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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

One Way or Another

Episode 1.12: Clash of the Tritons. Original Airdate 1.11.05

"Veronica finds herself the target of a set-up when a secret underground society within Neptune High begins planting evidence to get her in trouble. Meanwhile, Veronica learns new information about Lilly's murder by eavesdropping on private conversations, and Aaron Echolls becomes concerned about his wife."

A quick note: We are very sad to report that Brad Bufanda, who played recurring character Felix Toombs on Veronica Mars, committed suicide last week. We don't know what was happening in his life, nor should we speculate, but it's awful and we're sorry for his pain, and for the pain of his loved ones.

Zelda's Thoughts: 

  • Okay, NOW we can acknowledge that time Aaron Echolls got stabbed.
  • It's the return of Rebecca James! Hi, Rebecca James.
  • "I don't wanna talk away my grief. I wanna turn it into something else. Fuel."
  • And then Veronica switches out the staplers so she can bug Ms. James's sessions with other Lilly survivors, which is ... pretty uncool, but she has very few boundaries when it comes to solving Lilly's murder.
  • GASP Veronica has been maligned and accused of distributing fake IDs ... which she totally knows how to make, but she didn't do this time.
  • Wow she's been super framed, with fake IDs stuffed in her locker. And oops she has a couple fake IDs of her own in her wallet.
  • "Howdy, Rick. Do I know you? No. Then why did you tell Sheriff Lamb I sold you a fake ID?" // "It's what they told me to say." // "Who's they?" // "No way. They're everywhere. They will destroy me." // "I'll destroy you worse." She will, Rick. Just you wait.
  • I was squawking about Clemmons keeping Veronica's bag. Glad to see Wallace brought it to her. He's the best.
  • When Veronica asks Wallace how he'd go about getting a fake ID: "Hey Veronica, I need you to get me a fake ID so I can get some fake action from a fake cheerleader." I love that he points out the obvious, that he'd ask Veronica if he needed a fake ID. 

  • Wow, pretty tacky. Logan's locker covered in notes about his dad's newest scandal.
  • Weevil: "You know, the same day Lilly Kane died, a little girl went missing in my neighborhood. They found her body three months later. Where were the cameras when she went missing. Where was the grief counseling for HER?" Yep.
  • And Veronica listens in from her car, hidden under a tarp because she's been suspended.
  • Full confirmation that Lilly and Weevil had a relationship, while she and Logan were on the outs.
  • Francis Capra acting the hell out of this scene. "She was someone I could have loved, you know? And she felt it too, I know she did."
  • Did your high school have a secret society? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?
  • "Why haven't I heard of them? Stupid question."
  • "Hi dad. Their case is fuzzy and circumstantial." // "You know the odd thing? Those were also her very first words."
  • First shoutout to not-yet-here Trina Echolls! (Daniel: Ugh)
  • Wallace is rather delightful as a storyteller. "You're on Candid Camera!"
  • Veronica sneaks into school, creates a fake display about cameras in the display cabinet, all so she can spy on the locker where people are dropping money for fake IDs.
  • Logan's taking Calculus as a Junior? Not bad, not bad. (My sister is scoffing and saying that's nothing, because she's a math genius and was taking math at the local university her senior year of high school)
  • Ah, so Veronica is "responsible" for Logan and Lilly having broken up right before the murder. Responsible because she told Lilly about Logan kissing someone else. "And I blame myself for being stupid, and I blame Lilly for being a bitch that week." At least he's not blaming only Veronica.
  • "And what is so great about living?" damn, Jason Dohring and your emotings. Maybe this is when we start to like Logan? Or maybe it's not til Lynn is gone.

  • Haha, I love how outraged Veronica is at the poor craftmanship of the fake IDs for which she's been framed.
  • Duncan Kane is a turrible singer. This should be confirmation he's not actually Veronica's brother.
  • Did you guys know she played Becky in the Tom Sawyer musical on Broadway? True story. She's also in the amazing Reefer Madness musical film, along with Alan Cumming and Ana Gasteyer and Neve Campbell. I like musicals, you guys.
  • Le gasp! Duncan hasn't just been on antidepressants. There's something else going on. WHAT COULD IT BEEEEEEE. COULD IT BEEEEE A RED HERRING?
  • Duncan Kane's medication is communism.
  • Damn, Duncan had a three day blackout. He doesn't remember the day of Lilly's death.
  • Ooooops. Veronica's been abducted by the Tritons. Do Ariel and Sebastian know about this?
  • Veronica from a trunk of a car, calling Wallace: "Hey, Wallace, whatcha doing? Uh huh. No I haven't seen that one."
  • Wow they locked her in her own trunk? That's kind of cold.
  • Veronica: *takes pictures of secret society* "Gotta boogie." // Tritons: CHASE CHASE. // Veronica: *does a superhero run up and jumps into her convertible and she and Wallace drive away.* Throwback Tuesday to when Angel failed to do that.
  • "And I don't have time to 'wrongfully tamper' with a government issued document if I'm stuck here in your office." complete with adorable scarequotes. Have I mentioned lately I love our Veronica?
  • I love that (okay I don't love, it's awful) the Echolls are bitterly arguing with Logan sitting right between them. Even when he interjects, they just ignore him. Until "You say another word to her, and I will kill you."
  • Aw man. Farewell, Lynn Echolls. The show done wrong by you.
  • Veronica is a smart cookie. Rick set the whole thing up, including pretending he was being inducted into the Tritons, and then shoveling further blame onto Veronica. Rick is just a shitty, tiny little human.
  • I'm sorry, Rick's outrage against Veronica is BS. He's mad because her dad busted his dad for embezzling. HIS DAD WAS EMBEZZLING. THAT IS NO MORE KEITH'S FAULT THAN LOGAN KISSING ANOTHER GIRL IS VERONICA'S FAULT. This episode is all about misdirected anger and blame. Oh. That's probably deliberate, huh.
  • This show is, like, well done.
  • Sigh. Lynn's car abandoned on a bridge.

Daniel's Thoughts: 

  • The grief sessions for Lily’s death is a little late, isn’t it?
  • “Wow, I have that exact same platitude-a-day calendar at home. It's how I know beauty comes from within."
  • Newspaper class – no Miss Poitier.
  •  Uh oh…Veronica’s starting to look guilty – considering….she does make IDs…but that’s only for herself!  Still illegal, I guess.
  • Oh wow.  Did they really need to handcuff her?
  • An extra takes a photo….with a camera. Before smartphones.  Now she has to like go develop that and stuff.
"Now. I just have to wait to finish the reel.  And then I'll have this photo in like two-four weeks."

  • Yay! Cliff!
  • “No, it has to be done in secret.”  “She has an office, Rick!” ~Rick/Me
  • My favorite part of Wallace is when he calls out Veronica.
  • I gotta say, hearing about your parents' personal lives on the radio has gotta suck.
  • The obligatory “Kids at HS extras all look at that one person and weirdly point like no one would.”

  • The one where Veronica finds out about Lilly & Weevil
  • “Secret society in school.” “Why haven’t I heard of them?  ….  Stupid question.”
  • Aaron looks okay for being stabbed in the gut.
  • “Hi Dad, their case is fuzzy and circumstantial.” “Can you believe that was her first words?”
  • I love that Veronica’s reading about the god Triton like it’s going to help with the case.  Doesn’t she have homework ever?
  • Hey, someone’s at the door….no Back-Up greeting the visitor.  What kind of dog doesn’t…?
  • Oh hey, reading about Triton did help.  Surprise surprise.
  • It’s almost like these ‘grief sessions’ were a front for Veronica’s investigations.
  • Logan, “And what is so great about living.”  Aww.  I think this is about the time we fall in love with Logan.  Also, he hasn’t been racist all episode, so…plus?
  • Hey! Kristen Bell can sing!  Maybe she should be a Disney Princess?! 

  • The kidnappers left her cell in her pocket.  Amateurs.
  • Reminds me of the Buffy episode where they summon a demon and almost sacrifice Azura Skye.
  • “Hey everybody! Say repressed homosexuality!”
  • Lynn: “I cannot take this anymore.”  And that’s the last thing she’ll ever say.
  • He messed with the wrong annoying tiny blonde!  If you want to set up someone, you don’t choose the only teen private detective in school.
Tritons: chant chant chant
D: They're summoning a demon?
Z: Is it a dick demon?
Did someone say "dick demon?"

Favorite Lines:
Zelda: Sheriff Don Lamb, reading: "Veronica Mars is ... smarter than me." // Veronica: "Oh you stop it."

Daniel: "Wow, I have that exact same platitude-a-day calendar at home. It's how I know beauty comes from within." - Veronica

Neptune Roll Call: Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Duncan
Recurring: Rebecca James, Vice Principal Van Clemmons, Sheriff Don Lamb, Cliff McCormack, Hector, Aaron Echolls, Lynn Echolls, Deputy Jerry Sacks
Veronica's Aliases: Lilly Kane, Veronica Mars at 22 years old, San Diego State student, licensed massage therapist

Dead Humans - 0
Backup Sighting - 0 
Veronica Breaks In - 1
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 1 (we're counting saving her from being locked in the trunk as friendship)
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 1
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0