
  • “New boyfriend,” she says.  BUT WHO, VERONICA? WHO?
  • Apparently she hasn’t had any cases all month.
  • You can tell Veronica is itching to get back but she declines a case anyway.
  • And Keith is on the news!  That’s so cute.  Apparently he wrote a book about it.  And they remind us that Lianne stole the 50 grand…so writing a book is kinda necessary.
  • We finally get to see who’s at the door.  It’s Logan.  We also flashback to last year’s cliffhanger where we finally find out that Weevil and his friends beat the shit out of him.
  • So does that mean Logan’s the boyfriend?
  • But oops, Felix is dead. And a knife is planted on Logan.
  • Hey it’s Deputy Leo….but he’s here with bad news.  He’s here to pick up Logan. 
  • Wallace failed the drug test, too…Veronica knows that’s not true.  So it looks like she’s back in the investigating game.  And Meg failed too!
  • Season 2: Dick, Beav & (Tessa Thompson!) is added to the cast.  Except Tessa’s not in this episode.  She’ll be introduced next ep.
  • That’s amazing.  Duncan gets to stay at the presidential suite at the Neptune Grand while his parents move away.
  • Ok, so in the flashback, we find out that Duncan’s been visiting Veronica at the coffeebar….but she is in fact dating Logan.
  • Wow, Meg is way more than being chilly towards Veronica.
  • More flashbacks: Logan was found not guilty for Felix’s death.
  • Oh, Wallace. Come on.  I don’t think he would laugh at someone being bullied especially since he’s been bullied in the past.  Does he not remember the flagpole?
  • The banter between Veronica & Keith is one of the most amazing thing about this show.  They have such amazing chemistry.
  • Aww, this guy is nick-named after Butters on South Park.  He hates it – but omg, I love Butters!  And oh no, he’s the VP’s son!
  • “I can’t believe after a year of working here, you don’t know the make and model of the filing cabinet”
  • The lab tech’s name is “Jim Chimmery”
  • Wallace, “I’ll just follow you. You don't want to go out alone." -  Aww, Wallace is looking out for Veronica.
  • Aww, flashback Logan, “I’m in love with you”
  • Wallace’s shirt says 69.  Dude.
  • What a coincidink – that all the new starters’ parents are part of this corporation.  It’s just…
  •  Zelda tells me that America’s Next Top Model contestants won roles on Veronica Mars.  I always just assume, they hire pretty people who can’t act on these shows.  Which, Except for VM, is usually true.  Glad they only have cameoish roles.
  • “I love baseball.”  “Yeah but you don’t like people.”  Aww, she’s me.
  • Hey it’s Cordelia!  All the boys stare.  Except for Beav, really…
  • And all the parents are meeting.  And Van Clemmons is listening.  I love how he trusts her enough to go along with this.
  • And…Veronica’s boyfriend….DUNCAN is here.  DUN DUN DUNCANNNN
  • Flashback with how Veronica is breaking up with Logan.  Aww.
  • Cordelia’s naked!  And sleeping with Logan!
  • Oh no, it’s creepy Steve Guttenberg but we don’t know it yet.  Well we know the Steve Guttenberg part.
  • And we find out how Veronica and Duncan got back together – Basically, he stalked her?
  • I’m surprised the show did this considering how they seem to feel about Duncan – but it could be just to make things more interesting for her and Logan.
  • And here’s where it happens:  Where freaking Lilly saves her life.  Dead Lilly.   Bringing Veronica to Weevil.
  • And the teacher’s like, “everyone here”?  Without counting.  Bad teacher.  I guess she unwittingly saved Veronica’s life.
  • And that’s what I like about Weevil.  He’s reasonable.  He can actually listen to what Veronica says. And this part, man.  The bus part. Yikes.  So damn scary.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Welcome to Season Twoooooooo. Is Mac a regular yet? [She isn't. - Ron Howard]
  • Veronica has a job that's not working for Keith. Sadface.
  • But her classmates are still coming to her to detectivize their problems.
  • But she's saying no. And the response? "You're an 09-er now. You landed yourself some rich boyfriend. And last year was just some big old act for you. You gotta pick sides in this town these days. You picked yours."
  • Oh good a flashback. Because this new Watchword Veronica has some 'splaining to do.
  • And Logan is all beat to shit.
  • Ah the iconic shot of Logan prone on the couch.

  • Flashback-within-a-flashback to the PCHers beating Logan up.
  • RIP Felix Toombs :(
  • And whereas Veronica was willing to believe Logan killed Lilly, she instantly believes him when he says he didn't kill Felix.
  • And Leo's here to take Logan in.
  • Speaking of believing, V didn't believe Kelvin when he got kicked off sports for drugs, but now that Wallace has been kicked off too, she's on the case.
  • But with Meg also kicked off, we know not all 09-ers were kept safe.
  • Listen, this drug test doesn't sound nearly as secure as the Olympic drug testing, and I just saw the documentary Icarus, and that stuff is totally hackable if you have enough corruption.
  • "Believe it or not, I didn't sign up for a second year of Office Aide." // "Yeah, that doesn't work for me."
  • "You got any enemies?" // "Well, there's the Klan." // "This is not really their M.O." // "I guess that leaves everybody that hates you." #awkward
  • They're still being coy about who Veronica's currently dating. He's away "visiting his dad." 
(fine, the gif doesn't quite work but I DON'T CARE)

  • Kelvin sure is a dickwad. Glad we're helping him.
  • Ooof Meg really hates Veronica now.
  • Aw Keith and Alicia are still together! At least something good survived the summer.
  • Vincent/Butters isn't denying he framed all those athletes, but come on, it's too early in the episode.
  • hahahah he's VP Clemmons's kid. Of course he is.
  • "I was wondering where we were drawing the ethical line this year." Says Wallace while they're in Clemmons's office at night, breaking into his file cabinet.
  • Neptune is no longer as safe as it never was, since Logan didn't get convicted for murdering Felix.
  • Veronica listing drugs. Keith strolls in: "What's up honey?"
  • OMG he suggested Wallace pinch his nipples to help himself pee WHAT
  • Keith is such a weirdo. 
  • But then he's all squeamish when Veronica waves Wallace's pee stick in his face. Man up, Keith.
  • There's a new journalism teacher aka America's Next Top Model contestant Naima Mora. Someone should warn her this is like being the drummer for Spinal Tap.
  • I guess Veronica and Weevil aren't talking anymore.
  • Dick is awful. 
  • Cordelia is here being all Cordelia-y.
  • GASP! Veronica's boyfriend is Duncan now.
  • And Dick being awful is part of the reason V breaks up with Logan. "Those people you call toadies are my friends, they've got my back."
  • And ew Logan is boning Kendall Casablancas. With the opener "Can Dick and Beaver come out and play."
  • Woody Goodman "I know some of you. I even coached a few of you back in Little League." Hello first seed planted.
  • Krysten Ritter is delightful. Gia Goodman is annoying, but Krysten Ritter is delightful.
  • Since the show is currently on the V/D ship, they're working hard to make it seem like they have banter chemistry.
  • Ugh, Meg. Stop. Veronica didn't steal him from you any more than you stole him from her in the first place.
  • The wooing with the fortune cookie is a sweet touch. Teddy is still boring as sand, but I guess there's a sweetness somewhere in V/D? I guess?
  • Aw Veronica's still seeing Lilly.
  • And Meg deliberately lets them leave Veronica behind when the bus pulls out, inadvertently saving her life.
  • Veronica to Weevil: "You sure you're still in charge?"
  • And even though they were just fighting, Weevil gives Veronica a ride.
  • A ride to see where the bus went over the railing and off a cliff.
  • Welcome to Season Two, you guys.
  • "This is Neptune. Nothing happens accidentally."


Daniel: What's this one called?
Zelda: Driver Ed? No, that's episode two.
Daniel: Normal is the (starts typing) watchworld. No.
Zelda: Word.
Daniel: Word. What a terrible title.

Veronica and Wallace: long scene in Clemmons's office looking for forgeries
Zelda: When does the bus happen?

Logan: What I'm trying to say is I'm in love with you.
Zelda and Daniel: awwwwwww

Favorite Lines:

Daniel and Zelda: 
Keith: How was your first day of school, honey?
Veronica: Great. I beat up a freshman, stole his lunch money, and then skipped out after lunch.
Keith: What? No pre-marital sex?


Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Duncan, Logan, Weevil, Dick, Beaver (Absent: Jackie)
First Appearance: Cute as a Bug Manager (yes, that's her name), Vincent "Butters" Clemmons, Kendall Casablancas, Gia Goodman, Woody Goodman, Terrence Cook
Recurring: Felix Toombs, Deputy Leo D'Amato, Meg Manning, Vice Principal Van Clemmons
Future Famous Person: Krysten Ritter
Already Famous Person: Steve Guttenberg, Julie Chen
Buffy Alum: Charisma Carpenter (The Cordelia Chase), Charles Duckworth (Glenn)
America's Next Top Model: Naima Mora as Ms. Dumas
Logan's Nicknames: Action (Duncan)


Dead Humans - 8 (the bus victims total is confirmed next episode as 7)
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 1
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Logan Kicks Weevil in the Head - 1
Dick's Single Entendres - 1 (shocker gesture)
Logan's Single Ententres - 2 (shocker gesture, "Can Dick and Beaver come out and play?")
Duncan's Single Ententres - 1 ("Let me guess, you want to pluck her?")
Shenanigans Called - 0

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Do Me a Favor, Season One?

Season One Stats

Dead Humans - 2
Backup Sighting - 10
Veronica Breaks In - 10
(Keith Breaks In - 1)
(Aaron Breaks In - 2)
Veronica Tases Someone - 1
(Mandy Tases Someone - 1)
Mac Hacks - 3
Who's Your Daddy? - 3
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 12
Weevil Does Veronica a Favor - 3
Leo Does Veronica a Favor - 3
Mac Does Veronica a Favor - 4
Veronica Wants a Pony - 1
Logan Punches Someone - 3
(Logan Hires Someone to Punch Someone Else - 1)
(Logan Smashes a Camera - 1)
(Aaron Beats the Shit out of Someone - 1)
Dick's Single Entendres - 4
Shenanigans Called - 7

Additional Stats

Absences: 18 total (Wallace 2, Duncan 4, Logan 4, Weevil 5, Mallory Dent 3)
Recurring Characters: 47 (Vice Principal Van Clemmons, Deputy Jerry Sacks, Felix Toombs, Hector, Sheriff Don Lamb, Lianne Mars, Cliff McCormack, Celeste Kane, Lilly Kane, Jake Kane, Abel Koontz, Corny, Inga the receptionist, Troy Vandergraff, Veronica's "Office," Dick Casablancas, Rebecca James, Lilly's Fountain, Luke Halderman, Lynn Echolls, Aaron Echolls, Madison Sinclair, Mrs. Murphy, Meg Manning, Alicia Fennel, Darrell Fennel, Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, Lizzie Manning, Clarence Wiedman, Casey Gant, Sean Friedrich, Harvey Greenblatt, Deputy Leo D'Amato, Carrie Bishop, Susan Knight, Trina Echolls, Vinnie Van Lowe, Jessica Fuller, Dawn, Caz Truman, Hotel Camelot, Mandy, Barry Randall, Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, Carmen Ruiz, Cheyenne, Lloyd Blankenship)
Future Famous Person:  11 (Aaron Ashmore, Melissa Leo, Sam Huntington, Jane Lynch, Jessica Chastain, Bonita Friedericy, Steven Williams, Max Greenfield, Aaron Paul, Leighton Meester, Adam Scott)
Already/Past Famous Person: 8 (Paris Hilton, Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna, Jonathan Bennett, Anthony Anderson, Alyson Hannigan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Joey Lauren Adams)
Generally Known TV Face: 4 (Adam Wylie, Ken Marino, Theo Rossie, Michael McMillian)
Buffy Alum: 4 (Adam Kaufman (Parker Abrams), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), Peter Nichols (Zachery Bryan), Steve Rankin (Mr. Maclay))
Logan's Nicknames: 6 (Nowhere Man/Fool on the Hill (Duncan), Tiny Blonde One (Veronica), Sugarpuss (Veronica), Jeeves (Hotel Receptionist), Jump Street (Ben), Paco (Weevil))
Veronica's Alias: 22 (Inga the Receptionist, Distressed Pregnant Girl, Lilly Kane (twice), Amber, Gamergirl, prospective freshman/"nerd hag" (with Wallace), personal assistant to Lawrence Vandergraff, Ellen White (from Abel Koontz's hometown), Veronica Mars at 22 years old, San Diego State student, licensed massage therapist, Melinda the Hospitality Hostess, Lisa the Sorority Girl, reporter for The National Instigator, Nasal Casting Director, Logan's fiancee, owner of a Catahoula Leopard dog named Lulu, Betty, Ellen Roush, Yorkshire Terrier-owning Bridget, Todd Russell's assistant at CAA, cater-waiter with kinky brown curls)
Keith's Alias: 5 (Distressed Pregnant Girl's Angry Dad, DEA Agent, Bill Smith (Admissions), James Anderson (head of security to L.T. Vandergraff), Sal from the County Water Department)
Logan's Inspirational Greeting: 2 ("The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt; "Adversity is the diamond dust with which heaven polishes its jewels.")

Zelda's Thoughts:

This is a pretty perfect first season of television (that homophobic episode aside). It knows from the beginning what kind of show it is, what style, aesthetic, what world view it has. Veronica herself is not as straightforward a hero as our Buffy was, but I do think these two scrappy blondes would get along. Veronica carries a lot of baggage, but she's pretty good at figuring out how to channel her anger and pain so that the splashback doesn't hurt too many innocents - and when she realizes it has hurt someone who didn't have it coming, as with Wallace, she does try to make amends. I like the depth of the cast on this - just look at how long the list of recurring characters is. Some recur frequently, some just once or twice, but it's a great acknowledgment that there's a whole town/school, and that you might see the same face more than once (like Buffy's Jonathan, but ... more than one person). And it's great payoff whenever someone we thought was a one-off returns, as in "A Trip to the Dentist." It also keeps more people in play as potential suspects in the Lilly Kane of it all. I like how smart the characters are (well, the non-Don Lamb characters anyway), I like the relationships built and the backstory we see to those relationships in the Lilly days. And man, are we lucky in our leads - Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni are just completely wonderful, and the show wouldn't work nearly as well if their chemistry and relationship didn't feel as real as it does. (Also god I love Jason Dohring. A great example of a character becoming more interesting in the writing, in response to the quality of the performer) I like the final reveal of who killed Lilly, because it's as awful as it needs to be, feels unexpected and yet - looking back - the clues were there. (fine, fine, I'm sure some of you figured it out. mysteries are not my forte) I know the show kind of peaked in Season One, so in a sense it's a bit downhill from here, but I'm still looking forward to the next step in our journey. Especially the Mac part of it. I love Mac!

Daniel's Thoughts:


Zelda's Follow Up:

You dork.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I've Got a Secret. A Good One.

Episode 1.22: Leave It to Beaver. Original Airdate 5.10.05 

"In the shocking, action-packed first season finale, a determined Veronica must betray someone she cares deeply about in order to solve the mystery of who murdered her best friend Lilly, but what she discovers puts her life in serious danger. Meanwhile, Jake Kane asks Duncan if he really wants to know what happened on the night Lilly died, and Keith awaits the results of a paternity test."

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • TIME TO FIND OUT WHO KILLED LILLY KANE. Prepare for everything to hurt.
  • Aw man, the pain of Veronica happily preparing dinner with Lianne. It's all gonna hurt.
  • Lianne's drinking from a water bottle, but we who know the future know what's inside.
  • Dammit Keith don't break up with Alicia we like Alicia. Lianne will only let us down. No, Keith!
  • And you know Keith did it because he sees how happy Veronica is to have Lianne back. He doesn't seem like he's in love with Lianne anymore. He loves Alicia. IT HURTS.
  • Time for the Kanes to come clean to Duncan. And they think Duncan killed Lilly.
  • But come now, show, it's too early in the episode for that to be the case.
  • Fuck, though, what must it be like to think your son killed your daughter, and to cover it up. How can they even look at each other? How can they even look at him? (Flashback to Ep3 at the Kane family dinner table when no one is looking at each other. Oh.)
  • Oops and now Beaver is planting the seeds with Veronica that Logan was actually in town when Lilly was killed. Alibi gone.
  • And now that Veronica suspects Logan, she's not avoiding him, she's going back and trying to make up with him, after fleeing when she found the camera.
  • And now everything is tinged. He says he's worried it was Duncan, but that makes it look like he's deflecting blame.
  • Veronica: *makes a call to her dad making it clear she thinks Logan killed Lilly* // Weevil: *strolls into frame from a darkened doorway* // Me: Fuck.
  • Oh, I forgot Celeste agreed to pay them for finding Duncan after all. I guess we do owe Mac and someone else money after all. (Never mind, I forgot the future but now I remember)
  • Keith's faaaaaaaace when Veronica  signs away any claim to the Kanes. THEY'RE BOTH CRYING I LOVE THEM. "I am without a doubt your father." "Yeah you are."

  • And while Lamb is searching Logan's room, Weevil is gonna take his own brand of justice. Except Deputy Sacks got to him just in time. For now.
  • "I asked you a question." // "And I ignored it and moved on. Keep up."
  • ow ow ow Logan calls Veronica for help from the interrogation room. And Lamb tells him she's the one who turned him in ow ow ow.
  • "The Echolls kid, what'd you find out?" // "Among other things, I'm pretty sure he's dating your daughter." ...oops
  • More amazing acting from Bell and Dohring in their confrontation on the beach
  • And Veronica knows Lianne's water bottle is not filled with water.
  • As Veronica goes to remove the screws from Lilly's air vent, and discovers the screws were already removed, and the door slowly opens, I whisper loudly "OH THAT'S RIGHT, I FORGOT." Because Aaron Murderface Echolls is in the closet, listening.
  • But Veronica dropping the catering tray alerted Aaron someone was coming, so he didn't finish getting to the tapes.
  • (and he knew to look there because Sheriff Lamb had them check Logan's air vents and Lamb knew to look because Veronica told him to look there EVERYTHING IS SO WELL-CONSTRUCTED)
  • And now we have the final reveal of who Lilly's lover and murderer was: Aaron Fuckface Echolls.
  • And finally we have the One True Flashback to Rule Them All: What actually happened the day Lilly Kane was murdered.
  • Every time Lilly dies, in every scenario, it's always awful to watch.
  • No no no no Veronica don't get in the car THE MURDERER IS IN THE CAR.
  • And there's broken Logan, drunk and standing on the edge of a bridge.
  • And there's Weevil and his gang, out for revenge.
  • Please stop these children. Save them from disaster.
  • What do you do when you realize there's a murderer in your car? Make sure your seatbelt is buckled, and crash that fucking car.
  • Daniel and I were just talking about airbags. I guess Veronica's didn't deploy.
  • V has the tapes back from unconscious Aaron, but can't quite reach her phone.
  • God this is terrifying. He looks ordinary. But she knows what violence he's capable of. And she's smart and she's wily but she's also a tiny teenage girl.
  • And he's no longer unconscious.
  • Good for Veronica. Terrified but stashing the tapes in different places.
  • I'm still so pissed about what Logan does to those tapes.
  • Question for those of us who live in the future. While Aaron getting off the hook for Lilly's murder is beyond upsetting, you can see how they finagled that. But how does he not get any punishment for attempting to murder both Veronica and Keith, or for assaulting the rando in the house? HOW. ACTUALLY HOW.
  • The fight between Keith and Aaron is brutal and scary and without music. A hero vs. a monster.
  • And then he flicks on his lighter.
  • Keith is in literal flames but he rescues Veronica from the fridge. Get this man a cape.
  • Aw redemption for Back Up! Earlier Logan mocked his killer instinct, but that canine knows when someone's trying to steal his humans' cars, and he will bite.
  • And then Aaron gets hit by a fucking truck and it's hilarious.
  • ...oops Jake Kane is also getting arrested, for obstruction of justice. Fair.
  • And Veronica's kicking Lianne out. "I know you're not through drinking. I know you didn't even finish rehab. You checked yourself out and that was my college money. I bet on you, and I lost. I've been doing that my whole life."
  • "Veornica, it's not easy." // "I know it's not." She does know. But she also knows that she has to do what's not easy for her either, to protect herself, and to protect Keith.
  • And she called Alicia, not Lianne, to sit with Keith for when he woke up.
  • FUCK YOU LIANNE. She stole the Kane reward money. Fuck fuck fuck you.
  • And our farewell - for now - to Lilly. The two best friends, sunning in a pool full of water lilies. 

  • Veronica wants to be at peace now she found the killer. But Lilly knows better. "Don't forget about me, Veronica." // "I could never."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Keith is going to the papers!
  • Cheyenne’s back trying to do the right thing
  • The testimony of a hooker is not good though because HOOKERS ARE AMORAL.  Fuck you, newspaper guy.
  • The results!  Keith has the results!  He doesn’t open it yet though.
  • What a nice big happy family.  Veronica is hopeful.  Lianne is temporarily satisfied.  Keith looks skeptical.
  • The results: Keith sees it.  We don’t.
  • And something’s going on with Dick and the Beav….but what???
  • The article has gone through – but is this the only evidence needed? Nope….we’ll get more.  But people are talking about it.
  • OH NO. Veronica shoves Wallace into the girl’s room/her office.
  • Keith doesn’t seem very happy that his wife is back…  Again, I think skeptical is the word. 
  • Whoa.  Jake tells Duncan that he killed Lilly.  And maybe he believes that. And as his parents, they’re doing everything they can do cover it up.
  • Everyone thinks they know what happened to Lilly…but no one knows.  Beav (and maybe Dick) know that Logan came back early from their trip.  So does that mean Beaver thinks Logan killed Lilly?
  • One thing is clear  - Logan found Lilly at least.
  • And she’s sorta acting here now.  But sorta not.  She suspects Logan and she’s working him, despite herself.  She’s not mentioning the real reason that she left – the cameras set up in the pool house.  Veronica calls it “the guest house” but Imma still call it the pool house. [Seconded. - Z]
  • And now Weevil overhears it so he has his own theory.  He thinks Logan did it too.  This, of course, is misdirection.
  • “You know what you just signed away?  Nothing.  You didn’t sign a thing.”  It’s finally revealed: Veronica’s paternity and it’s Keith and it’s a wonderful and they’re both so happy.
  • Uh oh. Weevil’s sneaking up on Logan.  He’s gonna bash his head in.  Saved by the cops!
  • And Logan has no idea…that Veronica was the one who came through with the information.  And the look on his face when sheriff doofus tells him.
  • Back-Up!!!
  • She threatens Logan with Back-Up.  But Logan knows that Back-up is a big softy. And Back-up knows that Logan is actually a good guy.  Because dogs know.
  • Video of Lilly and Veronica singing “If You wanna be my lover” – Ha!
  • I mean why would Lianne leave that bottle of vodka disguised as water right in the fridge.  It’s just dumb.
  • Looks like someone already found Lilly’s hiding place.
  • And Veronica actually looks scared of Duncan which is understandable.
  • Logan’s pool house! Veronica calls it a pool house!
  • And we can see by the video that Lilly is just as smart as Veronica.  She realizes there’s a hidden camera as well.
  • And the other tape – earlier – shows creepy Mr. Echolls sleeping with Lilly.  And he’s so gross and creepy and gross.
  • Lilly was very sexually free.  Both Echolls, Weevil…and others.  I hate that it feels like she’s getting punished for that.  She is, in fact, getting punished for that.  Which is so unfair.
  • It’s nice that Veronica told Duncan about her paternity so he doesn’t have to live with that guilt.
  • And I’m wondering if Logan’s on the same bridge his mom jumped from.
  • He’s in the freaking car!  He’s in the freaking car, Veronica!!!
  • Smart girl.  Makes sure her seatbelt is on and then slams into a pole.  Aaron gets knocked out but unfortunately she does too…
  • Oh wow.  Aaron flew into the front seat.  She tries to get her phone but he’s waking up so she has to run off without it.
  • Again, even in panic, she makes smart decisions, throwing all three tapes in different places.
  • How fucking scary.  She wakes up in an old refrigerator with no air.
  • And with gasoline being thrown over it.
  • But Keith is coming.
  • Keith is not just in a fight for his life, he’s protecting his baby.
  • They seem to be at a hoarder’s house and it’s making for a very interesting fight.   The fight coordinator must have had fun with this.
  • Jeez, and I can’t imagine the panic Veronica feels right now and Kristen Bell is so freaking good.
  • And I hate the choices Kristen Bell made after Veronica Mars because she could have done so many good things.   And she eventually does.  I think Kristen is getting back on track.  I’d love to see her do more dramatic stuff.  With her flair for comedy, too, she could do some amazing award winning films. Hollywood: Please cast Kristen Bell in better things.
  • And yay, Back-Up biting Aaron and then Aaron getting hit by a truck!  So Awesome.
  • And Jake’s wrath is amazing.  Kyle Secor is so good.
  • So many things are wrapped up in this episode.
  • “You checked yourself out and that was my college money.”  That fucking sucks.  She’s realizing her mother is a garbage-person and that sucks for her.
  • And it’s nice that she called Mrs. Fannell to be there for Keith.
  • More being a garbage person – Lianne stole the 50,000 check.
  • This is nice – Lilly and Veronica in a fantasy segment.  Because Lilly can be at peace now.
  • And she’s gone.  And it’s a nice but bittersweet dream.
  • Veronica opens the door and says, “I hoped it would be you” – BUT WE DON’T SEE WHO IT IS – CLIFFHANGER – I BET IT’S DEPUTY LEO.

Favorite Lines:

Lilly: "Don't forget about me, Veronica." Veronica: "I could never."
“You know what you just signed away?  Nothing.  You didn’t sign a thing.” - Keith revealing his paternity [I'M FINE. - Z]

Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Duncan, Logan, Weevil
First Appearance: Lloyd Blankenship
Recurring: Cheyenne, Lianne Mars, Cliff McCormack, Dick Casablancas, Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, Veronica's "Office," Alicia Fennel, Jake Kane, Celeste Kane, Lilly Kane, Barry Randall, Sheriff Don Lamb, Aaron Echolls, Deputy Jerry Sacks
Buffy Alum: Steve Rankin (Tara's awful father)
Logan's Inspirational Message: "Adversity is the diamond dust with which heaven polishes its jewels."
Veronica's Alias: cater-waiter with kinky brown curls


Dead Humans - 0
Backup Sighting - 1
Veronica Breaks In - 1
Aaron Breaks In - 2
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 1. KEITH IS. KEITH IS.
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 1
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
VERONICA WAS RIGHT - 1 (Veronica finally figured it out)
VERONICA WAS WRONG - 1 (Logan didn't do it)