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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Earth is Doomed

 Episodes 1.2: The Harvest. Original Airdate 3.10.97

Zelda's Thoughts:
  • Goodbye Jesse.
  • Physics Shenanigans! Buffy barely crouches, but is able to leap into the air and over the fence, landing on the other side. I mean, it's awesome, but ... no.
  • Shenanigans in the Mausoleum! So ... Angel was just hanging out in the Mausoleum when Buffy stopped by in the early afternoon. Was he just hanging out there from sunrise on? Also ... he just stayed there after Buffy left, so ... gonna be there the rest of the day too? This dude's life is awesome. No wonder he has no friends.

  • Oh Harmony. You're so adorably stupid. You were put there to make Cordelia look marginally less so. Also, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I loved you in The Addams Family.
  • Vampires have glow in the dark eyes? And claws? Did we know this? Does this persist in being a true thing?
  • I wonder what Mark Metcalf looks like. Oh. So. Not that different then.
  • I'm so glad Danny Strong bombed his audition for Jesse. Otherwise we might never have a pocket-sized Jonathan!
  • "She did it. I'll be damned." Really, Angel? You and your condescension suck.
  • Aw I just love that ending to little tiny edible pieces.
  • But ... Buffy can't break down the door of the Bronze?

    Daniel's Thoughts: 
  • I think this episode definitely trumps its predecessor.  There's still some annoying exposition but this time it's more for Xander/Willow's benefit. ["The slayer hunts vampires, Buffy is a slayer, don't tell anyone." - the most concise Giles will ever be. - Z]
  • Agreed with Z's Mausoleum Shenanigan - It was clearly stated that there were only two doors. The door to the tunnels were chained up and the doors to outside led to...sunlight.  I know we're not supposed to know that Angel is a vamp yet, but Joss Whedon and the writers!
  • I loved Buffy telling a clearly horrified Xander about killing an undead football player - it seems foreshadowing for when Anya will talk about her past to Xander later on.  
  • Weird that Xander is wearing a similar 70s outfit that the "DeBarge" vamp was wearing. [I just died a little. - Z]
  • In this episode we introduce time-saving techniques like Willow accessing the computer (instead of breaking into the city council) which also nicely shows how smart, savvy and helpful Willow will be.  
  • We also visit why the police will never be involved in a tiny short exchange of dialogue.
  • Angel's name is revealed in this episode and while David Boreanaz hasn't quite gotten his acting skills together yet (will he ever?) there is a really nice humble moment when Buffy asks him about friends where he looks down - and just for a moment, I think I might like Angel.
  • Worst Mom Ever moment:  Joyce: "The Tapes all say I should get used to saying it. No." The tapes?  Shut up, Joyce.
  • Nice moment: "There's something you forgot about, too.  Sunrise.  It's in about 9 hours, moron!"  Bye, bye Luke!
  • And Bye, Bye Jesse....we will never ever talk about you again.  Ever.  Even though you were best friends with Xander and Willow.  
  • Despite its problems, I give this episode 5 Stakes.  

Today's topic: Random 90s Stoner Guy

Zelda: I just have to take a moment to ask ... who the heck is this guy? His drop into frame is unabashedly hilarious, but ... Who? What? Huh? ("Three excellent questions.") The hair, the outfit, the alarming similiarity to Breckn Meyer's character in Clueless - clearly we have located Sunnydale High's Resident Random 90s Stoner Guy. Which ... fine, there were plenty of those. My question is, why is Cordelia talking to him? Why does she not immediately say "ew" and "butt out" like she would were that Xander or Jesse or - as we see in a few moments - Willow? I call Shenanigans.

Daniel:  While I agree that normally she wouldn't talk to this guy, Cordelia is smart about the thing she values most: her popularity.  When Buffy attacks her she says, "Excuse me, I need to call everyone I've ever met."  And I don't think that's much of an exaggeration.  Cordelia's aim in this episode is to let everyone know how 'crazy' the new girl is and if she can hit the stoner crowd, the more the better.  The reason she lashes out at Willow is because Willow defends Buffy.  That said, I'm so glad that the 90s Californian stereotypes didn't really make it past the first few episodes, e.g. 90s stoner guy and the two valley girls who find the dead guy in their locker.

Favorite Lines:

Zelda: "Jesse was an excruciating loser." - Jesse (I just adore how he can't say any of the words with vampire teeth. Sorry, Eric Balfour)
Daniel: Willow: "I need to sit down"  Buffy: "You are sitting down." Willow: "Oh. Good for me." (Just a really cute Willow moment.)

90s Factoid:

Giles says "Go on the net" to Willow as she uses the Giant Fucking Computer. She does a "computer search." 

Also - there was no Google yet (it showed up September 1998)!

Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Angel has no friends.
  • Willow shows her tech savvy skills.
  • First appearance of Harmony.


Voiceover - Creepy B-Movie Guy
Angel's Character - Mostly just Douche with Tiny Hurt Puppy Moment
Dead Humans - 3
Dead Undeads - 6
Giles Unconscious - 0
Giles Cleans His Glasses - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 1
Evil Reveal - 1 (Jesse 2.0)
Shenanigans Called - 3
Apocalypse Called - 1


  1. Yay, someone who hates Angel's character as much as I do. :) Never understood the appeal of him.

    Great post again guys!

  2. Every time someone hates Angel (and not just his acting), a kitten dies. You're both kitten murderers. >:(

    Also, I don't find it too weird that Buffy can't break down the Bronze's doors because when she does, it's in S6, when she's been training and getting stronger and stronger and more Slayer-y.

    Agreed about the Stoner Guy, though. I'm surprised Cordy even allowed the teacher (I'm assuming it's Miss Calendar, 'cause she did computers or something) to seat him next to her.

    Great post! Gimme more. Now's good. :-P

    1. V, it's times like these I like to sing Stephen Lynch's classic verse:

      "There's no crime that you'll be commitin'
      I know the law, you can kill a kitten
      If you need yarn for that scarf you're knittin'
      You'll get plenty when you kill a kitten"

      Angel as a character in theory, like Tara as a character in theory, does not offend me. I love the idea. But Angel in execution (like Tara in execution) is something else entirely. And althought by Season Two they had figured out what they were doing with him, in Season One we have two possibilities: 1, they clearly hadn't, and, in the absense of the writers making a choice, David Boreanaz elected to make no choices either; 2, they knew what he was about, but told the actor exactly NOTHING, even though he was entirely green and could have used some directional guidance - in the absense of same, David Boreanaz elected to make no choices.

      I think he does pretty good work as Angelus. But I think he's mediocre in this season.

      I *did* have that thought about Buffy later acquiring the strength to break down a door she couldn't break down in season one. But by that point I had already screen-captured to my little heart's content of Buffy being a badass on the Bronze door, and I didn't want to take it down. :) But you're right - that's a very good rationalization.

      ALSO - for that matter - in the episode I screen-captured, not only was she more trained and such, she was also aided by the Power of Music, which (and I'm not being sarcastic - this is a legitimate trope) is a great strengthener of all endeavors in the world of musicals.

    2. And she seems to get stronger with every death, and this had been the second one. Huh. Wow, I just got a new thought.

      Anyway, I agree that Angel in S1 is faltery and just not very good... I guess I just give him a pass because I kinda wanna lick his body.

      However, I do think he makes strides during the run of this (and his) show, and even though it doesn't really fully realize until Angelus and AtS, I see the seeds germinating even in S1. And also, I want to rub all of him with oil. [none]

      Btw, I look forward to clashing over Tara. ;)

  3. "Shenanigans in the Mausoleum!" Possible Sewer access? it is confirmed in later episodes that vampires move in daylight through the sewers, no clue why a mausoleum would need sewage, but hey Sunnydale is a strange place.