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Monday, May 1, 2017

Are You the Bad Slayer Now? Am I the Good Slayer Now?

Episode 7.18: Dirty Girls. Original Airdate 4.15.03  

"Faith returns to Sunnydale just as a new villain, Caleb, arrives and sends Buffy a message in the form of a badly beaten Potential. Buffy leads the rest of the girls to Caleb and The First's lair, with devastating consequences."

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • It's time for Joss to realize he has an impotent evil and bring in Nathan Fillion off his recently cancelled Firefly!
  • Also Faith.
  • "You ever think that maybe they were chasing you because you're a whore?" Yyyyyyyyyyep fuck you Caleb.
  • Man, Xander's fantasy dream is just gross.
  • Yeah seriously why didn't they at least tell Faith that Slayers were being hunted? Pretty shitty.
  • "I'm on your side!" // "Yeah? Maybe you haven't heard. I've reformed." // "So have I. I reformed way before you did. Stop. Hitting. Me."
  • "Oh, he's like Angel?" // "No." // "Sort of." // "I am nothing like Angel."
  • I am enjoying the banter. Thanks, Drew Goddard.
  • "Well, that makes me feel better about me, worse about Giles, kinda shaky about you."
  • I'm not that interested in the pseudobiblical ramblings of Caleb
  • oh look Andrew learned NOTHING and is still mythologizing, this time about Faith (thanks for the recapping clip show)

  • Like, I get why Wood is firing Buffy (she's truly terrible at her job), especially with the town emptying out and the impending apocalypse, but like. She's currently the sole support for like three hundred Potentials. Can we still pay her? Something? *revives angry rant about the Council never paying her even though they're all exploded now*
  • The show really has given up on its thesis that smoking = evil or about to die. I guess because the main characters are all adults now? (except Dawn)
  • I am enjoying the Faith and Spike chemistry.
  • "Buffy, this thing's got trap written all over it." He's not wrong.
  • Sigh. All their arguments against going after Caleb feel rational now because we know what's going to happen. But they can't just sit there and keep waiting to get attacked. They want her to be a general, that's not how a general acts. The attack ends up being a tactical error, but what would they accomplish by doing nothing?
  • "Everything's got eyes." Ouch, writers. Ouch.
  • Andrew relying on Xander to school Potentials on nerd knowledge is cute.
  • "I've been through more battles with Buffy than you all could ever imagine. She's stopped everything that's ever come up against her. She's laid down her life - literally - to protect the people around her. This girl has died two times, and she's still standing. You're scared? That's smart. You got questions? You should. But you doubt her motives, you think Buffy's all about the kill, then you take the little bus to battle." that was some good speeching, Xander.
  • "You've got to trust her. She's earned it." The thing is - THE THING IS - even though this battle ends very badly - IT'S STILL TRUE. SHE'S EARNED IT. AND THEY FUCKING BETRAY IT THE FIRST TIME SHE MAKES AN ERROR.
  • Fuck Empty Places.
  • Buffy's face while Caleb talks. Realizing there's something in him she doesn't understand yet, there's some power here. Sometimes it doesn't matter when she's been lured into a trap, because she's smart and good at what she does. This is something different.
  • God, it's horrifying.
  • I may have to look away. I remember being so thoroughly traumatized by the gouging when it aired.I'm still preemptively pissed, though. It's the first real skirmish she's taken them on. People got hurt, some seriously, and two died. More than that died in Graduation. I'm having an issue with the reaction I know is coming. I'm also delaying right now because I don't want to start watching the next episode. Tune in next time for more ranting.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Oh man.  We meet Caleb.  A very strange looking Nathan Fillion.  
  • Man, Caleb is the worst.
  • I mean he’s truly scary and that’s a tribute to Nathan’s talent – but man, Caleb is the worst.
  • Hey it’s Faith!
  • Man, Xander’s apartment.  We haven’t seen that in a long time.
  • Xander dreaming of young girls.  Why is this okay?
  • Anya….a main character….is not even in this episode.
  • I like like this Faith/Spike fight tho.  “I’ve reformed.” “I reformed before you did!”
  • And the patter between Buffy/Faith too.
  • Interesting that Faith probably has some false memories of Dawn from…season 2ish.
  • Oh man, I forgot about Eliza’s weird hand movements that I love so much.  “Kinda shaky about you.”

Love it. So much.

  • Rut Roh.  The Buffy First is back.
  • Ahh, so Caleb blew up the council.
  • Oh man, the weird Faith/Vulcan fake flashback.
  • Hey there’s Andrew…but NO ANYA.
  • Andrew: “She’s a killer.  Never forget that…”   So are you, Andrew.
  • Buffy to Wood: “As far as I’m concerned, we’re on even ground.”  OK, I guess?
  • Buffy, you’re fired.  I mean, I understand why.  She’s needed at home…but she also seriously needs money.  How the hell is she financing all this food?  And tampons probably?
  • Wood: “The mission’s what matters.”  His mom’s words…awww.
  • Chains are still up.  In case anyone has been following the illuminating Chain continuity. [I almost did a spit take, so thanks. - Z]
  • Faith mentions she saw “Glitter.”  Side note, I was in "Glitter." 😉 As an extra of course…
  • Man, I’ve actually missed Faith.
  • And now Buffy’s being a bit rash… falling for an obvious trap.  We’ve seen this before…
  • The First has a shadow.  I’d think it wouldn’t….
  • “It could be a girl.”  “It could be a stapler!”
  • I mean everyone is warning Buffy against this, and she’s just not listening.
  • “Help the girls who still need a teacher.” Dude.
  • Also, shut up Rona.
  • Man, this speech that Xander’s giving that he’s going to regret in T-minus –
  • Haha, Spike referencing Falcon Crest.
  • The potentials are actually fighting pretty well at first…
  • Wow, yeah, Caleb’s pretty strong. 
  • “The Cain to her Abel…no offense to Cain of course.”
  • AH man, all that wasted wine.
  • Oh man, Xander’s cry of pain when he loses his eye is excruciating.

Favorite Lines:
Z: Angel's dull as a table lamp. And we have very different coloring. - Spike
D: Yeah, that's prison.  Safe as a kitten. - Faith

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • First Appearance: Caleb, Caridad
  • Last Apperance: Molly, Xander's eye
  • Recurring: Bringers, Potentials, Faith, leg cramps as euphemisms for erections, The First (as Buffy and as a girl Caleb killed)
  • Xander's apartment is also housing Potentials
  • Caleb is responsible for blowing up the Watchers' Council
  • Shoutout to when Faith stole Buffy's body and put the moves on Spike (and probably incited his crush)
  • Sunnydale has a vineyard

Anya's Hair - rhymes with blinvisible
Dead Humans - 2
Dead Undeads - 0
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Dead Potentials - 2
Giles Unconscious - 0
Giles Cleans His Glasses - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Buffy Makes a Speech - 1
Xander Makes a Speech - 1
Evil Reveal - 1 (Caleb)
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Trigger, a Soul, and a Chip

Episode 7.17: Lies My Parents Told Me. Original Airdate 3.25.03

"Robin Wood seeks revenge on Spike for killing his mother nearly 30 years ago, whilst everyone else tries to find out how The First has control over him."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Exterior. Rainy LA to look like Rainy NYC.
  • Itty Bitty Principal Wood watching momma kick ass.
  • Interesting that Nikki Wood calls it “the mission”
  • Man, I forgot that this is the episode that the writers take a huge dump on Giles.
  • “Have you seen the new library?!”  I love you Giles.
  • Side note:  Wood has a small version of “The Thinker” in his office.
  • “Boring, Old and English,...just like you….Yul….Brenner…”
  • Hey, they put the chains back….
  • Oh, snide, sassy Giles. Spike:"With all the rubbish people keep sticking in my head, it's a wonder there's room for my brain." Giles: "I don't think it takes up that much space, do you?"  Heh. 
  • Oh, that wig, William.  OMG.
omg, that wig

  • I’m bored, where’s Anya? 
  • Oh there she is.  With a weird fucking hat
Is ... she going swimming?

  • Anya: "Don't waste your time on that road.  Spike's got some sort of "Get out of Jail free" card that doesn't apply to the rest of us."  AMEN.
  • Yay! Drusilla!  “Smells of daffodils and viscera…”
  • I love that they paint old Spike as such a pathetic momma’s boy – even after he’s turned, he still wants be with his mother.  And Dru’s reaction to Spike wanting to bring her along is hilarious.
  • Spike: The original Norman Bates
  • Why is Buffy being a total asshole to Giles?  So disrespectful.
  • The thing is, Wood is acting on revenge, sure – and it’s unhealthy, sure – but do any of us blame him?
  • “The way I’ve treated my friends and family and…Andrew?”  Small thing, but I’m glad she didn’t say ‘and Anya’.  See Anya is her friend.  That’s what I got out of that…
  • Oh man, that computer that Wood has.  A lot has changed in 14 years…
  • Wood takes off his shirt; we all swoon.
  • It feels like his mother’s death had more effect on his reaction to the world then being vamped did… a trigger, if you will.
  • I mean, it’s nice to see how being vamped and resouled is different for everyone.  Angel is a completely different person when he loses his soul.  Spike is pretty much the same when he gets his soul back.   There are more triggers on personality than just ‘absence of soul’.
  • Omg, I love Richard the vampire.  “My name’s Richard.”  Aww.
  • Eww.  It really is more like Norman Bates than I could have imagined.
  • Interesting that Spike’s mom gives a small smile as she turns to dust…as if it’s what she wanted all along.
  • “She was a slayer, I was a vampire.”  No, Spike, No.  “She knew what she was signing up for”.  SHE DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR IT, SPIKE.   “Not enough to quit.” SHE COULDN’T QUIT, YOU DICKHOLE. OMG, I HATE HIM SO MUCH.
  • I really can’t stand this episode.  Yet another episode that raises Spike up while putting everyone else down.  Everyone is wrong but him.
  • How did Buffy know where Spike was?
  • “He even so much looks at me funny again? I’ll kill him.”  A common threat by anyone but by Spike? This is the guy we want on our team?
  • But I guess that’s Buffy now, too.  “I’ll let him.”  Whatever.  So done with this episode.
  • And there it is.  Shitting all over Giles.  So glad he came back for that.
  • Done.

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • an apt title, considering Giles betrays Buffy's trust in this episode FUCK YOU GILES
  • flashback time!
  • so did flashback Spike not know or not care that there was a tiny child watching his fight with the Slayer? given our knowledge of his obsession with killing Slayers, I'm gonna go with doesn't care
  • "you can play with those spooky doodads that you like" I assume she's referring to the shadow puppets in the leather bag?
  • While I don't approve of his coping mechanism, I do feel for Wood's confusion. He's confirmed, or as much as he can, that Spike is the one who killed his mother, but he sees that Spike is trusted by Buffy, is fighting on the side of good, but there he is, wearing his mother's coat. How to reconcile that?
  • I do enjoy the chip exchange, especially with DB Woodside being hilarious.
  • "So he has a trigger, a soul, and a chip?" "Because the military gave him a soul?"

  • Just like yo-ul Brynner
  • JM's accent has been getting shakier this season. I blame Tony Head abandoning us all. It'll get even worse when he goes onto Angel and has no role model.
  • "Hark! The lark!" god he's such a silly fool. good commitment from JM.
  • Apparently the actress who plays Anne, William's mother, was cast because of her resemblance to SMG, which WHY did they have to go creepy? (to say nothing of the fact that her name is Buffy's middle name slash LA alias)
  • Okay so question. Other times Spike's been triggered by the song, he's gone scary calm (and evil). This time it made him feral? Why? Like? Why???? Just so that everyone will stop trusting him? So that Wood will have seen the "monster" and feel justified in his planned attack?
  • Aww "shouldn't you check on Dawnie?" throwback to when Spike and Dawn were actually buddies
  • Ugh William was pretty Norman Bates-y.
  • Wow Willow doesn't tell Buffy that Angelus is back. I wonder if she ever does (never mind, she does, offscreen).
  • Man. Seriously. Fuck how Giles treats Buffy. I get that he is having trouble balancing how he used to instruct her when she was a teen, but he's pressed her into the role of general this season, and then freely goes about sowing mutiny and plotting against her with Wood. He KNOWS Wood is too emotionally twisted up about Spike, and he still goes along with the plan.
  • "I just need you to keep Buffy away for a few hours." Godammit, Wood. Godammit, Giles.
  • "The other day I gave an inspirational speech to the telephone repairman."
  • I like how carefully neutral Spike keeps his face, once he realizes why Wood's acting the way he is. "Killed a lot of people's mothers." No inflection.
  • Wood has only one song in his entire iTunes account. Y'all, that's a psychopath.
  • There's debate in the fandom about Anne and her vamp self - is what she speaks the real truth she wasn't expressing while human, or is it a more thorough separation of character? We've seen that vamp William is, at first, pretty similar (if more murdery) than human William. But vamp Anne is much crueler than her human self. Has this always been what she thought, or what she thinks now? On my first watch, I took it all as true, that she just hadn't said it, which meant Spike's speech at the end to Wood is pure delusion. But the internet has pointed out to me her face when he finally stakes her - that she smiles at him a moment, back in her human face, happy to be dying permanently. So if that's a proper reading of her expression, then she's saying all this, pushing him to this point, so that he'll kill her. She doesn't want to be this. Does that mean that she still loves him? Does that mean it's all a lie? I still don't quite know what I think. I can see the different readings as canon. Spike certainly thinks she loved him, and that she loved him more than Nikki loved Robin (did he really need to go there?)
  • So I guess my actual question is, is the lie Spike's mother told him that she loved him, or that she didn't?

  • Lotta references to how many speeches Buffy makes. I'm gonna guess the writers noticed the complaining on the fan boards.
  • Whichever way you read the scene, the showdown between William and his mother is so well acted by these two. Big props to Caroline Lagerfelt.
  • While I think it's complete and absolute bullshit garbage, what Wood and Giles do, I do think Spike is needlessly cruel, for someone who canonically does repent his evil actions, even if he doesn't mope for decades about it like Angel did. Some of what he says needs to be said - and same for what Buffy will say to him - but what the fuck is all this about Nikki not loving Robin enough to quit? He understands the mission.
  • And he's wrong. We see that too. We see that Nikki loved Robin. She lost one fight with Spike. That doesn't mean she didn't love her son. She didn't choose to die (regardless of whether his death wish theory in "Fool For Love" is correct). She had one bad day. She wanted to come back. She wanted to raise her son.  Spike talks with conviction, and he sounds smart (sometimes), but he doesn't always have the insight he's touted to have. He understands obsessive love (which is why he can see past Buffy and Angel's "just friends" in "Lover's Walk"), but having NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN any interactions between Nikki and Robin, his reading of their relationship is cruel and bollocks.
  • When Buffy says she'll let Spike kill Wood, she doesn't mean she wants Wood dead. She means she can't have this sabotaging infighting in her army, if they have a shot at winning. We can't have allies trying to take each other out. We see how badly things go when they actually boot her out.
  • "I think you've taught me everything I need to know." yeah Giles you done fucked up

Favorite Lines:

Daniel: William: "You'll like her." Drusilla: "To eat, you mean?"
Zelda: The entire Who's On First routine with Buffy, Giles, and Wood regarding Spike's trigger, chip, and soul.

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recuring: Nikki Wood, Principal Wood, Giles, Potentials, William's terrible wig, Drusilla
  • Crossover! Fred calls for Willow to come un-Angelus Angel and also pick up Faith
Anya's Hair - honey blonde, flip, and a weird hat
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 3
Dead Flashbacks - 2 (both are Anne)
Dead Potentials - 0
Giles Unconscious - 0
Giles Cleans His Glasses - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We Are As Gods

Episode 7.16: Storyteller. Original Airdate 2.25.03 

"Andrew creates a documentary called 'Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres,' a record of the current situation in Sunnydale to show to future generations. He manages to capture many important moments, and to annoy almost everyone in the house. But Buffy needs to tear him away from his filmmaking because the Seal of Danzalthar is active and Andrew may hold the key to closing it before it destroys the town."

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • I remember when this first aired, just being so done with Andrew (not Tom Lenk, he's adorable), and irritated that he now had his own episode, and it marred my ability to enjoy it. Let's see if that changes on this rewatch.
  • Tom Lenk remains adorable.
  • Aw, a good old fashioned slay in the graveyard.
  • I do like the contrast of Andrew's handheld camera and the fancy crane shot of Andrew and Buffy in the graveyard, to show off they actually went on location this time. 

Look! We have a budget!

  • Seriously, Spike. Don't smoke indoors.
  • Of course Spike is shirtless in Andrew's imaginary character intro.
  • "If we save the world, it will be kind of nice to have a record of it." She has a point? It's just ... this is annoying.
  • Though Buffy seems angrier than she needs to be about it? It feels contrivancey in order to lead her into another speech.
  • Aww you guys it's Jonathan! Ugh, and Warren.
  • "In my plan, we are beltless."
  • I do enjoy the fake mad scientist scene.
  • And um the fake flashback of fighting off Dark!Willow is a cute re-edit. "I deflect thy power." // "Damn, that is one effective counter spell."

  • Oops the Hellmouth is extra super Hellmouthy with its metaphors and violent student manifestations.
  • DB WOODSIDE SO GOOD. He's charming even when concussed.
  • okay but why the dumb jokes when a kid's head literally exploded? why are we being blase about this?
  • "Dawn used to be a key. I don't really know what that means."

  • I was annoyed at Spike's artificial broody guy outrage at Andrew's camera, but it probably does fit in with the fact that his entire street tough persona was manufactured over the years.
  • One good thing achieved in this episode is Xander and Anya finally having a frank conversation about their relationship. [Amen. - D]
  • You know, in prep for when THEY KILL HER. [Right...-D]
  • Oh look. A bunch of possessed children opening the Seal with chanting>
  • You guys my keyboard is completely possessed> this is interesting
  • I'm not even kidding. Complete possession. My notes for the rest of this episode may be distracted.
  • Andrew's detached journalist line is giving me Rent flashbacks. FOR SOMEONE WHO LONGS FOR A COMMUNITY OF HIS OWN, WHO'S WITH HIS CAMERA ALONE. I'LL CALL. I HATE THE FALL.
  • I warned you. Possessed. Ask Daniel, I was flipping out. [It was.  She was. -D]
  • Okay so the First's plan was to give both Andrew and Jonathan scary dreams in order to convince them both to go back to Sunnydale so that Andrew could stab Jonathan over the Seal? That's elaborate and yet stupid? Like there had to have been an easier way. I mean, The First is a bad planner, we know that. But like. I just.
  • Oh god I forgot the We Are As Gods bit was this episode. I mean, when else would it be? 

  • They don't have any steak knives? Did Hank get the knives in the divorce?
  • Andrew ships Spike and Wood. I mean, the fic basically writes itself. By which I mean, Andrew probably wrote it already.
  • Principal Wood kicking the crap out of students. Still a better principal than Snyder.
  • I think the possession has left my keyboard. Maybe it showed proper remorse and cried into the Seal of Danzalthar. #topical
  • I hate Warren but Adam Busch is still funny. "If you fail, you'll die a lost soul and I'll hate you forever!"
  • Ew ew ew the students have been Bringer-fied. Does this mean we're allowed to kill them?
  • Xander and Anya had sex in Spike's bed. His enhanced vampire smelling is gonna luuuuuuuuuuuv that.
  • Wood is making sure not to use the pointy nail side of the wood beam on the students. See? I told you he's a waaaaay better principal than Snyder.
  • I guess we're not allowed to kill the student Bringers. But RIP their eyeballs.
  • It shows how little Andrew understands Buffy, that he thinks she would kill a human.
  • "Stop! Stop telling stories. Life isn't a story ... You always do this. You make everything into a story so no one's responsible for anything because they're just following a script."
  • "I don't like having to give a bunch of speeches about how we're all gonna live, because we won't." Is that ... the kind of speech you think you've been making lately, Buffy? Though this speech is better than the Everyone Sucks But Me variety we had earlier. [Amen. -Anya]
  • And like in Rapunzel, tears heal everything. That's two fairy tales this season, if you count The Killer in Me as a real episode that happened.
  • Yeah I still don't really have much investment with Andrew's emotional journey this episode. I mean it's good he's finally taking things seriously I guess? idk

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about this episode.  I remember moments of liking the humor and moments of being enraged that we have an Andrew-centric episode when he’s dominated the show enough – and taken lines/scenes (imo, of course) away from Anya.  So let’s start, shall we?
  • So I do love his version of masterpiece theater with comics and Star Trek stuff around.
  • So this is all his imaginationish…so in his imagination, he’s smoking a pipe and choking on it?  K.
  • Why is he pronouncing it like that?  Vamp-YRES.
  • Why can’t you just masturbate like the rest of us?   Hehe.  But also, why are they dressing and hairstyling Anya like your grandmother in that world war II picture you have on the mantle?

  • Again, I have to point out that as much as I hate Andrew, I really like Tom Lenk’s portrayal of him.  He really encompasses Andrew’s awkwardness well.
  • Why is Xander the heart of the gang? [There was this one time he joined his essence with the Slayer ... - Z]
  • Raisin Bran…I’ll put it on the list….who are they getting funded from again?
  • Spike is shirtless in Andrew’s fantasy.  Ahem, Angel writers.
  • Anya eating grapes in slow motion is amazing tho.
  • Is this where the writers realized the Buffy speeches have gotten a little tiresome and repetitive?
  • Hey, it’s another Marcie.
  • “The mirror said I was fat” lol.
  • So I mean, here’s the thing about this episode…all the laughs, but actual HS students’ heads exploding?  I kinda just don’t want to laugh at that.  “Really shoulda had that foot rub…”  Yeah, too glib, Buffy.
  • “We still spark.  You still love me.”  Awww.  Again, at this point on first watch, I had hope that these two would have a happy ending.  How naïve I was.
  • “You’ve all been evil at some point.”  Heh, true.
  • I don’t really understand what Spike is doing here.  Why is he “acting” for the camera?  Again, it’s funny – but to what end? What purpose?  How does this represent anything that Spike is about?  Where’s the motivation?
  • So it’s nice that Anya & Xander are having this conversation but where will it go?  Nowhere.  I kinda like that Andrew ships it hardcore though.
  • Jonathan: “I wasn’t even that evil.”  See, that’s kinda why I wished Jonathan survived instead of Andrew.  I think his repentance would have meant more.
  • Zima. Total 2000s reference. 
How about a nice refreshing Zima?

  • “Stop going off topic”  - 2000s chatroom reference?
  • The whole “we are as gods” thing.  I….feel for these poor actors who had to do that.  Although I do remember some outtakes from that which were pretty hilarious.
  • Buffy: “I’m not losing any more territory to the first…”  Or…students?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Oh here’s one: “Spike, don’t kill them.  They’re just students.” – Finally…
  • Poor Jonathan – keeps getting stabbed over and over.
  • Again, making light of killing a guy.  This is why I can’t take Andrew seriously – why he doesn’t work for me as a character.  Especially a character that *spoilers* makes it to the end.
  • Xander and Anya naked in bed together is kinda reminiscent of their first time.
  • “I think maybe we’re really over.”  Whether they mean it or not, I’m glad Anya’s the one who said it.  And well…I guess at least there’s closure?
  • “You make everything into a story so that no one's responsible for anything because they're just following a script." Yep, that’s Andrew’s entire arc there.
  • I mean, this is where Andrew admits that he killed Jonathan knowing that it was the First that was telling him to.  So this is his last ep right? This is when Buffy kicks him out or where Andrew realizes he needs to truly make amends and get out of there right?  Nope.  He stays and continues to be Andrew, I guess.   I guess…
  • I wonder what happened to those bringer students...when the possession wears off....are they still blind? Are we Let it go? Okay.


Anya: Why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us?
Z: I'm not making that the title.
D: Haha no.
Z: We'd get blocked at work.
D: But I might make it my favorite line:

Favorite Lines:

Daniel: Anya: You've been in here 30 minutes. What are you doing?
Andrew: Entertaining and educating.
Anya: Why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us?

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: Andrew, Potentials, Andrew's Big Board, Jonathan, Warren, Principal Wood, Seal of Danzalthar, the pig Andrew couldn't kill, The First (as Warren)
  • Shoutouts to: Marcie with the disappearing girl,swim team sea monsters and killer prom dogs (Andrew's brother!), Hell's Bells, Dawn being a key


Anya's Hair - honey blonde, curled at the bottom
Dead Humans - 1
Dead Undeads - 2
Dead Flashbacks - 2 ["Hey, I died twice." - Jonathan]
Dead Potentials - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Buffy Makes a Speech - 2
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Much Needed Sarcasm

Episode 7.15: Get It Done. Original Airdate 2.18.03

"The Scoobies use a spell to transport Buffy into a shadow world, where she meets the men who created the first slayer. However, in order for her to return home, the gang must find and slay a ferocious demon."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Yay! Anya!  Anya & Spike talking/complaining about being human.  It’s fun.
  • Hey, remember that plot where demons were after Anya on behalf of D’Hoffryn?  The show just remembered.
  • Students running and screaming; principal closes the blinds.

  • The show justifying why Andrew is still there is just so desperate.  It’s trying to poke fun of itself, but instead it’s just pointing out the ridiculousness of it all.
  • Willow trying to lie is hilarious. It's like me, also trying to lie.
  • Wow, Buffy explained a lot to Wood but didn’t even tell Willow about him.
  • Did Buffy just call Andrew “the brains of the operation?” Really? [Actually, that explains a lot about this season. - Z]
  • Aww, Chloe.
  • Here comes the speech.  #17?

  • “I provide much needed sarcasm..” heh.  But also, stop Anya.  I hate that they gave her that line like she’s not Buffy’s friend. It’s been proven time after time that they are friends.  Also, Anya has provided a shit ton of information and help over the years. Why rehash the same untrue thing over and over again? Is it that it’s easy?  It’s just lazy writing.
  • It's also a preview of what's to come in the worst episode ever: Empty Places
  • I mean Buffy is really kind of obnoxious this season and I wonder if it has something to do with her depression.  Last season it caused her to be all sad and shit and this season, it’s just kinda making her over it all.  Like, this is what she has to be and do and fuck anyone who isn’t getting in line for it.
  • Where…are the potentials during this really noisy fight? Are they even in the house? (I shouldn’t ask…?  They might appear)
  • “You missed her everyone sucks but me” speech.
  • I love when Anya’s obnoxiousness turns out to be helpful. Especially when someone sasses her about it first.  She is helpful.  She wants to live.
  • Since Nikki had this box with the shadow-portal-thingamabob, I wonder if she went through this once upon a time.
  • Yeah, that’s what a guy with a soul does, Spike – gains strength off of an article of clothing he stole from a woman he killed.  I see.
  • Yep, call that demon a “nancy”, Spike.  The worst thing you can call someone is a fag, so.  (I've been harping a lot lately on 'gay as a joke' lately and it's only because it's everywhere I see.)
  • Hey remember that ubervamp that took like 2 episodes and barbed wire to kill?  Well there’s literally thousands now.  How are we gonna get out of this one, Buff?
  • This season literally exhausts me.

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • There are now many unnamed Potentials.
  • Buffy has a fancy leather bag of Slayer goodies.
  • "I like to think of myself more of a 'guest-age.'"
  • "You'll have to forgive Andrew. Or not. Your call."
  • It is pretty cool seeing a whole battalion of Potentials training.

  • "Remind me not to make her crabby." // "Might be better if you did." Beginning of Buffy's thesis this episode that no one's fighting at their full weight at the moment.
  • "I'm just the one who beat him off. Repelled him would perhaps be the better phrase." Jokes I Didn't Get in 2003 for 300, Alex.
  • Spike and Wood scene uuuugh the acting is so gooooooood the way they're just sizing each other up I love it

  • Oh man, Dawn was finally being kind of funny and then Chloe killed herself.
  • Sophia (who guestaged with us here on the blog a few times) was just telling me what a bad thing it is to bury a human body in your back yard. You can mess with the water table and all kinds of stuff. Not the best move, Buffy. Did Chloe even get a headstone?
  • See, Buffy's speech is cruel and a bit over the top, but she's wrestling with feeling like she needs to push them to be ready, and dealing with her own sense of guilt and inadequacy. She's striking out, which is not good leadership behavior, and she hasn't yet figured out the right way to inspire them to their best. The Spike stuff isn't even ... that accurate anymore? He hasn't been weepy and waily for a while now.
  • "Every time instructions get cryptic, someone gets hurt. Usually me."
  • "Okay, so far, so creepy." I am being reminded what's good about Xander's dialogue.
  • Where's Giles? I feel like Giles really should be here for this. He's gonna be pissed when he's back.
  • Oh look, big scary demon.
  • "You missed her Everyone Sucks But Me speech." She's ... not wrong.
  • I'm too ignorant, but the internet informs me there's all kinds of problematic shit in the portrayal of the Shadow Men, and how "othered" they and the First Slayer have been portrayed.
  • Aaaand we have the return of black-eyed Willow. As Daniel just said, "oops."
  • It's pretty beyond fucked up that they chained the First Slayer, forced this responsibility on her. The show spends most of its time portraying the Slayer calling as an empowerment, because it literally is a woman having all this extra power, but ... it's fucked that she has no autonomy in being given the responsibility, much less - as we now see - demon essence. A huge component in true empowerment is autonomy and choice, and that's something Buffy - and The First Slayer - and every other Slayer never had. When we get to "Chosen," Buffy says she's giving the Potentials a choice, but she's not - all the Potentials we've met know what they're in for, but the montage shows us plenty who weren't clued in ahead of time. I guess they don't have a choice in being granted the power, but - since there's no longer only One who is "Chosen" - none of them has to carry the responsibility solely on her shoulders. 
  • Still - this lack of consent bullshit muddies a lot of what is supposed to be an empowering narrative with Slayer stuff, and Buffy - even after rejecting and managing to repel yet another invasion - still does the same thing to the rest of the girls in the finale.
  • Oh look Spike has his coat and his mojo back. Should I ask how the coat - which was last seen in Buffy's house - found its way to the school basement?
  • "You violated that girl, made her kill for you, because you're weak, you're pathetic, and you obviously have nothing to show me."
  • gasp Spike is smoking. I thought the show taught us that people only smoke if they're evil or about to die.
  • At least Kennedy finally has a better understanding of the magic, that's it's not just fairy tale stuff. "I thought it would be, I don't know, cool, somehow. It just hurt."
  • "Twinkies and kisses? Also peachy motivational tools."
  • The shot of 3,000 CGI Turok-Hans is pretty bamf and terrifying. What a great way to end the episode.

Favorite Lines:

D: "Although, Twinkies and kisses—also peachy motivational tools." ~Willow.  (advice Buffy will not heed)
Z: "Do you know that Ancient Sumerians do not speak English?" // "They're worse than the French." - Dawn/Buffy

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • First appearance: a bunch of nameless Potentials. we've reached the point where there won't be new specified personalities among the Potentials
  • Recurring: The First Slayer, Chloe, Principal Wood, Kennedy, Vi, Rona, Amanda, The First (as Chloe), Chao-Ahn, the desert location from "Restless," Spike's coat, Turok-Hans
  • Last appearance: Chloe
  • D'Hoffryn's still pissed at Anya
  • Shoutout to Snyder


Anya's Hair - dark blonde, straight with a flip at the bottom, then curly
Dead Humans - 1
Dead Undeads - 1
Dead Potentials - 1 (Chloe)
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Spike Breaks the Ceiling With His Body - 1
Buffy Makes a Speech - 1
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal -  0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Bidet of Evil

Episode 7.14: First Date. Original Airdate 2.11.03

"Buffy accepts an invitation to dinner from Principal Wood, and the secrets of his past are revealed. Xander impresses a beautiful girl with his knowledge of knots, and she seems to be interested in tying him up. Meanwhile the First contacts Andrew in another attempt to destroy the Potentials, and Giles finds himself tongue-tied with the new Potential, Chao-Ahn [because racism is hilarious]."

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • Oh good, we've started the Giles talking loudly at Chao-Ahn, aren't language barriers hilarious hahaha racism
  • Giles calling Spike a berk, however, is always delightful.
  • "You think I'm losing sight of the big picture, but I'm not. When Spike had that chip, it was like having him in a muzzle. It was wrong. You can't beat evil by doing evil. I know that." Yeah, fuck you Giles.
  • Oh look Ashanti stuntcasting. blah
  • DB Woodside, so good, so mysterious, so charming
  • whaaaaaat he's got a bloody knife whaaaaaaaat
  • "I'm gonna wait for that sentence to come around again before I jump on."
  • "Guys, guess what happened!" // "Buffy got a date!" // "No, *I* did!"
  • I will say the banter is pretty good this episode. Y'know except for the Chao-Ahn hahaha she doesn't speak English hahaha (seriously fuck this "running gag") "She's grateful to be in the land of plenty." fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooooou and your imperialism.
  • Danny Strong is awesome as The First. I'm glad he's back.
  • "Confidentially, a lot of her people are murderers. Anya and Willow and Spike." And Giles. And Xander. Basically only Dawn isn't. Wait, does Miss Kitty Fantastico's demise count as murder?
  • Buffy being all blushy and smiley with Wood is really kind of adorable.
  • At least the show acknowledges what a bad counselor Buffy is.
  • Gasp! Wood's mother was a Slayer.
  • It's such an interesting revelation for Buffy - not just Wood as a potential romantic partner, but that having a child is not unprecedent in the Slayer line - another aspect of that "normal life" she used to long for, could actually be an option if she wants it.
  • "Say, do you have any weaknesses I should know about?" Andrew is not a good spy.
  • This episode really hammers in how impotent ["Flaccid?" - Buffy] The First is at accomplishing anything. Relying on Andrew? Really? No wonder they brought in Nathan Fillion. This realization hit the writers too late in the season.
  • Ashanti is not good at this whole speaking lines thing.
  • okayyyy so. I think this is just a small error, but Wood saying "he's a vampire" with surprise in his voice when Spike vamps out - in the earlier scene in the car, it looks like he's looking in his rearview mirror to where Spike should be - Spike who has no reflection. So ... he should already know that. oops. (shenanigans)
I'm not wrong, right? He's looking at Spike.

  • Even Wood is noticing how Spuffy season seven is.
  • Xander: "So how's your date going?" // Buffy: *looks at Wood* // Wood: *looks at Spike* //Spike:

  • Oh good one last hahahalanguagebarrierhahaha
  • So is Clem canonically gay?
  • "quips about orientation"
  • spuffysceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene. "'Cause I'm not ready for you to not be here."
my shipppppppppppppppppp

  • "Did I raise you that way?" // "You didn't raise me at all." // "Well, I was dead." this scene is just marvelous
  • so they did recast Nikki but apparently they only hired a stunt actor to play her in "Fool For Love," and they cast an actor-actor to play her here.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Nice catch, Giles!  He’s got expert reflexes.
  • Yes, Giles – speak louder – Chao-Ahn will be able to understand English then.
  • SHENANIGANS.  When exactly would Anya tell Spike that Giles may be the First?  He and Buffy were gone when they were talking about it and they solved the problem by the time Spike  & Buffy got back.
  • See Chao-Ahn not understanding anything anyone is saying is played for laughs….except how incredibly scary for her.  To be in this strange situation with vampires etc, and still not knowing anything that’s going on. 
  • Oh man, guest starring the worst guest star ever: Ashanti.
  • Giles’ fears about Spike are so valid but who cares? He's only been your mentor for 6ish years.
  • Oh man, DB Woodside is so good at comedy.  I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again: DB Woodside is so good at comedy.
  • See, Even Willow knows Buffy is bad at her (school) job.
  • “A bidet of evil”
  • I enjoy Willow/Buffy/Xander just chatting and joking.  It’s nice.
  • Hey Danny Strong.  I just saw him in an episode of Girls , which – I really wish I hadn’t because he was one of those straight guys who play gay by being overly flamboyant and effeminate when Danny Strong is effeminate enough already.  Anyway.  End of sidebar.
  • Oh there, she is.  20 minute later.
  • I like Anya’s cute mid-driffy sweater.

  • “Hardware-store whore” – aww, Anya.  She really needs a date.
  • Man this alley set is such a set. 
  • Wow, Wood’s a pretty good fighter.
  • Really?  Can we not bring up Xander leaving Anya at the altar only to justify and excuse his behavior?  Fuck off, Ashanti & Xander & writers.
  • That’s the 2nd time this episode that someone laughs at Buffy about being a counselor.
  • It’s really cool to find out history of another slayer and to find out that she had a child which Buffy thought would never be possible for her.
  • Nice detective work, Andrew.  But it’s kinda cool that he went to the scoobies right away about the first visiting him.
  • Good make-up on dead Jonathan-first
  • Omg, she’s so bad (ashanti)
  • Aww, Anya still cares about Xander.  I mean, we knew that.  But I had so much hope back in the day.
  • “There isn’t time for… quips about orientation.” Ugh. I want to laugh about that….if everything I didn’t see in the 90s/00s were just jokes about being gay.
  • Wood’s got a nice apartment. It kinda reminds me of Angel’s apartment in that show he’s in about himself.  I think it’s called “That Vampire with the goofy hair: The series”
  • Nice reveal about Spike/Wood’s slayer mom.

Favorite Lines:
Z: "Guys, guess what happened!" // "Buffy got a date!" // "No, *I* did!" - Xander/Willow
D: "Fine, go. Leave me here to stew in my impotent rage." *Buffy stops, turns to look at Anya* "I'm also gonna pee,  so you should probably go." -Anya

Arc/Continuity Stuff:
First appearance: Chao-Ahn
Recurring: Giles, Robson, Kennedy, Amanda, Principal Wood, The First (as Jonathan Levinson and Nikki Wood), Espresso Pump, Giles's terrible artistic skills, Seal of Danzalthar, Xander as a demon magnet
In "Potential," Andrew wanted a new microwave and now he's got one! (Also, this is the same microwave that got destroyed in "Conversations With Dead People")
The shirt Anya's cleaning - "it might be pizza" - is the one Dawn spilled on during "Conversations With Dead People"

Anya's Hair - curly, dark blonde
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 7
Dead Potential - 0
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Giles Unconscious - 0
Giles Cleans His Glasses - 1
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 1 (LissAshanti)
Unevil Reveal - 1 (Principal Wood)
Shenanigans Called - 2
Apocalypse Called - 0

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Perfectly Reasonable and Not At All Insane Explanation

Episode 7.13: The Killer in Me. Original Airdate 2.4.03

"After Willow and Kennedy share their first kiss, Willow is transformed into Warren, the man she killed last year. When she sets out to find help, she bumps into an old friend. Meanwhile, Buffy searches for answers when Spike's chip causes him great pain, and the gang suspect that Giles may really be The First."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • And now, the metaphor episode
  • Hey Giles!
  • Oh man, all this awful set up of Giles not touching anything – like Xander opening the door for him and Dawn being instructed to take a book out to the car for him.
  • Wait, why is Spike chained up now when he was loose the entire last episode?
  • They’re trying to explain it away but really, it’s just all about Spike and they want to feature him as much as possible.  Fuck everyone else who has been there from the beginning.
  • “I never realized how compact Mollie was.”
  • Oh hey, something else is happening to Spike now.  BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH PLOTS.  What’s Anya up to?
  • “Remember when things were nice and boring?”  You mean like now?
  • Isn’t it nice that they made the only lesbian old enough to date Willow?
  • To be fair, it’s nice having a lesbian who isn’t all weird and confused as Willow. a confident Tara.
  • It’s also sad that “flirting in code” is how lesbians (and gay men) have to find each other out – in 2003.  Like, you can’t just be open about who you are.  You have to be careful and secretive because god forbid you offend the sensibilities of the poor straight people.
  • Aww, Willow’s talking about her mom that we’ve met once.
  • Oh hey, Spike’s now unchained.  What are the rules here?
  • Willow doesn’t like Italian food?  What kind of monster
  • The thing is – she just killed someone for killing the love of her life.  She nearly destroyed the world because Tara died….why does she need a love interest so soon?  What about Xander? What about Anya?
  • And now: METAPHOR
  • And I mean in a way they’re dealing with it in this episode….it’s all about Willow’s guilt, blah blah blah…but they solve it in this episode like some weird hour long sitcom
  • Adam Busch does a pretty good Willow impression. It’s cute.
It's all in the upward inflection.

  • Willow:  I’ll go, I'll handle it – you’ve got your hands full anyway [with Spike]– pretty much the mantra of season 7.  – We’re too busy with Spike to help anyone else.
  • “When Robson came to, no Giles” – but also no blood I guess?  So….
  • Tom Lenk is funny, Andrew is a pain.  It’s a fine line.
  • I mean, in all that time – they’ve never seen Giles eat?  Cause that’s corporeal touching.
  • Hey, the Wicca group on campus is actually doing magic.
  • I do like the throw-back to the bake sales.
  • Uh oh…..Willow’s turning into Warren…
  • Eww, three years of decay is a lot (In the Initiative’s compound)
  • I love Xander’s subtle offended face tick to Anya calling him a geek.  Rare nice work by Nick.
  • Oooh, Big bad Amy
  • “Same model as last time?”  Wow, the gun seller remembers a weapon he sold last year? [These things? Never useful. - Buffy]
  • Buffy’s “I knew it!”  So cute.
  • “Ass face”  Yes, that is what I call Spike, too.
  • Repair the chip or remove the chip….big decision for Buffy….or is it?  I know which one I’d pick
  • I really like Elizabeth Anne Allen – it’s a shame she hasn’t had much work since Buffy.
  • 2003 – that transition between Warren and Willow while kissing Kennedy would be so much better today.  It was such a crappy cutaway shot.

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • Ugh can we just like skip this one? Please?
  • Except for that one bit where they tackle Giles because his face is hilarious.
  • Giles: "would you mind running it out to the car" LOOK THE WRITERS ARE TROLLING US AGAIN.
  • uh oh SMG is losing her voice. I forgot it started this early. She stays sick for a while.
  • "Apparently, someone told them that the vision quest consists of me driving them to the desert, doing the Hokey Pokey until a 'spooky rasta mama Slayer' arrives and speaks to them in riddles."
  • Oh I forgot the chip stuff was this episode. Oops. Poor Spike's brain.
  • "Remember when things used to be nice and boring?" "No."
  • "Who you gonna call? ... god, that phrase is never gonna be useable again, is it?"
  • Oh hey shoutout to Willow's neglectful mother.
  • Oh Willow is me. She turns off Moulin Rouge early so it has a happy ending.
  • lol I do love that Buffy sees Warren and immediately punches. Good instincts, B.
  • "There are other stories from kindergarten, non-yellow-crayon stories in which you don't come out in such a good light." snort
  • How come Warren-Willow is in a different outfit than Willow?
  • I really don't like all the Spike-having-a-seizure as comedic background action to the other stuff. It's a cheap move, and a belittling of something potentially fatal. It's not comic relief. Calling him Ass-face is comic relief.
  • So ... I guess they didn't fill The Initiative's compound with cement and salt the earth after all? I guess we can headcanon that that was a figure of speech and they were lazy. But seriously, this place is not well sealed.
  • At least the show is finally dealing with Is Giles Dead Or Not question. But still, fuck the writers. This isn't like the misdirect of Spike going to "Africa" on his bike to get a soul. This is trolling.

  • Sooooo if the comics are canon, that means Amy's got Skinless Warren stashed somewhere already, right? She magicked him away and kept him from dying (which ruins the Warren as The First bits this season oooooops. stupid comics)
  • gasp! Warren's personality is taking over Willow! It's not just looking him anymore.
  • Wow it's not just that they didn't cement the compound, they left corpses to rot. You'd think a covert government op would be ... tidier about its cover-up.
  • "Oops." I guess Amy doesn't get to have character development after all. It just seems ... idk kind of lazy, to have Amy have set this trap for her. Why?
the only part of the episode I actively like is Giles's face
 as he's tackled. look at his cartoon eyes!

  • "I assume there is a perfectly reasonable and not at all insane explanation for this."
  • "We're to provide anything you need to help Ass-face here. Those were his exact words, ma'am."
  • blah I think it's dumb to leave it as a cliffhanger of Buffy deciding whether or not to fix or remove Spike's chip. Where's the dilemma? The chip doesn't work when he's under The First's thrall, so it's not a prevention for that, and he has his soul now. She trusts Spike more than he trusts himself, not to be evil. That was the whole point of their scene in the basement earlier, when he's insisting on being chained while in the house, and she thinks it's unnecessary. It's stupid. It's mortal and it's stupid.
  • Amy's twirling her evil mustache and it just doesn't feel real and organic.
  • And her explanation is da-da-dumb. "She almost destroyed the world, and yet everyone keeps on loving her." This power and being-loved resentment line works way better in Faith's hands.
  • Warren-Willow and Willow aren't holding the gun in the same way ... they also aren't in the same emotional place. Sometimes the actors are good at matching each other on delivery (and manner) and sometimes ... it falls apart.
  • Alyson is doing good work though. "I let her go. I didn't mean to. ... I let her be dead."
  • Wish I liked Kennedy more. Wish I liked Iyari Limon more. Wish I liked this episode more.

Favorite Lines:

D: Anya: Just a teenager, a powerful former demon and two big geeks.  *Xander looks mildy hurt*
Z: "Oh, is this actually a flower shop, or is this one of those things where I'm supposed to play along to show that I know it's really secret ops? Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said that." - Buffy

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: Giles, Kennedy, The Bronze (because we miss it), Warren, Andrew, Amy, The Initiative (or what it's become)
  • Shoutout to Buffy's vision quest in "Intervention"
  • All the Shoutouts to "Seeing Red"
  • The Sunnydale University Wicca group still participates in bake sales


Anya's Hair - dark blonde, shoulder length, straight
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 1
Dead Potentials - 0
Not Dead Giles - 1
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Giles Unconscious - 0
Giles Cleans His Glasses - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 1 (Amy)
Unevil Reveal - 1 (Giles Isn't The First)
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0

Monday, March 6, 2017

Like Being Swallowed. By Something Larger.

Episode 7.12: Potential. Original Airdate 1.21.03  

"Buffy takes the Potentials to a demon bar and then to Spike's crypt, in order to teach them the art of slaying. When Willow casts a spell to seek out the next Potential, the spell leads them to believe that Dawn may be a future slayer."

Special Note: We apologize for the huge hiatus: Holidays, vacations and other commitments kept us busy, and probably the thought of continuing season 7 felt a bit daunting as WE GO:

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • God, I've completely forgotten how to do this. Um. Hi. Yay Buffy!
  • Starting in a graveyard is a good throwback to early Buffy.
  • But gasp! They're fighting Spike! Gasp gasp! He's training them.
  • Aw I love Felicia Day.

  • "Don't fight on his terms. Your gut's telling you to run, run."
  • "He needs to kill to live. That tells you everything you need to know."
  • Buffy and Spike have A Moment. // Daniel: ugh. // Me: MY SHIP. // Potentials: That's hot. So we're supposed to make out with them or something?
  • Sigh. The beginning of Buffy's less fun speeches. Buffy as Teacher/General gets a lot of hate in the fandom, and I get it because she's not as fun and quippy as teen Buffy was, but she's basically forced into this position by everyone around her, and she has to feel her way. She goes into full detachment mode in order to fill the role. It makes her less approachable, but she's trying to do what needs to be done.
  • Yay it's Amanda! Hi again, Amanda.
  • Buffy is the worst counselor you guys. Stop "humorously" projecting your Spike baggage onto poor Amanda.
  • "Wait, the seers couldn't find out her name or, like, her address or anything? Am I getting the definition of seer wrong?"
  • Dawn snarking at the Potentials is way more fun than self-pity Dawn.
  • "He's not evil, but when he gets close to it, he picks up its flavor, like a mushroom or something." Accurate.
  • I wish MT were a better actress. Or at least a funny one.
  • And then there's Emma Caulfield, whose delivery of "Oh look pretty" is amazing.
  • Ugh they're still talking about the line of succession as if it goes into effect when Buffy dies. The succession line has moved onto Faith. This is never going to not bother me, the clumsiness of the writers on this score. It just leads to stupid back and forth in the fandom.
  • "Well, it's almost like this metaphor for womanhood, isn't it?" Hey look Andrew just named Joss's thesis for the genesis of this. #tbt to when Buffy got menstrual cramps whenever a vamp was near in the film.
  • Props to Xander for standing up for Dawn when the others are kind of (uncharacteristically?) dumping on her. Set up for his speech at the end of the episode.
  • Aw it's Clem, you guys! And apparently his face opens up in weirdass ways.

  • The Potentials all ship #Spuffy. Poor Daniel. [*sigh* - D]
  • "It takes just one vampire to kill you." Bit of a callback to "Fool For Love"?
  • Dawn failing to break the flagpole over her leg. Oops.
  • And now there are Bringers.
  • Aw, Dawn's realization. "You don't want her. You want me." Except they don't.
  • Dawn handing over the power and the weapon to Amanda - Xander's right, it's the most adult gesture we've seen from her.
  • And now we get to feel the feels, as Xander reminds Dawn he knows what it's like to not be Special, and that she herself is extraordinary.

Gross if you know what happens later...

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Wow, we’re on season 7 still right?  Right.
  • Ok, we start with two potentials, Vi & Rona – one ok, one totally annoying. Any episode that starts with potentials instead of regulars can’t be good, right?
  • Oh hey, they’re tracking Spike. 
  • I mean, in a way Rona’s kinda right – they don’t have the slayer powers that Buffy has….but neither do Willow/Xander/Anya….  And also to be fair, it’s a miracle that Willow, Xander and Anya aren’t dead yet...
  • Ugh, all the Spuffy stuff, I just can’t.
  • Ugh, Does Buffy practice these speeches?  Where do they come from?  What is going on?  Why does Buffy have a slayer professor tenure [Maybe you get it automatically if you survive the cruciamentum. - Z]
  • Oh hey, an Anya mention.  She has resources.  But let’s continue to concentrate on the extras...
  • Hahah Chaka Kahn.
  • Omg, the 2003ness of the potentials outfits.
  • And Dawn is all sad face because she feels left out.
  • Hey, Amanda!
  • Buffy is a terrible guidance counselor…it’s almost as if she has no credentials.
  • “Sometimes that’s how people relate – being mean to each other.” – that’s a terrible feminist lesson, Buffy. 
  • “Hey, everybody look – it’s Willow….”  - 10-15 minutes into the episode.
  • So the seers see someone in Sunnydale who is a potential but don’t know where/who…why isn't it just assumed that they're just sensing the potentials already in Buffy’s house?
  • “I like to feel the wood in my hand” Kennedy: “lost me there” THAT IS A HINT THAT I AM A LESBIAN.  IT IS VERY VERY SUBTLE – DID YOU GET IT?
  • How awkward that Andrew and Willow sitting at the same dinner table… you know, with his best friend killing her girlfriend and her killing his best friend and stuff?
  • But let’s put all that aside.
  • Oh hey, Anya is sitting with everyone but has said nothing.
  • It’s actually really kinda sad that her hopes are built up that much.
  • Shut up, Andrew.  We have all the funny we need from Anya.
  • Im glad we’re concentrating on the scoobies right now and not so much the potentials.
  • Now of course, Dawn is going to prove...that she’s stupid…and run away.  Because that always works out.
  • “It’s a demon bar…like gay bar…but for demons”  Great comparison, Vi.  Maybe it’s like a straight bar…but for demons?  Why is ‘gay’ always the stepping stone for something. Like the conservative argument about marrying animals if we make gay marriage legal….like again…why is “gay” that stepping stone?  Why does it go straight – gay – ANIMALS.  Or  straight  - gay – DEMONS.  Fuck off.  Ok, I’m off my soap box.
  • I love that Clem can do the Beetlegeuse thing.   Nice reference.

  • I love when they play up the awkward klutziness of Dawn.  She thinks she’s a potential but she can’t even climb into a window.
  • Amanda’s twisted. I love it.
  • So Dawn…you’re really that stupid? Go in search of a vamp without any weapons? 
  • I mean it might not be a bad episode if pretty much every episode wasn't like this….season 7 is just so damn repetitive. We keep asking ourselves…which one is this again?
  • Yeah, I don’t know if I agree with this teaching, Buffy….just throwing them into mortal danger.
  • Dawn, pretty much: “the bringers are going to kill Amanda…that means I’m not a potential….how sad…for me…” 
  • Nice, job Amanda!
  • 2 minutes on the job and she did much better than the rest of the potentials put together.
  • To be fair, as soon as she realizes that Amanda is the potential, she gets all Buffy-Speech-Professor and encourages Amanda.   So that’s cool, I guess.
  • Oh no, is this the Xander, you’re extraordinary speech to Dawn? Cause I don’t care.

Favorite Lines:
Z: "Seven years, Dawn. Working with the Slayer. Seeing my friends get more and more powerful ... I saw what you did last night. You thought you were all special - Miss Sunnydale 2003. And the minute you found out you weren't you handed the crown to Amanda without a moment's pause. You gave her your power. They'll never know how tough it is, Dawnie, to be the one who isn't chosen. To live so near the spotlight and never step into it. But I know. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody's watching me. I saw you last night. I see you working here today. You're not special. You're extraordinary." - Xander
D: "One second you're just a klutzy teenager with fake memories and a history of kleptomania and now suddenly you're a hero! A hero with a much abbreviated life span!" - Anya 

Arc/Continuity Stuff:
Recurring: Rona, Vi, Molly, Kennedy, Buffy's job as counselor, Amanda, Andrew, the demon bar (is it still Willy's place?), Clem, Bringers
Anya's Hair - dark blonde, shoulder length, straight
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 5
Dead Potentials - 0
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Giles Unconscious - 0
Giles Cleans His Glasses - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Buffy Makes A Speech - 1
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
Apocalypse Called - 0