PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SPOILER-RICH ZONE. If your diet requires you to dine on Buffy Spoiler-free ... good luck with that.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yeah, Buffy? What are we gonna do now?

Ten years ago today, on May 20, 2003, Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired its final episode, Chosen. When those of us who watched it live are done feeling old and decrepit with that knowledge, let's take a moment to thank the writers, the cast, and everyone involved, for giving us something to love for so long.


  1. THIS, I am not ashamed to say I bawled the entire episode, with the people who died and the references and speeches, and everything! All final episodes want to grow up to be this final episode. Seriously the FEELS, I find it hard to watch ten years later and not sob like a great big sobbing thing.

  2. I hate that shock when I realize a show has been off the air longer than it was on the air. This now applies to a lot of my favorites, sadly. For me, Buffy remains alive thanks to the wonderful world of fan fiction. (Not the comics -- blech!)
    You want to know what's really horrifying? Realizing you are now older than Giles was when the show started. :(