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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just Skip It

Episode 6.18: Entropy. Original Airdate 4.30.02

"Anya returns to Sunnydale, bent on revenge for Xander leaving her at the altar. She has since become a Vengeance demon again, but ends up hurting Xander in a way she never expected."

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Aw, a good old fashioned chase through the - oh it's Warren on a bike. Fuck you, Warren.
  • Oh there's Buffy. Lotta hats this season for our patroller.
  • "I tried to kill my friends, my sister, last week, and guess how much they hate me. Zero. Zero much." This is used as a brush off line for Spike, but it's actually an important realization for Buffy.
  • I feel like Xander should be listening to country music, as a callback to his pouting after Buffy rejected him in season one. Not whatever music this is.
  • Anya's back! Hi Anya.
  • You guys, if this post suddenly turns rageful, don't take it personally. My tablet just crashed and now my backup laptop is crashing too. It's a dark day for Zelda's electronics.
  • Awkward Tara/Willow banter. Setting us up for HEARTBREAK I SEE YOU WRITERS.
  • It's nice to see Buffy and Dawn sharing some bonding time too.
  • ugh Warren is such a gross psychopath
  • "Okay clearly, I'm not handling this well." // "Well, duh!"
  • GASP ANYA'S A VENGEANCE DEMON AGAIN. I hear Emma really didn't want to wear the latex makeup again, so that was CGI'd.
  • "Those are metaphor intestines! You're not in any real pain!"
  • Omg Buffy has prepared All The Carbs for breakfast. A stack of pancakes, a pile of toast, an army of cereal boxes.
  • "See I thought a little levity might but okay also no." Amazing delivery, and kind of reminiscent of Lisa Kudrow.
  • Emma Caulfield is amazing. This sequence is a bit weird, but she's fantastic:

"Just go love men!'

  • Buffy's reaction to the creepy stalker garden gnome. Is this our true sign that Buffy's truly mending from her depression? She's distinctly quippier and funnier this episode.
  • Aw Willow's pulling up her old hacker skills to track the feed for the spycam. Everything seems so optimistic for full Willow recovery, so let's just completely destroy that next episode, shall we? Yes good plan.
  • Spike's accent is getting more cockney the drunker he gets. I think it'd be funnier if his accent got posher the drunker he got, more like before he was turned.
  • Pssst Xander you don't get to be self righteous about this. You LEFT ANYA AT THE ALTAR. You're not in a relationship. She can do what she wants. And whom she wants. [AMEN - D]
  • Ugh Xander needs a good dick punching.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Fucking Warren.
  • Love that the vamp gets so caught up in Spike’s love life, that that’s what gets him killed.
  • Keep drinking, Xander. Be like your dad.
  • Oh Willow, with the dorky awkwardness.
  • Omg, an actual street! You can tell because it looks real.
  • And therein lies the problem. He’s apologizing for breaking her heart….but the wrong way. He should have done it earlier? No. He shouldn’t have done it at all.
  • Scary Anyanka face!!!
  • Beady eyes call back!
  • Metaphor intestines!
  • “Syrups have kinds?” - Haven’t you ever been to IHOP? Poor deprived child.
  • I’m glad they didn’t just drop the events of Normal Again. They’re addressing it a lot, as they should.
  • Doublemeat Palace throwback! Penis monster!
  • Aww, Anya trying to make her friends make a wish. Deep down, she knows they’re not going to wish Xander harm.
  • I'm glad Tara and Willow are explaining that being a Lesbian doesn't actually involve hating men...but when Willow says "girl on girl"...I just...what?
  • The camera: Was Spike really the first person they thought of? It’s obvious Warren and co. use this kind of technology. [Maybe it finally occurred to them to wonder how Spike has electricity in a crypt. He could be a secret Tesla-level genius! - Z]
  • If I could just get someone to wish that Spike were a woman…then…
  • I think Spanya is a lost opportunity there.
  • Hey an Indiana Jones reference. I love it.
  • “Singing in the shower, doing my sexy dance.” “Exactly. I…have no dance.”
  • “We should have been dead hundreds of years ago. And we’re the only ones who are really alive.” I love that line because it’s so true of Anya and Spike.
  • It’s done very naturally; it’s not forced. That’s due to the writing but also the two really talented actors:

Missed opportunity right there

  • It was lame that they never matched anyone with Anya besides Xander.  She deserved to have a second chance like Buffy, Willow and Xander.
  • Well, she wanted to hurt him. And she did. Worse than metaphor intestines
  • Is Buffy really upset about this? I mean fine, be upset – but to blame Spike for sleeping with someone else?
  • "No, the mature solution is for you to spend your whole life telling stupid, pointless jokes, so that no one will notice that you are just a scared, insecure little boy!"  YES. YES.
  • Jeez, Xander seems more upset about finding out the Buffy slept with Spike.
  • Hey but at least Tara and Willow get a happy ending. RIGHT?
  • Can we just skip it? Yay? Oh and then go ahead and tear my heart out, next episode, Joss.


Dawn: Yes, when I was in my fives and sixes -
Daniel: - and didn't exist.

Warren: The milk. In the fridge. How long 'til it expires?
Andrew: Well, we got it on Friday, and I remember noticing there wasn't a full two weeks on it, but we did get it in the fridge pretty quick, unless I'm thinking of the 2% milk ...
Zelda: That's why I buy almond milk.
Daniel: Me too!

Favorite Lines:

Zelda: "Things fall apart. They fall apart so hard ... You can't ever put them back the way they were ... I'm sorry, it's just - you know, it takes time. You can't just have coffee and expect ... There's just so much to work through. Trust has to be built again, on  both sides. You have to learn if - if we're even the same people we were, if you can fit in each other's lives. It's a long ... important process, and ... can we just skip it? Can you just be kissing me now?" - Tara
Daniel: "We should have been dead hundreds of years ago and we're the only ones who are really alive." - Spike

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: The Trio, Tara, Halfrek, Espresso Pump
  • Shoutout to the penis demon from Doublemeat Palace


Anya's Hair - blonde, long, straight with a flip; then supercurly with a center part
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 2
Dead Lawn Gnome - 1
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You Didn't Say He Was a Glaghk Guhl Kashma'nik

Episode 6.17: Normal Again. Original Airdate 3.12.02

"After Buffy is stung by a demon, she begins to have vivid day-dreams about a mental asylum. She gradually begins to believe that she is a crazy girl back in L.A. and that Sunnydale and all her friends are just a figment of her imagination."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • One of the reasons for my hate of this episode is No Anya.
  • But that's only one reason.
  • Ugh, the trio. Hey remember when they killed that girl? The show remembers.
  • Hey! A digeridoo.
  • Scary lookin demon. Good make-up.
  • And scary mental hospital!
  • Aww, Willow's kinda cute with the nervousness.
  • Xander doesn't deserve those hugs.
  • "She was kinda broken." - FEEL GUILTY, XANDER.
  • Xander: I screwed up real bad. Buffy: We all screw up. Me: YES BUT YOU SCREWED UP MORE.
  • Hey it's Joyce! Oh and Hank.
  • Xander, stop being so glib. You have lost that right.
  • It's day. So it's the next day? Did they wait all night to talk about this?
  • Did she get that cute haircut in the mental institution, too? I kinda would have liked if SMG was wearing a wig or something in the mental institution scenes.
  • I love all the explanations especially regarding Dawn.
  • And I love the commentary on the show - how she's used to (in her mind, but also the show) fighting all these Gods and Demons and now she just has three random nerds.
  • New knowledge of Buffy: Back before the series started, Buffy spent some time in an institution; well a clinic.
  • Oh Dawn. Way to make this about you. First of all, how did you not realize before now that you weren't in the other reality? Nothing mystical is real there. Secondly, how can you call it her ideal alternate reality when she's been in a mental institution for six years?
  • Ok ok, they showed Spike flinching at the sunlight. That's something, at least.
  • Oh it's so sad that Buffy is accepting this alt. reality like it's the only reality.
  • "Last summer's momentary awakening." I'm assuming is when she died. But the fact that she has no memory of that should be a clue.
  • When Buffy releases the demon, why doesn't it come after her?
  • All right! Tara to the rescue!
  • I love the "You're right. Thank you. Goodbye." - when Buffy finally realizes her real reality.

  • See, the reason I always disliked this episode was because of the ending - where it seems like the show is saying that the real reality is the mental institution one. At least that's the way I took it for years. Instead, I choose to believe that the demon that "poked" Buffy didn't actually cause her to have hallucinations but rather created an alternate dimension/reality, kind of like Anya(nka) did in The Wish. So the Buffy in the mental institution was real; it just wasn't our Buffy's reality because the only really real Buffy is really Buffy. And that makes me like this episode more than I used to.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • I know this one's controversial, but I remember really loving this episode when it aired. Let's see if that's still true. Also, I have a good reason, though I have to give credit to my sister for explaining what makes the ending amazing.
  • Oh good, Buffy's looking for the nerds again.
  • So I would like to know the exact nature of the demon's power. I'm gonna say the venom doesn't come fully loaded with the constructed "alternate universe," but that it's some kind of powerful hallucinogenic that relies on the victim's brain to create the nightmare. Because all the stuff that happens in the asylum is, I'm sure, stuff that's been knocking around Buffy's subconscious for a while now.
  • Man, poor Buffy though. What a horrific thing to be hallucinating, that everyone you thought you knew and loved is a fiction, that you can't trust your own senses.
  • Parking lot! Do a shot!
  • Oh god, when the camera reveals Joyce, everything in me breaks.
  • How small Buffy's voice is when she says "Mom?"
  • What makes it hurt so much, I think, is how plausible it suddenly seems - that it was all imagined. But I disagree with Daniel (and others) think the episode actually considers this a viable alternate reality, or possibly the true reality. The framework of the show makes it clear it's a hallucination, no matter how complex and comprehensive the delusion is.
  • "Just three pathetic little men who like playing with toys." I think the other reason people don't like this episode is, if they were already dissatisfied with the season as it was going (especially because at this point we thought the Trio was the big bad, and didn't realize Willow was being set up for us), and they thought the doctor's explanations of Buffy's "delusions" was too much of a nod/hat tip to the complaints levied against the season so far, and they didn't think self-awareness of the perceived flaw was enough to make up for it. Sorry if this is kind of a mess, I'm trying to logic this out while I watch Buffy break my heart.
  • "I still say we're gonna need eight other guys to pull this off." // "I never should have let you see that movie." BUT OCEAN'S ELEVEN IS AN INSTANT CLASSIC, YOU HOMICIDAL JERK.
  • Aw Jonathan realizes Warren and Andrew are plotting against him. Get out now, Jonathan! And go to prison where you belong!
  • God this just breaks my heart. Buffy did tell Joyce when she first became the Slayer, and she was institutionalized for it. It adds a whole new heartbreaking layer to how and why she doesn't tell her mom in the narrative of the show, until she has no choice. And then Joyce rejected her again. *hugs Buffy forever*
  • "What if I'm still there? What if I never left that clinic?" SMG is acting the hell out of this episode, you guys.

  • Man, Spike was way more mature last episode about the breakup. He's being a bit of a shit right now.
  • "Oh balls, you didn't say he was a Glaghk Guhl Kashma'nik." // "Cause i can't say glar - " *gets punched*
  • "We have to deal with these things, Dawn -" // "You don't have a sister, Buffy." STOP HURTING ME.
  • The way Buffy's savoring each time Joyce strokes her. IT HURTS.
  • We know I have issues with Dawn, but man it's gotta hurt. "I'm not even there, am I?" But then she has the dumbassery to call it Buffy's ideal reality? Ah yes, everyone longs to be schizophrenic and institutionalized. That sounds awesomesauce.
  • Oh look, Spike's also being a shit about Buffy being ill. Stop being a shit. Stop. Go away.
  • And then - when threatened with the already unpleasant reality she's living getting even more unpleasant - Buffy pours out the antidote. Chooses the new reality. 
Nice going, Spike.

  • This should be the moment it's clear to everyone - Buffy and the audience - that this is a hallucination and not an alternate reality or the possible "real" reality. When the doctor refers to Buffy's stint in heaven as a few months of clarity. No way would Buffy describe time in an institution, even if she's "clear," as heaven. No way no how. While it's an interesting nod/acknowledgement, it's a clue this isn't real.
  • I'm sorry, I can't help laughing when Buffy wallops Xander in the face with a frying pan. I get that it's horrific, but also it's really funny. There is tragically no gif I can find of this moment.
  • Hey Dawn, stop making Buffy's illness about you. 
  • "What's more real, a sick girl in an institution, or some kind of supergirl chosen to fight demons and save the world. That's ridiculous. A girl who sleeps with a vampire she hates? Yeah, that makes sense." Seriously, SMG deserves awards for this episode. She's knocking it out of the park.
  • And then the eeriness, when she's attacking Dawn, reminiscent of her fugue dream in The Weight of the World.
  • Tara to the rescue! Maybe? I forget what happens here. I think Buffy trips her on the stairs?
  • Because actually wait I do remember it'll be Buffy to the rescue. Okay let's keep going. We're getting so close to my favorite part.
  • When Joyce, comforting Buffy, says "You're too good to give in, you can beat this thing. Be strong, baby, okay? I know you're afraid. I know the world feels like a hard place sometimes, but you've got people who love you ... You've got a world of strength in your heart. I know you do. You just have to find it again. Believe in yourself." and you think that means Buffy's going to stay in her delusion. But then she says "You're right. Thank you. Goodbye." And everything hurts because she's saying goodbye to the possibility of keeping Joyce. Because - this is from my sister's explanation - here's what's happening. This is a delusion, right? This is Buffy's brain. And Buffy's brain reminds her, even when she feels the most broken, that she is strong and good and alive. Buffy's brain talks her back into embracing reality, herself, and life. This is so fucking huge. And you can see it in Buffy's face. This scene absolutely kills me, and it's why I love this episode.
  • And Buffy returns to Sunnydale and saves her friends.
  • And this is the part that pisses everyone off, because the episode flashes back at the end to Buffy, catatonic in the institution. And people hate that because they say the episode is still trying to present this as a possible reality. I disagree. Buffy hasn't taken the antidote yet, she's still flashing between reality and hallucination. She's just choosing to not engage in the hallucination anymore - hence, catatonia.
  • Though Daniel is right, too much Xander, not enough Anya.

You want more crossfire? Did you not read any of this post?

Favorite Lines:

Daniel & Zelda: "You're right. Thank you. Goodbye." - Buffy

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: The Trio, Tara, Sunnydale U, Doublemeat Palace, Joyce and Hank
  • Andrew's using his demon summoning skills again


Anya's Hair - invisible
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 1
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0 
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Sea Captain or Something

Episode 6.16: Hell's Bells. Original Airdate 3.05.02

"It's the day of Xander and Anya's wedding. Emotions are running high with Xander's dysfunctional family clashing with Anya's demon friends. The ceremony is disrupted when an old man claiming to be the future Xander shows up."

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • omg we're back you guys! we missed you
  • They're reenacting the Passion of the Christ across the street from my apartment. Like, in the street in front of the church. There are centurions and everything. Daniel and I just watched the 39 lashes.
  • I wonder if SMG demanded that her dress not have the absolutely horrific sleeves that the other bridesmaid dresses have.
  • Aw shoutout to Willow being Jewish.
  • They're singing outside now. At least it's distracting me from how horrible Xander's family is
  • "Nothing on Earth can stop this wedding now." Oh Xander. What were you thinking? Or were you even thinking at all? (I told you back in season two I use this a lot)
  • So this bit about Xander's cummerbund not fitting is because we've been seeing Xander chowing down in every episode this season, but was that done because Nicky had gained weight, or is this a chicken-egg situation?
  • "Who do you think you are, like a sea captain or something?" Bless Anya. I think I missed you most of all during our hiatus.
  • "It's probably the blush of imprudent spending." I want to start using that. I think I imprudently spend enough to warrant it.
  • "I get to be with my best friend forever!" Man, how did we not see it coming? [They are going to be together forever!!! - Ten-Years-Ago-Daniel]
  • Well, I'll tell you, because I remember watching this one live. The episode is mostly played for laughs, wedding drama hijinks, and we know that the badness will be vanquished, so we assume the wedding will still happen, even if stuff goes wrong. And then Xander punches us in the guts.
  • yay D'Hoffryn!
  • Oh Dawn also doesn't have the horiffic sleeves on her sea monster dress. So just the Summers girls lucked out. Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting.
  • Haha Clem is my hero: "Well, there are ancient ways ... Clowning as an occupation, grew out of the commedia del'arte, and uh ancient sports, of course."
  • Is it bad that I think this demon is cute even with his tentacle face?  [Nah, he's totes cute - D]

  • I kinda wish they'd used twin Kelly again, and put one of them in old age makeup, for the Future Xander Harris character here. Although since he turns out to be a con artist, I guess this is okay.
  • Ugh can we just "accidentally" kill Xander's gross dad?
  • Awww in fake future, Buffy's dead. again.
  • Then again, the old age makeup on Anya in these fake future scenes is bad. so maybe it's just as well they cast a real old man.
  • That whole sequence was really upsetting, you guys. Poor fake future Xander and Anya.
  • Not Future Xander pronounces Anya as "Unya." That shoulda been our clue. Really, though, someone on set should have caught that. It's ANGelus/AnGELus all over again.
  • "She seems like a very nice attempt at making me jealous."
  • "Yeah it hurts." // "I'm sorry ... or - Good!" *snort*
  • "It's nice to watch you be happy ... you glow." IS SHE EFFULGENT, SPIKE? IS SHE?
  • No lie, I love that scene between Buffy and Spike. Too bad their whole dynamic changes episode to episode and it's gonna be toxic for basically the rest of the season.

  • Anya's vows are distinctly the best part of this episode.
  • I wonder if Tito is a groomsman, or if the entire wedding party is the Scooby gang plus Halfrek.
  • I was really hoping we'd get to see Tito again, you guys.
  • Hey um guys. How come Halfrek is out sitting with the rest of the congregation? She's wearing the hideous dress, shouldn't she be helping the bride prep with the rest of the wedding party? What the fuck? Oldest friend my foot. Shenanigans you guys.
  • I've been in two wedding parties so I'm now an expert.
  • Aww SMG can juggle! (I searched but could not find a gif. You have failed me, internet)
  • We got a good old fashioned wedding brawl!
  • Willow rescued Tara!
  • gasp! it's not Old Man Xander after all. gasp!
  • How come none of the demons in attendance are mad when Buffy and Xander kill a demon? Instead they're like gosh let's sit down for the wedding now
  • Or not, more fighting for all.
  • This episode's kinda weirdly put together. It feels like a bit of a rush job, even if the emotionally heartbreaking stuff is still really well done.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • It’s time. This should be a happy episode, right?
  • It’s a wedding! HAPPY, RIGHT?
  • Buffy the bridesmaid
  • Wow, those dresses are pretty bad. Why does Willow’s dress have those awful arms? Buffy’s at least has better sleeves.

Tara and Willow drew the short straw.

  • What's funny is that I think Anya actually thinks they look good.
  • Anya’s so happy! IT'LL LAST.
  • And that hug.  I love Anya's hugs. They're hugs the way you hugged when you were a little kid - so full of emotion and earnestness.
  • “It’s the happiest day of my life,” *thunder*
  • Xander’s parents are so awful; which I guess is the point.
  • “Nothing on Earth can stop this wedding, now.” - Man, Xander’s really good at the jinxing.
  • I like when Buffy is happy for Xander and Anya.
  • Oh man, Anya’s vows.
  • “Take care of my heart, won’t you please…?” It’s just so sad, knowing what’s going to happen.
  • Hey, did Willow just compliment Anya?
  • “I get to be with my best friend forever!” I…it’s just so sad.
  • Dawn’s dress, weirdly, doesn’t look terrible.
  • Interesting that Hallie is in her demon face.
  • Man, Anya knows a lot of demons
  • I’m so glad we never saw Xander’s parents before this if this is the way they are. They’re just so gross. (I know we kinda saw his dad in Restless)
  • I wish Giles was back for the wedding. I think he’d want to see this and maybe he could have helped somehow.
  • The old man is like 3-4” shorter than Xander. I know older people shrink but… He looks nothing like Xander. And he has both eyes. SPOILER! [OMG THAT'S THE REAL CLUE - Z]
  • Oh Xander, you know better than to look at shiny objects. Or maybe you don’t.
  • In the “flash forward”, why doesn’t Anya still own the shop?
  • This kitchen is right out of a 1950s sitcom.
  • The old man has none of Xander’s inflections.
  • Was Spike even invited? Would Anya & Xander have invited him?
  • Oh man. Spike just walked out of the church. It’s daytime. Zelda: At least it’s cloudy? Me: Grrrr.
  • Sex Poodle. Lol.  We wanted to name this post Sex Poodle, but we figured we'd get the wrong kind of hits.
  • “I finally get love” Awww.
  • Omg, this Dawn flirting with the cute teenaged angsty demon is kind of awesome.
  • Wow, Buffy’s good at juggling!
  • The thing is – the stupid demon is right. It didn’t take much to convince stupid Xander.
  • And now, this is when you guys go elope. Right? It all ends happy, right???
  • It’s so sad. When Anya is still trying to convince him knowing she’s fighting a losing battle.
  • Willow is being sympathetic towards Anya – she’s 2 for 2.
  • That final shot with Anya seemingly accepting her fate of returning to vengeance demonism.

Favorite Lines:
Zelda: "Well, there are ancient ways ... Clowning as an occupation, grew out of the commedia del'arte, and uh ancient sports, of course." - Clem
 'I, Anya, promise to ... love you, to cherish you, honor you, uh, but not to obey you, of course, because that's anachronistic and misogynistic and who do you think you are, like a sea captain or something?' - Anya

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

Recurring: Tara, Xander's dad (recast), D'Hoffryn, Halfrek, Clem
First (and only) appearance of the oft-mentioned Uncle Rory
Shoutout to Xander and Willow getting it on in formal wear

Anya's Hair - long, blonde, curly, gorgeous
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 1
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Xander Breaks Anya's Heart - 1
Evil Reveal - 1 (Not Future Xander)
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 1
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Hat Has a Cow

Episode 6.15: As You Were. Original Airdate 2.26.02

"Buffy's ex-boyfriend, Riley Finn, returns to Sunnydale with his new wife Sam to track down a nest of demons which threaten the future of the town."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Other fast food chains in the Buffyverse: Burger World & Happy Bun
  • Aww, Buffy smells like fast food
  • And she calls out the vamp on being dead and smelling like being dead. Does Spike smell like he's dead? You know, when they're porking? Does he? Huh?
  • Special Guest Star Marc Blucas! He was in an ep of Limitless the other week, fyi. He was kinda playing the same role-ish. [That makes sense. - Z]
  • Ugh. You know what that Ugh means.
  • Xander and Anya are still doing the seating chart.
  • Buffy missed the garbage guys but like, why didn't she use her slayer speed?
  • Aww, Buffy's application was rejected. EVERYTHING SUCKS is basically what this episode is saying.
  • RILEY FINN. And he's got a super sexy scar on his face.
Super Sexy Scar

  • The DMP uniforms are actually really well made.
  • Riley: We got a wild bear. Hehe. Everyone will believe that!
  • Wow, I kinda forgot how tall Riley is, too.
  • "Did you die?" "No." "I'm gonna win."
  • Riley complimented Buffy on her hair. Because that's the type of guy he is.
  • Aww, Buffy's being all flirty. It's like that thing when you see an ex for the first time in ages and you feel that passionate chemistry again and you think it's mutual and then whoops, they're married. That's never happened to me. Nope, not once. Nope. God Damn it.
  • Oh hey, Sam, wife of Riley.
  • She's so perfect for Riley.
  • I love the continuity of all the episodes this season. They keep referring to past eps.
  • Aww, Willow's a good friend.
  • Hey, maybe the nest is somewhere where the nest of the praying mantis woman is.
  • Oh Buffy. Stop. Please, stop with the Spike.
  • They could have given him a better code name than "Doctor". Who wrote this ep, Moffat?
  • But hey, Spike is evil? What? WHAT? That was all sarcastic, btdubs.
  • Also, put a shirt on, Spike.
  • I hate Anya & Xander talking about their wedding and marraige when we all know how it's going to end.
  • Such a sweet reconciliation between Buffy & Riley. I'm so thankful for this episode. I like that at least one thing in Buffy's life could be resolved; that she can have closure on one thing. I'm glad things finally ended nicely between the two of them and that Riley's last appearance shows that he's happy as well. It's so rare in the Buffyverse.
  • And all this has made Buffy finally make sense of the LACK of sense Spuffy makes. And she makes a good decision here. And it at least looks as though it's going to stick.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Wow I have been completely neglecting to write anything for like 15 minutes. I'm sorry, guys.
  • Aw Buffy got rejected from Sunnydale U.
  • In this week's Inconsistent Characterization of Dawn, Dawn - who was throwing passive aggressive fits like they were spitballs last week - is now totally cool and gentle about Buffy's absentness. One can argue that's she's grown but HAHAHAHA DAWN AND GROWTH THIS SEASON.
  • Oh. It's Riley. "Were you always this tall?" Fair question.
  • Yes, Riley, that's a wild bear all right.
Someone's been watching Men In Black too much.

  • "Did you die?" // "No." // "I'm gonna win."
  • Anya just said "the gnarls are teleporting in in " WAIT WHAT ANYA KNOWS THE GNARLS WTF A GNARL ALMOST ATE WILLOW .. in the future [Edit: my mistake. Gnarols, per the shooting script. Stand down, everyone, stand down.]
  • Sunnydale has a reservoir, you guys. SURE, WHY NOT.
  • Wow, Riley. You do a special ducking maneuver to make sure the giant pipe can't see you, and then you turn your back on a completely open doorway and leave yourself open to attack? That's some bad soldiering.
  • Ugh. I hate Sam. As my friend Malcolm said once, "has there been a more non-character character?"
  • Seriously, Riley, shouldn't that have been step fucking one, though, telling Buffy this was a capture and not a kill? It's not like you don't know Buffy's general practice. Riley is a bad bad soldier.
  • "Just so you know, I'm prepared to hate this woman." Yay Willow being a supportive friend.
  • I am loving the shade Dawn is throwing at Riley. At least he deserves it.
  • "there's a dealer in town, calls himself the Doctor." whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • "You're like Santa Claus or Buddha." // "Fat and jolly." I LOVE SNARKY BUFFY
  • Ugh, she's so baaaaaaaaaaaad. This actress is okay in small comic roles I've seen her in, but she's so baaaaaaaaaaaaad as Sam.
  • Yeah, this is just beyond dumb, though. It's so ridiculously out of character for Spike to be "the Doctor" and to have this stupid plan. Not to have a stupid plan, we all know Spike isn't good at long term plans or sticking to said, but this kind of random-ass scheme? I just don't buy it. I never did, and it makes the whole thing just ring false and forced and stupid and it takes me out of things. It's always disappointing when the writers sacrifice character consistency for plot points. (it's even worse when they do it for the sake of a joke, I guess, like in The Zeppo or even Once More With Feeling, but I still hate it. it weakens the show and it weakens the characters)
  • This is the second time Anya's hidden out in a bathroom from a fight.
  • "What a bitch." Good friend, Willow.


(before episode starts)
Z: Goddammit!
D: What?
Z: I hate Sam.
D: Sam? Who's Sam?
Z: Boring Riley's Boring Wife.
D: I like Sam! And I like Riley and Sam. And I'm glad they have a happy ending.
Z: They're both boring and they're both mediocre actors.
D: Yes, but they're boring and mediocre together.

Buffy: You won't look?
Riley: I'm a gentleman.
D: He is.
Z: This would be the time to say "I'm a married man."

Favorite Lines:

Daniel: "I think we died in this car on the way to the airport, and now we're stuck in hell." // "The radio said no traffic." // "It's a hell radio, of course it said that." - Anya/Xander
Zelda: "Did you die?" // "No." // "I'm gonna win." - Buffy and Riley

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: Riley
  • Riley and Sam have been married four months. According to Sam, it took Riley a year to get over Buffy. Riley left town approximately fourteen months agoSo. That's a timeline. They got married and then two months later he got over Buffy.
  • shoutout to Older and Far Away and Halfrek's curse
  • "These things? Never useful." Buffy's go-to reaction to guns. (callback to Flooded)


Anya's Hair - blonde, straight, tied back
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 12 (this counts the 10 eggs)
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Muscle Cramp...In Your Pants?

Episode 6.14: Older and Far Away.Original Airdate 2.12.02 

"After Dawn talks to a guidance counselor about her feeling lonely, she accidentally puts a spell on Buffy and her friends, trapping them inside the Summer's house with a sword-wielding demon."

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • It's happy birthday Buffy!
  • Why does Dawn have an anteroom to her bedroom? Like, seriously, WHY.
And why is there a table there?
  • Oh Dawn. Why are you stealing all the things.
  • TAWIST. Halfrek's pretending to be a guidance counselor.
  • It's actually pretty clever - since we saw her only in veiny demon form in her first episode, she might not be immediately recognized by everyone.
  • So, I remember when this episode aired, everyone on the message boards got all excited about Buffy's new friend Sophie. And then she never showed up again. But that didn't stop fans from shipping her with Clem. And possibly writing fic about it. I can kind of see it? They're both very sweet.
  • Aw I bet Sarah missed these opportunities to be funny. (Willow appears, making Tara feel awkward. Buffy: "I have to, wit the thing that I, uh ... Coming!")
  • Clem is back! And he's been sufficiently rewritten to be sweet and adorable and one of my favorite recurrings. 
  • So ... how'd Dawn get the jacket out of the store with the security tag still on it? [There are ways.  -Not D]
  • Dude the weapons chest Xander made is gorgeous. I want one!
  • gasp Halfrek's a demon gasp
  • Gotta feel bad for Richard. Got invited to a stranger's birthday party as an obvious fix up.
  • Tara shutting Spike down is the best though.
  • "We do not joke about eating people in this house!"
  • Dawn, darling, please stop taking people's desire to not be stuck in a house for the rest of their lives personally. This stuff is why Dawn gets a bad rap.
  • Oh, look, it's another GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT. This is also why Dawn gets a bad rap.
  • Richard's kinda dumb. And judgmental. "I don't think that's a skin condition."
  • How stupid are they to carry him upstairs when he has a cut like that? Put him on the couch maybe, but why risk exacerbating the injury with stairs?
  • So like ... why don't they just call some EMT guys and have them get stuck in the house too? We know (from the future) that the Summers house can hold a lot of people. Just ... they should get actual medical help for poor boring stupid cute Richard.
  • I really don't like how Anya goes after Willow. Emma's really great at it, but I don't like how she's treating her, out of fear.
  • But then Tara is lovely. "Hey, you're gonna back off. She said no."
  • I'd say Anya's being out of character, but we see this again, this cruel striking out when she feels cornered and terrified, when she accuses Buffy of being "lucky" in S7 and we all want to punch her.
  • Emma Caulfield is amazing in this ep though, I gotta say.
  • I find it kind of weird that they keep doing the fake out with not really killing vengeance demons - this comes back again next season - for anyone paying attention, we're not tricked for a minute.
  • I've read some fanfic that tracks how Cecily became a vengeance demon. There's some cleverness tying her rejection of William to a controlling father, which is why she's the patron demon of unhappy children. Also Paul (one of our commentors) tell us that the non-canon comics also follow this narrative.
  • And now they're walking Richard down the stairs upright. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOUR BORING FRIEND.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Buffy’s getting ready for that wintry night in southern California.  You let it go.
  • And what’s with this hat she borrowed from Willow’s collection.  Or Blossom’s? 

And in my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine!

  • It’s nice that Buffy’s close enough with Tara that she wants her at her party.
  • Dawn said ‘hey’ that reminded me of Buffy.  Weird thing.  But I wasn’t looking at the screen and thought it was Buffy.  
  • Why doesn’t Dawn have friends? Where’s Janice?  It’s weird that she’s always relying on her sister’s friends.
  • I’m not sure if we’re supposed to know that’s Hallie yet.  BUT I KNOW.
  • Sophie!
  • Anya: “We invited someone for you.  *whispers* A guy…”  Hehehe.
  • Willow’s all worried about what she looks like. And Z and I agree that she should change that dumb shirt.
  • Oh, the awkwardness.  I love it. They’re actually really good at it.
  • CLEM!
  • Also, Richard.  Such a 90s style soap dreamboat.
  • Man, Anya.  With the treating Dawn like she’s 10.
  • All the fun awkwardness in this episode is really well written and acted.
  • “I offered helpful suggestions from a safe distance.”
  • Hey Sophie!
  • It’s alarming that Tara’s not more disturbed.  She seems downright delighted at the Spike/Buffy thing.  Especially when way back when they saw Buffybot boinking Spike, She called her insane or something.
  • Tara’s playing poker!
  • Hey.  Hey, look at all that natural light hitting Spike.  And hey.  Hey, look at him not exploding. You let it go.
  • OMWF reference.
  • Tara’s the only one who seems to get what it’s like to be a teenager.
  • Why is Spike by the door? He. Will. Burn. Up. If the spell works.
  • The visual effects with the demon falling through the door are kinda cool.
  • Richard!
  • Has anyone tried calling someone?
  • Wow. Anya has some major claustrophobia issues.
  • Aww, Spike’s trying to save Xander.
  • Buffy: “Are you ok?” Dawn, “Do you care?” Me: *eyeroll*
  • Eh, while I like Tara’s sudden valiance, it’s a little bit contrived. [I dunno, she's grown a lot this season. I think leaving Willow has been great for her gumption. - Z]
  • Lots of Anya this episode and a lot of the problems she has with people are coming out.  Too bad it never gets resolved.
  • Oops, Halfrek.  But Anya should know a sword can't kill a vengeance demon.  Nice seeing her kick some ass anyway.
  • And Hallie calls her on it, which is nice.
  • Love this moment where Spike/Hallie seem to know each other. BUT ARE CECILY AND HALLIE THE SAME PERSON?  ...this was discussed in the comments section of our last blog post.
  • Sort of a Deus Ex Machina ending….but pretty clever as well. 

Favorite Lines:

Zelda: "I don't know. He seemed ... cute. Was he cute? I mean, I'm not a very good judge, but I think he seemed cute." // "I think he seemed cute, yeah." - Tara and Clem, ruining Spike's evening
Daniel: “We invited someone for you.  *whispers* A guy…”   ~Anya

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: slug candles, Dawn's kleptomania, Tara, Clem, Halfrek
  • Shoutout to that time Xander summoned Sweet to Sunnydale
  • Gentle reminder that impaling a vengeance demon with a sword will not kill the vengeance demon. Remember this next season.
  • Nod at the double casting of Kali Rocha with Halfrek and Spike recognizing each other.
Anya's Hair - blonde, straight, twist clipped
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 1
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Deep Tropical Cellular Tan

Episode 6.13: Dead Things. Original Airdate 2.05.02

"After Jonathan, Andrew, and Warren accidentally kill Warren's ex-girlfriend Katrina, they set up Buffy to make her believe it was she who killed the girl."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Ew. You know it's going to be a bad episode when it starts with Spuffy Sex.
  • And why are they covered in rugs? How did that work? Is the crypt more comfortable than the rugs? Also, why does Spike have so many rugs?
  • Seriously? Spike's really asking the "where is this going?" question?
  • Ugh, the trio. I'm saying 'ugh' a lot this season.
  • "We can make any woman our willing sex slave," aka, "we can rape any woman we want." Great guys. And you wonder why you're loathed.
  • Tara!
  • But also, why doesn't Tara have a job? It's not like her family supports her.
  • Aww, she's worried about Willow so much.
  • Jonathan: "Red head's too tall." Heh.
  • Stop saying bazoombas.
  • *SHENANIGANS* It's nice that Warren put on the sunglasses so the extreme hypnotizing light didn't work on him. But what about the 100 other patrons at that bar? Why didn't it affect them?
  • This is so gross and sick what they're doing.
  • "Is there singing?" "Visible and everything." - throwbacks to two eps in one scene!
  • So the other two don't know about Katrina.
  • I really hate Andrew, but Tom Lenk is pretty hilarious.
  • Amelinda Embry (Katrina) is playing this really well.
  • Jesus. When Katrina finally says the R word, their reactions. Jonathan and Andrew. Because they're stupid little boys who were never taught to respect women. They really thought what they were doing wasn't wrong.
  • And this is the episode where they become true villains.
  • I like Anya & Xander's outfits; it matches their dancing.
  • Ugh. There I go again. Ugh. Can we fast-forward this part? Seriously? No-one sees this happening on the balcony?
  • Aww Tara and Willow awkwardness.
  • Put a shirt on, Spike.
  • I guess the trio is doing their weird physics time thing again.
  • This episode makes me want to watch DoubleMeat Palace again.
  • Weird sex/murder dreams!
  • I think the first time I saw this, I was on Buffy's side. She was doing the right thing. But I think I understand Dawn's side more now. While I think Dawn is a little over the top about it, she's right about Buffy wanting to escape. There were other solutions Buffy could have thought of. She knows something was off with the time/physics stuff.
  • "No one will ever find her." Cop: "Where'd they find her?" 2nd Cop: "The River." Spike: "Oh Balls."
  • See how helpful Anya is? They so don't appreciate her.
  • The reactions to getting away with murder are at least consistent of what I think of the three. Jonathan is the only one who is a bit wary. Which is why a lot of his choices confuse me.
  • This scene with Tara kills me. SMG is so good. She's so sure that something's wrong with her. It's this deep depression Buffy has that ... I think I'm seeing more clearly than I ever have. It's way more well done than I ever remembered. It's akin to Gretchen's current story on You're the Worst. [No spoilers! - Z]
  • So heartbreaking.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • All right, this is the episode where the nerds are actually called out to their faces for their misogyny and treatment of women as objects, and yet behold how the idiots still follow Warren, the worst of them around (even if Jonathan is showing more resistance).
  • But first! Spike and Buffy having sex under a rug.
  • "Are we having a conversation?" // "What? No. No. Maybe." Is this the first time they approach functionality as a couple? Too bad it won't last. 
  • "Do you even like me?" // "Sometimes."
  • Cerebral Dampener. To make pretty women extra brainless and compliant. Warren, you are the fucking worst. And you want to use it on your ex who dumped you when she found out you made and abandoned a robot girlfriend who then tried to murder her. WHY HAVEN'T WE KILLED WARREN YET, YOU GUYS.
  • Wow, tumblr has changed me. Even though I still think Amber is mediocre, Tara showed up at the Doublemeat Palace to visit Buffy and I said "AWWWWWWW" because Tara is a good friend, y'all.
  • I have the strange urge to watch Shelby Woo to cleanse my Adam Busch palate. Do you guys remember Shelby Woo?
  • Dawn, stop giving Buffy passive aggressive attitude because she's trying to keep you from becoming homeless by working a menial job. This shit right here is why I couldn't stand Dawn on first watch.
  • ugh this plot is so gross. I mean, it's supposed to be, but just ugh.
  • Why didn't Warren just make a Katrinabot, since he's basically turned Katrina into a bot. Because he wanted to dominate the real Katrina. He wanted to punish her. To trick himself into thinking the real Katrina was his object.
  • "This is not some fantasy ... it's rape!" The tiny bit of credit I can give Jonathan and Andrew is their shock when she calls it rape - which it fucking is - but then they do try to stop her from leaving anyway.
  • So much for being villains. They didn't want real consequences. Boys playing with toys where everything's pretend. But Katrina's dead now.
  • Warren's not freaked out the way they are. He's just trying to get out of it, get around it, deflect the consequence and the responsibility of his action.
  • 'WE'RE ON UPN NOW" say the writers as Buffy and Spike have anal sex on the balcony.
  • It's a pretty cool slash scary sequence, the time-jumping deception the Trio use to trick Buffy into thinking she accidentally killed Katrina.
  • The horror Buffy's feeling, thinking she's killed Katrina? THAT'S WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE FELT, WARREN, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.
  • "Dawnie, I have to." These writers are mean, invoking the line Buffy spoke before she jumped off the tower. It's the line Buffy uses when she's leaving Dawn behind - in life, or in freedom - since here, it's when she's about to turn herself in to the police.
  • Oh, apparently Sunnydale has a river. Okay, sure, why not.
  • The argument between Spike and Buffy here is mirroring so much the same argument Buffy had with Faith when Faith accidentally killed Finch. 
  • And then with the "you're dead inside. you can't feel anything real," we've got the parallel with Faith-in-Buffy beating up Buffy-in-Faith in Who Are You.
  • There's some really good work happening in this episode. It's hard to watch, but it's well done.
  • Ugh. "We really got away with murder. That's ,,, kind of cool." Stupid stupid Andrew.
  • Oh no, Buffy's gonna cry, you guys. 
  • "I didn't come back wrong?" She needs for there to be something wrong with her. Because that makes it not her, it makes it an exterior problem. But if there's nothing wrong with her, then everything is wrong with her.
  • "Do you love him? It's okay if you ...and Buffy, it's okay if you don't."
  • "Please don't forgive me, please."
  • You guys, this season is so upsetting.

Here, if you guys are feeling sad, just look at SMG laughing in the dailies!

Favorite Lines:
Daniel: "Come share in the joy of our groove thang." - Anya
Zelda:  "Do you love him? It's okay if you do. He's done a lot of good, and he does love you. And Buffy, it's okay if you don't." - Tara

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: the Trio, Jonathan's Magic Bone, Tara, Katrina, Gina (old lady cashier at Doublemeat)
  • Dawn's friend Janice still exists. Off-screen.
  • Shoutouts to Once More With Feeling and Gone.
  • Jonathan masquerading as Katrina a callback to his impersonation of a demon in Life Serial.


Anya's Hair - blonde, soft waves, and then some weird messy pull-back.
Dead Humans - 1
Dead Undeads - 3
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 1
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Theory #5: Cat Burgers

Episode 6.12: Doublemeat Palace. Original airdate: 1.29.02 

"When Buffy gets a job at the Doublemeat Palace, a local fast-food restaurant, she begins to believe that disappearing co-workers and the secret ingredient to the restaurant's hamburger may be connected."

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • omg you guys we're back! I can't believe it's been over two months.
  • Ugh. Daniel, why do you like this episode? It's weird and dumb.
  • Bless Anya, once again celebrating compensation for the work you do. Even if it's demoning or working in food service.
  • And then Xander and Willow are just awful to her. Again. I'm solidly jumping with Daniel onto Team Anya in this scene.
  • Aw poor Buffy. Orange stripes is not her color. Though her haircut still looks cute.

  • Time to renew my anger that the Council doesn't pay Buffy some kind of stipend.
  • Also time to renew my anger that Willow continues to not contribute to the expenses of the Summers household. To say nothing of dirtbag Hank Summers.
  • "I'm Manny the Manager. It's not a joke. It's just my name."
  • I mean the episode works in terms of metaphorizing a life experience, so in that respect I guess it's old school BTVS. But I still hate it.
  • Pretty sure Manny the Manager's glasses are non-prescription. Does that make him the original hipster?
  • Good casting with Manny the Manager, I must say. He's sufficiently creepy and blah.
  • Music is good, for giving this sense of Buffy being hypnotized into fast food peon stupor.
  • Man. Y'all know I love Spike, but he's pretty obnoxious this episode. "Service me." *slaps Spike* You can be better.
  • Are timecards still a thing?
  • "But I don't know how to grill." // "Just think - this is the last day you'll ever be able to say that." Manny the Manager is now reminding me of an old boss. Every time they gave me a new task or responsibility (while not giving me anything resembling a raise), he'd say how good this was for my resume and blah blah blah and like dude this is my day job. I'm not looking for a career.
  • Wait is this Hallie's first appearance? Why did I feel like we'd seen her before (no no no I'm not nodding at the fact that Kali Rocha also played William's love Cecily)
  • Ugh Amy, go away.
  • Aw, black-eyed Willow. Stupid Amy.
  • Too bad this continues the complete rewrite of how magic used to function on this show before they turned it into a metaphor for drug addiction.
  • Aw Buff's meltdown is adorable. "It's people!"
  • Aw Manny the Manager is dead.
  • The only reason I'm glad we're at this episode is I get to reuse this gag:
Did someone say Dick Demon?

  • Ugh this dick demon is particularly gross.
  • Yay Willow cut Amy out of her life good plan.
  • It's such a weird random twist, that Doublemeat is closeted vegetarian. Well, sort of, it's vegetables rendered in beef fat.
  • It's still pretty dumb.
  • This episode is dumb.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Also, I kinda like this episode. It's fun. That's all.
  • Xander pretty much says what I’m thinking about Jonathan.  Didn’t he learn his lesson?  It doesn’t make sense.
  • “Please continue the story of failure.”
  • Hey, Anya got paid for her work. Why can't Buffy?  Ah right, because demons are better than people. Ahem, Watcher's Council.
  • Here's a theory: I think if Xander hadn’t befriended Buffy early on, he would have been one of the  nerd trio.
  • Buffy looks so cute in her DoubleMeat Palace uniform!
  • Whomever made the DMP introductory video must have had a great time.
  • Everything everyone is saying is creepy and could be considered supernatural…or be considered just part of working at a fast food restaurant.
  • I’m so glad I never worked for a fast food restaurant but I’ve had similar soul-crushing jobs.
  • Don’t eat the burger, Buffy!
  • I like that she mentions the diner in Anne.  But also, it might have been a better option for her.  Probably better pay/tips, too.
  • Aww, Anya talking about her wedding plans.  It’s all so sad, but she doesn’t know what will happen.
  • She seems to be working long hours.
  • Ugh, Spike. Ugh.
  • Just ugh.
  • Technically, Buffy probably should have joined the police force….but that would have made for a boring police procedural…which the world didn’t need.
  • Poor Gary :(
  • “I don’t know how to grill.” “Just think, this is the last day you’ll  ever be able to say that.”  Omg, so creepy.
  • Another double-shift. Is she surprised? There was already a double-shift. Because of the morning. And then the night.
  • Halfrek!  She and Anya are so cute together.
  • Hallie: “You know how it is. Half the time, I never know if I’m maiming the right guy.”
  • Poor depressed Buffy; meaningless sex with ugh, Spike.  That’s his name now: Ugh, Spike.
  • Don’t let Amy in!  Oh no, Amy.  
  • I can’t tell if Amy actually thinks she’s doing a good thing or not.
  • Oh man, the shots of churning meat.
  • IT’S PEOPLE! (probably not the chicken-y part)
  • OMG, Hallie is so awfully wonderful.  She can do so much with the the non-word, "Hmm."
  • “It’s incorrect for you to appreciate money so much.”
  • Omg, but HALLIE IS SO RIGHT.  Xander doesn’t treat Anya right.  At all.  He’s condescending and awful.
  • I like the shape of Dawn’s shirt.  Very skater-girl.
  • I like Buffy’s shirt too.  Cute sisters! 
  • Of course, as soon as Xander eats a burger he thinks might be people, Z and my lunch arrives.  I’m glad I opted for the Chicken wrap and not the burger.  Oy.
  • “It’s not magic; it’s chemistry.  You can tell by how damn slow it is.”
  • And Buffy is just carrying Manny’s foot around…
  • And another penis monster.
  • Very weird make-up on this old-lady. It looks like she’s blind.  The poor actress looks like she can’t see. 

"Am I facing the Camera?"

Favorite Lines:
Zelda: "See, this is why demons are better than people ... When I was a vengeance demon, I caused pain and mayhem, certainly. But I put in a full day's work doing it, and I got compensated appropriately ... But supervillains want reward without labor, to make things come easy. It's wrong. Without labor there can be no payment, and vice versa. The country cannot progress." - Anya

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • First appearance: Halfrek
  • Recurring: Amy
  • Shoutout to when Buffy was Anne the Waitress
  • Also shoutout to Xander's vast experience in food service jobs
  • Shoutout to the fact that Dawn has a friend named Janice
Anya's Hair - blonde & straight
Dead Humans - 2
Dead Undeads - 1
Dead Cows and Chickens - NONE
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - Wig Lady
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rhymes With Blinvisible

Episode 6.11: Gone. Original Airdate 1.08.02

"The Three Geeks mistakenly turn Buffy invisible. The Slayer takes some advantage from going unseen. Willow has to do the detective without using magic, while Xander finds Spike doing some weird physical training."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Really? They can't even have candles?
  • Searching for drugs...I mean magic the cushions
  • Invisibility ray...step up from a freeze ray?
  • Ok, at least Buffy realizes she was being a bad friend when her friend was drowning.
  • It's ok, Spike. You had a blanket. You're fine from the sun.
  • SHENANIGANS. Spike is RIGHT in direct sunlight in front of the window.

  • Aww, it's LA Law's Susan Ruttan
  • "We don't gay." Ugh, that's sad. A time when it's assumed being gay would make you a bad parent. I mean, there are tons of people who still think that way. Kinda gross.
  • Oops. Accidentally invisibled the slayer.
  • Marcy call back!
  • I love that Anya is excited about Buffy's haircut.
  • Look at all the things we can do with our visual effects department
  • The eyes thing. Anya doesn't know what to do!

  • Speaking of all the things I was blaming Buffy for...Xander hasn't been that great either. I mean, he talks all the time to Anya and Buffy about what Willow is going through but not talking to her about it.
  • Buffy is having so much fun being invisible. It's actually kinda cute.
  • I mean it doesn't give you license to steal a car, Buff...or a police golf cart? [We've seen what happens when she drives real cars. - Z]
  • I love how homey Spike's made his crypt.
  • "An unpleasant tactile experience!"
  • "We're not killers, we're crime lords" -- and that's the whole thing. I don't really understand what Jonathan thinks he's doing...Where's the line, Jonathan?
  • Oh this is so awkward. Naked push-ups...
  • Second episode in a row where I have to tell Spike to put some damn clothes on. [My bad. - Marti Noxon]
  • See? Willow, you can be really badass as yourself, with your computer skills. Wait til iPhones are invented. You'll be unstoppable.
  • Why'd they choose Jonathan to make the call? Clearly Buffy knows his voice the best.
  • The camera work is great. I love that it seems like the cameraman doesn't know where to point. It's kinda breaking the fourth wall, a little bit which is not really a staple of the show except for singing to the camera in OMWF.
  • "Jonathan? Warren? [To Andrew]...who are you?" Heh.
  • No one remembers the flying it didn't happen on air.
  • No matter how lame the trio least this episode brought Buffy and Willow back together.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Um so. Why is Spike's lighter buried in the cushions of the couch?
  • "You penis!" I think that's my favorite insult. Maybe it's just the way Jonathan yells it at Warren
  • Buffy wig! I see you! I actually don't think it looks awful, but I've seen other bloggers mock it relentlessly.
  • "What are you doing? And here?"
  • Spike should really be catching on fire with all the light coming through the blinds in the kitchen.
  • Oh man, Buffy, your shirt is completely see-through. Not great for greeting the social worker.
  • "It's been a bad time for a while now, hasn't it, Miss Summers?" sad but true
  • She brings up Buffy's unemployment - good set up for the Doublemeat nonsense next ep.
  • Aw, Buffy got her adorable haircut and was promptly made blinvisible.
  • This is the most whimsical we've seen Buffy all season. But also the most unfocused and irresponsible we've seen her in several seasons.
  • I love that everyone thinks Buffy's haircut is adorable, sight unseen. I mean, they're right, but ... anyway, it's a very cute thing. This ep is actually a really nice palate cleanser after how much we hated Wrecked.
  • mmmph but I don't really like the mean pranking of Mr. Kroeger. While it's good for Buffy that her bad report can now basically be nullified, this is cruel to do to a woman who is honestly trying to do her job and protect Dawn, who - let's face it - could use some protecting. This isn't what we do, Buffy. We don't go after innocent humans. We are not Machiavelli.
  • While we continue to wonder both why Spike hasn't covered the windows in his crypt, or how he is powering his TV and fridge, I do rather like that both the TV and fridge are clearly decades old.
  • "An unpleasant tactile experience."
  • "We're not killing anybody. Especially not Buffy!" // "You guys are so immature." Yeah, why can't you be a sociopathic rapey murderer like me?
  • So is this when we really start to see that Warren is distinctly darker than the other two? They're semi-harmless goobers - granted, they're goobers who need a serious re-education on how to treat women and how to be ... human - but Warren does not give a shit.
  • Naked Spike Shots!
  • The ear thing is freaking me out.
  • "Free of life? Got another name for that. Dead."
  • "Tell her about the pudding!"
  • The camera pans to a reaction shot ... of Blinvisible Buffy. I kinda love it.
  • That is an incredibly poorly-hidden van.
  • "Who is this? You sound familiar." "I'm nobody ... no one you know." I'm ashamed to say my sister and I use that one a lot. No, you know what? I'm not ashamed.
  • OMG this scene. It's smack talk between four invisible people. the camera flipping back and forth like a tennis game. This is amazing.
  • I love that they remember Tucker. I barely remember Tucker. My memory of Tucker is chiefly for the purpose of winning bar trivia.
  • Me: "Why doesn't she chase them?" Buffy: "I know, they're gone. I guess we should chase them." Me: "Yes! Chase them!" Buffy: *talks about her haircut*
  • "I didn't ... I don't wanna die. That's something, right?" But next week we'll go back into depression-ville for Buffy, alas. Because it's a very very small something.
  • "Yay for us." // "Yay"

Favorite Lines:
Daniel: "Kill, Doris. Kill everybody." - Buffy, having way too much fun
Zelda: "Tell her about the pudding!" - Anya
Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: The Trio
  • Dawn's in a sling from that time Willow broke her arm.
  • The Trio use the diamond they stole in Smashed to build their invisibility ray.
  • Shoutout to Marcie from Out of Mind, Out of Sight
  • The Scoobies finally know The Trio are behind the lame crimes of late.
  • Shoutout to Tucker Wells (as always)

Anya's Hair - very blond, straight
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 0
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 1
Apocalypse Called - 0