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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Just Trying to Figure Out Which Gilmore Girl You Are

Episode 3.15: Papa's Cabin. Original Airdate 2.27.07

"Keith, as Acting Sheriff, investigates Dean O'Dell's death more aggressively. Veronica teams with Tim to confirm Landry's alibi -- and then to track down him and Mrs. O'Dell when they both disappear."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • So Veronica knows it’s awkward continuing to take Landry’s class. (Which apparently is a two-semester class). But Landry makes it sorta okay.
  • SHERIFF KEITH still suspects Mindy O’Dell.  He lays it all out, basically recapping the last few episodes.
  • Flash back, perhaps fake or not, shows Dean O’Dell arguing with Landry.  
  • And at least having that fake-or-not scene employed Ed Begley, Jr. for one more shot.  BTW, he's on a new show called Bless This Mess.  It's got its problems, but not due to the cast.  They're gold, especially Begley.
  • Mindy is now telling a completely different story – still showing her to be innocent.
  • But now Keith has enough to arrest Landry…of course it happens during the class that Veronica is in.
  • Tim visits Landry who is kind of a dick about but quickly asks him to do a favor.
  • But Tim is bad at breaking into things. Veronica catches him of course.
  • Tim begrudgingly asks Veronica for her help.  He says he’s not good in the field.  Duh.
  • Ah, so Mindy wanted to make sure it wasn’t considered a suicide so she could get the insurance money.
  • “I’m just trying to figure out which Gilmore girl you are.”   I feel like she’s used this insult before to perpetuate male toxicity but maybe it was just something similar.
  • It’s such an amazing coincidence that they found the woman from two months ago who bummed a cigarette from Landry.   And that she recognized him.  TOO EASY.
  • Parker: “Having a friend like Veronica is important to me.”  You mean one you never see?  Like ever?
  • I love when they get to the end of a mystery.  Everything comes out at once.
  • So much is happening here and the clues are being connected.
  • So I really thought Mindy and Landry were in it together but Mindy did it. And then Landry killed Mindy.  ARC SOLVED.
  • And Logan officially asks Veronica’s permission to date Parker.  She’s cool about it. Or she seems it, anyway.
  • Tim is enjoying his new acting-professorship...FOR NOW.
  • Oh shit, it was Tim.  Tim did it! Now…ARC SOLVED.
  • Veronica sure knows a lot of murderers.  Like Jessica Fletcher.

  • “You know I don’t like to expose you to all this crime and violence, it’ll warp your mind.”  Oh, Keith.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Landry’s being a remarkable nonshit to V about Keith investigating him (and his suspicion that V bugged his phone, and hey we haven’t sorted who did that yet have we)
  • And Mindy finally comes clean that Cyrus came to the hotel room.
  • But the flashback has that flare lens to it that, like V’s various theories for Lilly’s murder, indicate that this isn’t necessarily a reliable narrator. I don’t remember Cyrus having a gun, do you?
  • But she does know that Cyrus’s window got egged. And she provides context for a scene we saw, an answer to “What are you doing here?” BUT DO WE TRUST IT.
  • Honestly, neither Daniel nor I remember who killed the Dean. I think I remember who didn’t kill the Dean, but not who did.
  • And now we have Landry’s lens flare recollection. The gun is still there, so maybe that was real. And Cyrus threatened her with a divorce (where she gets nothing due to a prenup) and Landry with losing his job.
  • Is it that Tim Foyle set him up? Is it as simple as that? I remember that Landry got framed, and we know Foyle is fixated on Landry (remember how he sicced V on Landry’s trail so she’d know about his affair with Mindy?), on knocking him off his pedestal, on punishing him.
  • So what about the investigative files V found on Tim’s computer? Was that just him covering his own tracks?
  • Landry asks Tim to find out who planted the bug, to “find a needle in a haystack.”
  • So probably it was Tim. Okay.
  • Tim who’s doing such a bad job breaking into Mars Investigation.
  • “What the hell are you doing?” // “ack” // “Formulating a lie, realizing it's futile, begrudgingly telling the truth?”
  • But why would Foyle kill the Dean? I get (well sorta) his wanting to ruin Landry, but why the Dean? Also. Also. Why would he kill the Dean, and then stage it as a suicide? How the hell does that incriminate Landry? It's just ... it's a lot of steps, and it's counting on Veronica being smart enough to follow the breadcrumbs but not smart enough to follow them to Tim's doorstep, and I'm having trouble buying it. If his goal was to frame Landry, the fake suicide note doesn't make enough sense. Especially with Neptune's deeply stupid former Sheriff in charge.
  • “Do we look like we smoke?” // “Yes.” Possibly Tim Foyle’s finest comic moment.
  • Wow, life insurance is willing to pay out while it’s still an open investigation? And Mindy’s buying a boat with it.
  • Aw Wallace is looking out for V, letting her know that Logan and Parker are in cute flirting lunch zone
  • And, probably because she noticed it before he did, she’s pretty okay with it
  • Did Mindy scarper off in her new boat? I totally have a memory of Landry on the run in a boat. So that’s happening at some point.
  • “If you’re wondering where I am, I'm hanging out outside a convenience store, eating corn nuts and watching strippers.” // “Are you doing drugs?” // “No.” // “Good.” I love our Marses
  • So um. What about Mindy’s son? The one who had cancer? Did he get to disappear with her? Because Steve Botando certainly isn’t looking after him. Also there’s the other O’Dell kid. Why are we ignoring their existence? Okay, fine, they’ve been shipped off to “relatives in England,” fine, whatever.
  • Landry’s also scarpered! To the boat!
  • So much for light and easy for Logan and Parker. She doesn’t want to lose V as a friend.
  • Gasp the woman who gave Landry his alibi lied for him gasp!
  • Haha after all of V’s and Tim’s trivia sparring, Keith knows that Papa  = Ernest Hemingway. Thanks Keith!
  • Oh hey we got to the one scene I remember from this arc: finding Landry on the boat. Ah so he wasn’t framed, but he tried to cover up for Mindy. Sucks for the kids. And … he did kill Mindy.
  • But what about Tim Foyle?
  • Well, he wants V to be his TA.
  • Here’s a good clue. The idea for the Dean’s murder was stolen from one of the perfect murder papers. And that tapped phone call we overheard had Landry saying Foyle had no imagination. So of course he would steal someone else’s idea. We already saw him "steal" Veronica's paper and frame her for plagiarism, just to make her stop heroworshipping Landry, and god this boy is a mess. “Once a perpetrator starts improvising, the sloppier his work becomes” says Tim Foyle, improvising/gloating, but he really shouldn’t be doing that in front of Veronica. She’s smarter than you, Foyle, and we all know it.
  • “When did he have the time to make the blackmail call to fake his alibi?”
  • And V finds a bug in her own phone. Because Foyle gives away that he knew, because V knew.
  • So we’ve wrapped up the Dean’s murder and it felt faster than the rape arc, but maybe that’s just because of how much I hate how the show handled the rape arc. Time for arc three?
  • Guys, what is arc three?
  • Oh fuck, it’s the secret society and the sex tape, isn’t it.

Favorite Lines:

Daniel: V: What the hell are you doing? Tim: I, uh, I'm- V: Formulating a lie, realizing it's futile, begrudgingly telling the truth?
Zelda: V:“If you’re wondering where I am, I'm hanging out outside a convenience store, eating corn nuts and watching strippers.” Keith:  “Are you doing drugs?” V: “No.” Keith: “Good.”


Neptune Roll Call: Logan, Wallace, Parker (Absent: Dick, Piz, Mac, Sheriff Don Lamb, Weevil)
Recurring: Professor Hank Landry, Tim Foyle, Mindy O'Dell, Cyrus O'Dell, Deputy Jerry Sacks, Jenny Budosh,
Veronica's Alias: Landry’s daughter, Anna from K-RAC, Ms. Crockett
Tim Foyle’s Alias: Mr. Tubbs


Dead Humans - 1
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In – 1
Tim Foyle Breaks In - 1
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
VERONICA WAS RIGHT - 1 (Tim did it)

Monday, May 13, 2019

Murder in the 28th Degree

Episode 3.14: Mars, Bars. Original Airdate 2.20.07

"Veronica is let out of jail, while Mac, Parker, Logan, and Bronson go on Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt. Josh decides to flee the country after learning the truth about his dad, and Lamb goes after Steve at Mindy's house."

 Zelda's Thoughts:

  • “Where is he, Veronica? Where’s Josh?” / “Think back, Sheriff. Where did you have him last?”
  • Oh damn, he was allergic to the peanut butter cookies V brought! We didn’t know he was allergic, but did she?
  • Gasp, Coach’s wife has a bill from Vinnie Van Lowe!
  • V drew a tattoo on her arm, does push ups, and braided part of her hair, then asks her dad for a couple cartons of smokes. She’s so damn cute. 

  • “You think he did it?” // “I don't know. If he didn’t, he sure panicked quickly.”
  • But Cliff thinks Josh didn’t do it. Then what’s the story?
  • Keith smiles. V: What? K: Just … I thought this sight would be more traumatic for me.
  • Gasp, Coach’s wife thought her husband was cheating on her. But no definitive proof.
  • And Landry found a bug in his cell. Keith assures him neither he nor V planted it.
  • Landry’s also not mentioning that Cyrus showed up at his hotel room the night of the murder, even though he’s claiming total transparency and innocence.
  • It’s always so weird when Lamb actually listens to Keith.
  • Hmm, neither Mars bugged Landry’s phone. Dooooo we think it was Tim Foyle?
  • Aw and Logan comes to visit V and offer to run her errands … and take a cell phone picture of her behind bars. Fair.
  • And now Mindy’s calling the Dean’s death a suicide … but that could be because Lamb is questioning her as a suspect.
  • Mac! And Mac’s boyfriend! And Parker!
  • “Who wants out of jail?” // “I do! I do!”

  • Wow WHAT THE FUCK with Wallace’s homophobic joke. Fuck Wallace, fuck the writers, what the fucking hell was that garbage. I was about to compliment the writers on the continuity of Lamb vaguely recognizing Wallace and Wallace reminding him what he said to him in the pilot but THE FUCK.
  • This show has NOT had a good track record with the queer politics.
  • And speaking of the-fuck decisions, Josh may not be a murderer, but now in additional to be a jail-breaker, he’s an abductor, with Mason duct taped in the trunk of his car.
  • V, don’t help this idiot flee the country. Duncan was one thing, but this is definitely wrong.
  • Ah, Logan’s been drafted to join Parker and Mac and Mac’s bf on a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. That sounds kinda fun.
  • Okay, good, V isn’t actually gonna help Josh run away, she’s just reeling him in.
  • Okay so we’ve worked out that Mindy was back at the hotel by the time the Dean was murdered … but she claims to have been asleep while Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was on the TV. Which opens up Hank Landry as a suspect, especially suspicious when he, like Mindy, is lying about Cyrus showing up.
  • As far as cute bonding for Parker and Logan, this works fine enough. They both need something lighthearted to heal from their baggage.
  • Gasp! Steve Botando showed up at the Dean’s office?
  • And we’ve got the dramatic irony fun of knowing that Cyrus was in the room but the Marses are still speculating who it could be.
  • Are … are they still pretending Parker is wearing a wig? No way would she have run into the ocean with it. At least Claire Nordhouse has the short hair. Unless they’re implying Parker has short hair but has extensions? Maybe? I'd be willing to accept extensions.
  • Aw, I’m glad Mac has a nice relationship.
  • Hahaha Cliff gets Steve off on a technicality and he’s just so adorable doing it, I forget if this is a good thing or not (I mean, it’s always fun to thwart Lamb)
  • Ohhhh is this when Lamb dies? Why else have the moment with Keith offering to come along to the B&E at the O’Dell house? Like, why make a point of that?
  • It’s a conflicted feeling, definitely. Lamb was an absolute shit, but also I’m not gonna go “yay someone died,” but it’s also not like I’m gonna mourn. It’s just crappy. And Sack shot a probably-high-on-meth Botando, and it’s all crappy.
  • Random scene with Weevil in the bowels of campus. THAT MEANS IT’S NEW CLUE TIME.
  • Naw, this resolve on the Coach’s death is annoying. And insurance fraud. And annoying. Did we learn nothing from Willy Loman?
  • And Keith is acting sheriff now. Farewell, Lamb. Hello, competent Sheriff’s office.
  • Man, they made Lamb a series regular only to kill him off? (actually I suspect the actor was threatening that he couldn’t make himself as on-call available if he remained only a recurring, but maybe I’m just cynical. It is odd that with the exception of the Mars family, every series regular on this show is more recurring than regular. Whereas if you look at Buffy, the rarer trivia is the episodes where one of the regulars doesn’t appear, versus our sad excitement here when the show remembers that Mac or Wallace or Weevil exist)
  • Anydead

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Oh wow, so we find out Josh escaped because he was allergic to the cookies that Veronica gave him and then he overpowered the ambulance driver.
  • Veronica is being weird behind bars, doing pushups and acting all tough….even though she’s by herself.  She has a pen-drawn tattoo – which, how did she get the pen in a cell, but whatever.  She’s got nothing to do: no cases, no cookie-making, no homework- and that’s probably Veronica’s biggest fear.
  • Keith brought Cliff, attorney-at-law.
  • Vinnie Van Lowe is here as well!
  • They’re just taking Dean O’Dell’s name off his office?  It’s been like three months.
  • So Veronica didn’t bug Landry. Who did?
  • Logan visits Veronica and it’s weird that it’s not weird.
  • Jamie Ray Newman looks like Veronica Lake while she’s being interrogated.  Or just like a really glamorous old-timey movie star.

  • Wallace makes a really ridiculously awful gay joke at the expense of sheriff douche and Zelda and I are kinda both over it.  It’s gross and beneath this show. And it kinda makes me not want to pay attention to the rest of this episode.
  • Ok, so Veronica’s out of jail now and Josh has kidnapped Mason and now has Veronica by gunpoint.  Josh says it’s Mason’s gun and that Mason was the one who killed his dad.
  • Mason’s innocent but still wondering why he falsely ID’d Josh.
  • Ok so Mac’s back and she still has her cute enviro-boyfriend.  And Logan walks in at the right time.  They (including Parker) need a fourth to do a VDAY scavenger hunt.  Sure, Logan needs some fun-time.
  • I think Veronica should be jealous.  I think Parker is Mac’s new bestie. [It's not like Veronica and Mac hang out EVER. - Z]
  • And of course Parker and Logan are getting close.
  • Hey Veronica does watch prime time tv!  And she’s annoyed, like the rest of us, that her show is being pre-empted by sports ball.  But this gives her a clue! 
  • Meanwhile, it’s early morning and this scavenger hunt has lasted all night.  I guess they won?
  • Nope, they got third.
  • So I guess Mac & cutie-envrio boy haven’t had sex yet.  Oh except, now they have.  Mac lost her v-card. 

  • I’m not really paying attention to the main story but Richard Greico is back and I guess his fingerprints were on Dean O’Dell’s keyboard.  He’s convinced he was set up by Mindy.  Did they not take fingerprints earlier?  I guess not, since they thought it was a suicide.
  • Veronica is really good at getting troubled boys out of the country.  It’s a very lopsided show.  Sure, it has a Strong Female Lead – but most of the other women on this show are portrayed as flakey or bitchy or femi-naziish.  They’re never as complex as the male characters.  Mac & Parker are two good characters, I guess, but never really get their due.  Plus Veronica was very dismissive of Parker at first.  I don’t think they ever became close.  Not as close as she and Mac, anyway.
  • Oh man, I totally forgot.  Sheriff douche was literally just made a contract character and they kill him off half way through the season?  Cray.
  • Sachs is totally shaken.  He, too, has a number on him.  Ten years?  SPOILERS.
  • So it’s interesting that they’re investigating Dean O’Dell as murder, even though it was a suspected suicide.  And this week’s (two week) mystery is a murder that turned out to be a planned suicide.
  • And to top off the episode, Veronica sees Parker & Logan together.  Because Logan can just go from being full on depressed to getting a new girlfriend.  Hate guys like that.
  • And Keith’s the acting-sheriff! 


D: That’s what that look was about. With the cookie.
Z: He was deciding to take something he knew he was allergic to.
D: Did he know they were peanut butter?
Z: Yeah, I think he specifically asked for peanut butter cookies.
D: I hope he’s not deathly allergic to peanuts. That’s risky.
Z: Yeah, peanut allergy’s no joke. That’s why we can’t get peanuts on airplanes. I miss airplane peanuts.
D: Me too.
Z: Honey roasted.
D & Z: *share a wistful look*
D: *pointed look at Z's keyboard*
Z: That’s not crossfire!

Favorite Lines:

Zelda: “Who wants out of jail?” // “I do! I do!” - Cliff/Veronica
Daniel:  Logan:  Will this require Math?  // Parker: I hope not // Logan: 'cause I'm bad at math. // Mac: I'll do the math.  You just be male and drive.


Neptune Roll Call:  Logan, Wallace, Parker, Mac, Sheriff Don Lamb, Weevil (Absent: Dick, Piz)
Recurring: Josh Barry, Tom Barry, Kathleen Barry, Mason, Professor Hank Landry, Mindy O'Dell, Vinnie Van Lowe, Bronson Pope, Cliff McCormack, Steve Botando, Deputy Jerry Sacks, Cora

Dead Humans - 2
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Just Your Brother-in-Law

Episode 3.13: Postgame Mortem. Original Airdate 2.13.07

"The basketball coach is found dead after an argument with his son, Josh. The Coach's wife goes to Keith's office looking for help. Veronica becomes involved in the investigation while her father continues the Dean O'Dell murder investigation. Josh escapes from jail, and Veronica is arrested for complicity in his escape."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • So where’s Wallace been?  He’s been playing basketball!  He could have his own Friday Night Lights spin-off.  Maybe he’d appear more than he does on this show.
  • Mason with the cool eyes is here too.
  • And the coach’s son – who quits because he’s sick of his dad yelling at him in front of everyone.  I get it.
  • Oh man, I just noticed there’s a place in the food court called “Spaghetti Western” and that’s awesome.
  • None of my professors in college ever cared if I didn’t come to one class – unless it was a theater class, actually.  But I mean, half your grade is presentation, so.
  • Aww, Dick was actually helpful.  He’s not only helped the hotel staff get into the room, thereby making sure Logan isn’t evicted – but he also actually forwards the note that he might be kicked out of class.  
  • So that coach-dad? Dead now.  That’s the mystery of the week that it looks like Keith & Veronica will be working together.  (And Cliff!) They suspect Josh, the coach’s son.
  • “Don’t worry about the Sheriff.  He has a long and proud history of being wrong.” – Keith
  • “You’re lucky you’re rich, otherwise this would be disgusting.” – Ugh – that’s privilege right there.
  • This little girl looks so familiar.  Both Zelda and I think so.  Like she grew up into someone we know.  Turns out we don’t. That was a rollercoaster.
  • Weevil’s back!  Two episodes in a row.
  • Oh Logan.  He’s still depressed.  And yeah, I get depression – but again, Logan can afford being depressed so I don’t fully feel sorry for him. If I'm depressed, I still have to go to work, because I need money.
  • This is like that episode of Friends when Joey breaks the dog.
  • Arturo the pizzaboy mugger is now in charge of Weevil’s old gang.
  • Heather, “If I had [Super Mario Kart], I’d play it every second.” – Yeah…I once hung out with friends and we played it until dawn. It’s very addicting.  When we went to Denny’s the next morning, I think I hallucinated cars throwing turtle shells at me.
  • Mason With the Pretty Eyes comes forward with a tip about seeing Josh.
  • Aww, Veronica is Logan’s computer wallpaper.
  • Dick is married.   This is getting weird.
  • Wow, so Dean O’Dell’s hot wife and Landry have their stories very straight, even down to the 1:30am cell phone call when they should have been together.
  • And Veronica still has time to make cookies.  When does she watch all the shows on her DVR?
  • The helpful concierge girl is back!
  • So Heather got a request on the air from Logan to Veronica – and Veronica hears it….just as she walks by a radio turned to that exact station.  *total eyeroll*  I'm not going to call shenanigans on this but can I call contrivance?
  • This Heather girl is adorable – she’s so psyched that they bumped into Veronica and she’s trying to get them back together.  And it’s just too cute.  Logan is not as amused.
  • Also too cute?  Dean O’Dell’s letter recommending Veronica Mars, read of course, post-mortem.
  • I don’t think it was Mrs. O’Dell. She might be hiding something, but why would she hire Keith if she killed the Dean.
  • Veronica hid cookies in a book for Josh.  They look professionally made.  Is there nothing she can’t do?
  • And Logan is cured!
  • Was there something else in the book?  Cause Josh escaped and Veronica is being arrested for it!

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • It’s interesting that for this arc of the season, V isn’t the driving force behind the arc-long investigation, like she was with Lilly or with the rapes. Here, Keith is the one on the Dean’s case, and V is dealing with case of the week.
  • Wallace still exists!
  • I LOVE THE MARSES. V finds a plate of toast, takes a bite, reads Keith’s attached note ("If you've eaten any of this breakfast, you now owe me. Invoices have to go out today. See you at the office."), crumples it, says “and I always fall for it.”
  • This is Dick’s like ONE redeeming moment all season: Logan’s completely spiraled out and holed up in his room, and Dick forces him to get some fresh air (by locking him on the balcony) and letting housekeeping clean up the sty (and also reminding him he’s about to fail if he keeps skipping class)
  • Oh right this is where Logan bonds with the little girl who is the voice of optimistic romance.
  • Well, the case of the week is actually brought to Keith, not V. But it'll become her case.
  • Josh’s mom is right, why is Sheriff Don Lamb going after Josh for his dad’s murder instead of the more in-character racist alternative of blaming the PCHers just cuz they can?
  • Oh right, the dude who was threatening Dean O’Dell just before he was murdered (though that was just about reinstating the frats)
  • The show’s writers are still acting like Dick had an emotional attachment to Madison. YOU CAN’T RETCON HIM INTO HAVING FEELS. We saw him have feels over his brother and collapsed family, and I bought that. The rest is nahhh.
  • Aw man, baby Arturo is running the PCH gang now? Good continuity of character bench, show, but it is disappointing to see.
  • Aw Logan manages a small smile at tiny girl’s enthusiasm for playing Mario Kart.
  • Dick got married in Vegas. Of course he did.
  • “Dad, do me a favor." // "Anything." // "Don’t get murdered.” “Honey.” Aw man, #Marsfeels. These two have had too many close calls with losing each other. And the film won’t help with that trauma.
She should get her own spinoff.

  • It’s kinda amazing (Daniel’s word is contrived) that V, after turning off Logan’s voicemail, that she does manage to hear the radio dedication young Heather places on his behalf.
  • Of course, she turns off the stereo when she hears it.
  • Omg so when Heather asked Logan if he had any "extra small" clothing for her to change into, he gave her one of V’s shirts. Because V is tiny. That is amazing.

  • Also this tiny girl ships them and it’s adorable.
  • Not that it fixes anything.
  • Oh right the FBI internship thing. The “please don’t cancel us” hail mary.
  • I should rewatch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I remember finding it delightful.
  • Aw, Keith’s proud papa face when he reads the Dean’s recommendation letter about Veronica.
  • “You know a good lawyer?” “I know *a* lawyer.” Aw, the number of times that’s been used to cue Cliff.
  • Also I am shocked that Dick needs a divorce.
  • Why is Mindy lying about Cyrus showing up at their hotel room the night of the murder? *intrigue face*
  • Aww Heather and Logan are gonna play Mario Kart online … it woulda been cool if they kept that aspect somehow (maybe she’ll show up in the new series! … she won’t)
  • And Logan’s going back to class! All he needed was a dose of eleven year old optimism.
  • Um. Lamb is arresting V for aiding and abetting Josh’s escape? The what?

Favorite Lines:
Daniel: "Don’t worry about the sheriff, he has a long and proud history of being wrong." - Keith
Zelda: "I would have settled for 'I find her nosiness charming.'" - Veronica

Neptune Roll Call:  Logan, Wallace, Dick, Sheriff Don Lamb, Weevil (Absent: Parker, Piz, Mac)
First Appearance: Josh Barry, Kathleen Barry, Professor Corrigan
Recurring: Tom Barry, Mindy O'Dell, Mason, Cliff McCormack, Professor Hank Landry, Mel 
Generally Known TV Face: Juliette Goglia

Dead Humans - 1
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 1 ("I might have to use an oven mitt to feel her up")
Shenanigans Called - 0

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Big Dumb Blond

Episode 3.12: There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill. Original Airdate 2.06.07

"After learning Logan had slept with Madison, the girl Veronica holds responsible for her rape, Veronica tries to deal with it, even if that means NO SLEEP [calm down, imdb]. Meanwhile, Tim Foyle's girlfriend asks Veronica for help to find who gave her a pill that aborted her fetus. Also, Veronica asks Weevil for a favor--one that might just take him back to his old days."

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • V wakes up being cuddled by Logan. So on the plus, V didn't immediately dump Logan over the Madison thing? Unless this is a dream? Is it a dream? Do you smell bacon?
  • There’s snow in SoCal, so yes, dream.
  • Welp, she hasn’t confronted him about it, because he’s still in cute flirty banter mode on their phone call, and she's playing along with an unsmiling face.
  • I guess Bonnie Capistrano is part of the plot now, and not just a public scene for Tim Foyle to throw the night they catch Mercer/the night the Dean is killed
  • I genuinely don't remember who killed the Dean, so I'm just trying to remember what are actual clues or red herrings.
  • "Excuse me for asking, but why Tim? "   fair question, V
  • "Don't let Tim know I hired you. "   I wonder how long that cat will stay in the bag.
  • "What do you want me to do? What can I do?" // "Make it not true? Get it out of my head and never let me think about it again?  Cuz unless you can do that, this is something I'm never getting past." So … RIP LoVe … for now
  • Backup! The rare beautiful pupper cameo.

  • Ah right, Bonnie's dad has a TV preacher papa.
  • Keith: "Your lack of opinion concerns me." At least this time, unlike her last Logan breakup, she admits she isn't okay.
  • And in investigating Tim Foyle for Bonnie’s case, she discovers Tim's investigating the Dean's murder
  • I have … trouble believing Dick ever had any emotional attachment to Madison (or she to him). Or any sense of what you do or don't do to a friend, considering his general shitteous behavior.
  • Remember when V had two best friends named Mac and Wallace? Yeah, me neither.
  • But hey! Weevil exists! "You sought me out. That can only mean one thing: you need a favor."
  • Wow V is once again commissioning crime. With this chasing her attempted blackmail of a judge, I just … stop V.
  • Wow some shit photographed V leaving the women's clinic and sent it to her dad wow wow wow. (although ... howwww? did they know who she was and whom to send the photo to? I could see maybe knowing who the Mars fam is, but if this is just standard tattle-tailing, how are they tracking down everyone's identity? naw, you know what, shenanigans. that's right, I said it.
  • But….that means there’s someone photographing everyone else leaving the clinic. A CLUE A CLUE
  • Whoops they got caught because there's a connection between Ted’s church and these leaflet/photo senders.
  • See, Dick saying "The rebound starts with me? Niiiiice" and sure he could argue he's doing harmless Dick style flirting, but this is the thing he got mad at Logan over, so like
  • Gulp someone broke into the O'Dell house, and since Keith exposited earlier that he's a ten min walk away, Mindy calls him instead of the cops. "You're closer and you're competent."
  • Oh right her ex.
  • And while we're here, let's hunt for car clues!
  • All this fuss about the Volvo, and all I can just think of frikkin vampire Edward and his swift swift Volvo.
Lemmie take care of that for you - Buffy

  • Time for Logan to leave a drunken heartbroken voicemail. "Honestly it's encouraging that someone still has such high expectations of me. Veronica, I would give anything if I could take back that night in Aspen. I'm sorry it causes you so much pain, I'm sorry it happened." And she won't hear the sincere part because he started off so hostile and drunkypants.
  • Oh right. The roommate gave Bonnie the miscarriage drugs.
  • And Bonnie's dad, with his message of forgiveness, makes V think twice about having Madison's new car crushed.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Veronica’s all happy waking up with Logan who is still living in a hotel for some reason.  I mean it’s gotta be costing him a lot.  He should definitely buy a place. I mean, he is 18, 19 with no parents living off his trust fund - so I guess, staying in a hotel it is.
  • Oh, but alas it’s a dream.  We know this because it can’t be snowing in California.
Winter is coming, Veronica

  • But V can’t stop thinking about Madison.  And that sucks.
  • Mystery of the week: Tim the TA’s girlfriend Bonnie was pregnant and was slipped the morning after pill.  Too bad she’s under 175 pounds.
Shrill, on Hulu

  • So the dad could be Tim or Dick. Great choices, Bonnie.
  • Oh crap, I forgot Logan didn’t know Veronica knew about Madison.
  • Poor Veronica – Normally I think she's goes a little overboard about Logan, but she makes really good points here.  Sure they were broken up but if there was ever even a singular thought by Logan that they would ever get back together, he would never have slept with the girl who roofied and slut-shamed Veronica.
  • Back-up!  And Oscar winner Jamie Ray Newman!
  • “You do your hair like that to cover up the three 6’s on your scalp, right?”
  • Wow, Dick is actually hurt by the reveal of Madison and Logan sleeping together.  He has a feeling!  I'm aware this feeling is more about Logan than Madison.  Straight guys are so gay for each other.
  • Bonnie’s a preacher’s daughter which is why she’s stereo-typically...err...sexually free?
  • I love when Veronica ‘acts’.  She’s putting on this 'hysterical girl' thing which totally gets the janitor to help her break into Tim’s office.
  • So Logan & Veronica broke up – we should really have had a stat on this or at least a tally?
  • Oh no.  Veronica’s stalking Madison now.
  • Veronica reminds us that Madison and Mac have the same birthday since…they were switched at birth.  I feel like Mac should be in this episode, but alas, she is not.
  • So Veronica doesn’t learn much from Tim about Bonnie’s mystery – but she learns that Tim is investigating the Dean’s death and has a new earwitness.
  • I’m not sure what Veronica expected to gain from interviewing Bonnie’s preacher father.  He seems genuinely distraught that she lost her baby  and this seems to clear him but he’s a professional liar, so.
  • I guess this is before the morning after pill was sold in pharmacies.
  • Veronica’s doing two mysteries at once!  When does she have time for homework!  Getting those straight As!  Or sleep!
  • Weevil seems to be doing well.  And yet Veronica is trying to get him to do a crime.  Geez, Veronica.
  • This professor thanks Weevil for whatever he was doing in that classroom and he’s kinda unnecessarily snarky towards her, which she doesn’t even notice.  I have a weird feeling it was just a bad line reading.
  • Wow and there’s someone taking pictures of women going to the clinic and sending it to their parents?  That is fucking messed up.
  • Richard Greico’s back.  He’s stalking his ex-wife because she stopped payment on his car.  I don’t really remember much of this except that RG guest starred one time before and he’s kind of a sleaze.
  • Now Logan’s all sad and wasted and drunk dialing Veronica.  He’s one step away from Less than Zero.
  • Veronica’s just now checking her voicemail?  I guess we’re not yet into obsessive phone culture yet
  • So it was Bonnie’s BFF/roommate who gave her the pill.  That’s fucked up. 
  • “Go to hell,” Bonnie says – and coming from a preacher’s daughter, you know.
Favorite Lines:
Zelda: "You sought me out. That can only mean one thing: you need a favor." - Weevil, giving us some high school nostalgia
Daniel: "You do your hair like that to cover up the three sixes on your scalp, right?" - Veronica

Neptune Roll Call:  Logan, Dick, Weevil (Absent: Wallace, Parker, Piz, Mac, Sheriff Don Lamb)
Recurring: Tim Foyle, Mindy O'Dell, Bonnie Capistrano, Steve Botando, Madison Sinclair
Veronica's Alias: Tim Foyle's Distraught Adopted Sister, Knocked Up Hester, Nancy the assistant to Carson Drew
Keith's Alias: Carson Drew


Dead Humans - 0
Backup Sighting - 1
Veronica Breaks In - 1
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 1 "I've got things to do. Redheaded things."
Shenanigans Called - 1
VERONICA WAS WRONG – 1 (Tim didn't drug Bonnie; Phyllis did)