PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SPOILER-RICH ZONE. If your diet requires you to dine on Buffy Spoiler-free ... good luck with that.

Friday, January 13, 2012

If the apocalypse comes, beep us: Our Mission Statement

Daniel and Zelda met when Daniel joined the army of receptionists at Zelda's office, Wolfram and Hart. Over the course of training, Zelda and Daniel got to chatting about various crossover topics of interest, and the subject came up of The Best Television Show Ever. (Buffy. Duh. Why do you think we're here?)

Daniel and Zelda were delighted to find they agreed on this point. However, as further discussions developed, the two found there was much on which they disagreed - Tara. Xander. Spike. The comic books. Season Six in general.

After much debate, hurling of quotations, cries of "It's Canon!" and Rick-Rolling, Zelda and Daniel reached one conclusion - they must rewatch the series, start to finish. And they must continue their debate in as public a forum as they can muster.

Here on Once More With Extreme Prejudice, Daniel and Zelda intend to duke out their differences, bask in fond remembrances, crack wise about the Whedon, and call shenanigans whenever they so please.

We will also be keeping a running tally of dead bodies, dead undead bodies, unconscious watchers, and slayers that go kick in the night.


  1. Wow, somehow didn't find this until now. Reading all of it right this second. Love/miss you Zellee!!!

  2. Just started rewatching BtVS myself. I shall look forward to reading your comments on each episode.

    1. Thanks! Just be aware that that this is a spoiler-filled blog.