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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rhymes With Blinvisible

Episode 6.11: Gone. Original Airdate 1.08.02

"The Three Geeks mistakenly turn Buffy invisible. The Slayer takes some advantage from going unseen. Willow has to do the detective without using magic, while Xander finds Spike doing some weird physical training."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Really? They can't even have candles?
  • Searching for drugs...I mean magic the cushions
  • Invisibility ray...step up from a freeze ray?
  • Ok, at least Buffy realizes she was being a bad friend when her friend was drowning.
  • It's ok, Spike. You had a blanket. You're fine from the sun.
  • SHENANIGANS. Spike is RIGHT in direct sunlight in front of the window.

  • Aww, it's LA Law's Susan Ruttan
  • "We don't gay." Ugh, that's sad. A time when it's assumed being gay would make you a bad parent. I mean, there are tons of people who still think that way. Kinda gross.
  • Oops. Accidentally invisibled the slayer.
  • Marcy call back!
  • I love that Anya is excited about Buffy's haircut.
  • Look at all the things we can do with our visual effects department
  • The eyes thing. Anya doesn't know what to do!

  • Speaking of all the things I was blaming Buffy for...Xander hasn't been that great either. I mean, he talks all the time to Anya and Buffy about what Willow is going through but not talking to her about it.
  • Buffy is having so much fun being invisible. It's actually kinda cute.
  • I mean it doesn't give you license to steal a car, Buff...or a police golf cart? [We've seen what happens when she drives real cars. - Z]
  • I love how homey Spike's made his crypt.
  • "An unpleasant tactile experience!"
  • "We're not killers, we're crime lords" -- and that's the whole thing. I don't really understand what Jonathan thinks he's doing...Where's the line, Jonathan?
  • Oh this is so awkward. Naked push-ups...
  • Second episode in a row where I have to tell Spike to put some damn clothes on. [My bad. - Marti Noxon]
  • See? Willow, you can be really badass as yourself, with your computer skills. Wait til iPhones are invented. You'll be unstoppable.
  • Why'd they choose Jonathan to make the call? Clearly Buffy knows his voice the best.
  • The camera work is great. I love that it seems like the cameraman doesn't know where to point. It's kinda breaking the fourth wall, a little bit which is not really a staple of the show except for singing to the camera in OMWF.
  • "Jonathan? Warren? [To Andrew]...who are you?" Heh.
  • No one remembers the flying it didn't happen on air.
  • No matter how lame the trio least this episode brought Buffy and Willow back together.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Um so. Why is Spike's lighter buried in the cushions of the couch?
  • "You penis!" I think that's my favorite insult. Maybe it's just the way Jonathan yells it at Warren
  • Buffy wig! I see you! I actually don't think it looks awful, but I've seen other bloggers mock it relentlessly.
  • "What are you doing? And here?"
  • Spike should really be catching on fire with all the light coming through the blinds in the kitchen.
  • Oh man, Buffy, your shirt is completely see-through. Not great for greeting the social worker.
  • "It's been a bad time for a while now, hasn't it, Miss Summers?" sad but true
  • She brings up Buffy's unemployment - good set up for the Doublemeat nonsense next ep.
  • Aw, Buffy got her adorable haircut and was promptly made blinvisible.
  • This is the most whimsical we've seen Buffy all season. But also the most unfocused and irresponsible we've seen her in several seasons.
  • I love that everyone thinks Buffy's haircut is adorable, sight unseen. I mean, they're right, but ... anyway, it's a very cute thing. This ep is actually a really nice palate cleanser after how much we hated Wrecked.
  • mmmph but I don't really like the mean pranking of Mr. Kroeger. While it's good for Buffy that her bad report can now basically be nullified, this is cruel to do to a woman who is honestly trying to do her job and protect Dawn, who - let's face it - could use some protecting. This isn't what we do, Buffy. We don't go after innocent humans. We are not Machiavelli.
  • While we continue to wonder both why Spike hasn't covered the windows in his crypt, or how he is powering his TV and fridge, I do rather like that both the TV and fridge are clearly decades old.
  • "An unpleasant tactile experience."
  • "We're not killing anybody. Especially not Buffy!" // "You guys are so immature." Yeah, why can't you be a sociopathic rapey murderer like me?
  • So is this when we really start to see that Warren is distinctly darker than the other two? They're semi-harmless goobers - granted, they're goobers who need a serious re-education on how to treat women and how to be ... human - but Warren does not give a shit.
  • Naked Spike Shots!
  • The ear thing is freaking me out.
  • "Free of life? Got another name for that. Dead."
  • "Tell her about the pudding!"
  • The camera pans to a reaction shot ... of Blinvisible Buffy. I kinda love it.
  • That is an incredibly poorly-hidden van.
  • "Who is this? You sound familiar." "I'm nobody ... no one you know." I'm ashamed to say my sister and I use that one a lot. No, you know what? I'm not ashamed.
  • OMG this scene. It's smack talk between four invisible people. the camera flipping back and forth like a tennis game. This is amazing.
  • I love that they remember Tucker. I barely remember Tucker. My memory of Tucker is chiefly for the purpose of winning bar trivia.
  • Me: "Why doesn't she chase them?" Buffy: "I know, they're gone. I guess we should chase them." Me: "Yes! Chase them!" Buffy: *talks about her haircut*
  • "I didn't ... I don't wanna die. That's something, right?" But next week we'll go back into depression-ville for Buffy, alas. Because it's a very very small something.
  • "Yay for us." // "Yay"

Favorite Lines:
Daniel: "Kill, Doris. Kill everybody." - Buffy, having way too much fun
Zelda: "Tell her about the pudding!" - Anya
Arc/Continuity Stuff:

  • Recurring: The Trio
  • Dawn's in a sling from that time Willow broke her arm.
  • The Trio use the diamond they stole in Smashed to build their invisibility ray.
  • Shoutout to Marcie from Out of Mind, Out of Sight
  • The Scoobies finally know The Trio are behind the lame crimes of late.
  • Shoutout to Tucker Wells (as always)

Anya's Hair - very blond, straight
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 0
Dead Flashbacks - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 0
Evil Reveal - 0
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 1
Apocalypse Called - 0