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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I Thought Our Story Was Epic, Season Four

Series Stats:

Dead Humans - 45
Backup Sightings - 18
Pony Sightings - 8
Veronica Breaks In - 27
Veronica Tases Someone - 7
Mac Hacks - 11
Who's Your Daddy? - 4
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 15
Weevil Does Veronica a Favor - 5
Leo Does Veronica a Favor - 3
Mac Does Veronica a Favor - 4
Cliff Does Veronica a Favor - 1
Logan Does Veronica a Favor - 1
Veronica Wants a Pony - 3
Logan Punches Someone - 10
Dick's Single Entendres - 26
Shenanigans Called - 21

Season Four Stats (including comparison to previous season):

Dead Humans: 15 (+8)
(Dead Ducks: several)
Backup Sightings: 0 (-4, RIP)
Pony Sightings: 8 (+8)
Veronica Breaks In: 2 (-7)
(Matty Breaks In: 2)
Veronica Tases Someone: 1 (-1)
Mac Hacks: 0 (-3)
Who's Your Daddy?: 0 (=)
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor: 0 (-1)
Weevil Does Veronica a Favor: 0 (-2)
Leo Does Veronica a Favor: 0 (=)
Mac Does Veronica a Favor: 0 (=)
Cliff Does Veronica a Favor: 0 (=)
Logan Does Veronica a Favor: 1 (+1)
Veronica Wants a Pony: 0, cuz she HAS ONE NOW (=)
Logan Punches Someone: 1 (-2)
Dick's Single Entendres: 0 (-9)
(Veronica's Single Entendres: 1)
(Bryce's Single Entendres: 1)
Shenanigans Called: 0 (-6)

Additional Season Four Stats:

New Recurring Characters: 33 total (Alonzo Lozano, Nicole Malloy, Dodie Mendoza, Daniel Maloof, Police Chief Marcia Langdon, Penn Epner, Matty Ross, Amalia Maloof, Alex Maloof, Simon, Loyd, Mayor Mark Dobbins, Craig, Andy, Bob Sargent, Shae Fennel, Noah Fennel, Clyde Pickett, Tayler Carr, Tyler Carr, Perry Walsh (Mole Man), Don, Juan Diego, Carol, Claudia, Angie, Tim Davids (Reporter), Herc, Manager Kelly (at Cho's Pizza), Chattanooga Charlie, Booker Woods, Councilwoman Teresa Visinare, Blake Long)
Already/Past Famous Person: 6 total (Patton Oswalt, Alanna Ubach, J.K. Simmons, Josh Duhamel, Sarah Hyland, Mary McDonnell)
Generally Known TV Face: 12 total (Eliza Coupe, Mark L. Young, Rudy Martinez, Francois Chau, Brad Morris, Clifton Collins Jr., Lauren Stamile, Clark Duke, Tyler Alvarez, Dannah Phirman, Mather Zickel, Rachel Andersen)
Logan's Inspirational Message: 3 total (“Einstein said you cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for death. No, wait. That was war.”; "The life of the creative man is led, directed, and controlled by boredom." - Susan Sontag;  Is it weird to want to marry someone because you respect her? Because you want to be like her? Because you want children who will inherit her qualities? I want to marry Veronica cuz she's the toughest human being I've ever met. Blows that would destroy most people, she always picks herself back up.” - Logan Echolls, on Jane's voicemail)

Zelda's Thoughts:

You know, I'm mixed on this. Overall, I think it was a good season of television, and mostly succeeded in keeping all of the plot threads running, even if some of them ended up barely mattering, like the Maloofs, or seemed like Breaking Bad Lite (Alonzo and Dodie's adventures). I thought the way they positioned Penn as this gnat who won't leave, so we might not realize he's inserting himself everywhere precisely because he's the covert Big Bad, worked fairly well. I loved J.K. Simmons as the red herring Big Bad who ends up on top after everything shakes out. I loved his presence, his quiet confidence, and his dynamic with both Marses. I loved my Marses, and I loved how they reaffirmed how important they are to each other. The blasts from the past, like Clemmons and Jake Kane, Tim Foyle and Mercer, and especially our darling Leo, were all welcome sights (though in the case of Tim and Mercer, it was more nice to see the performers again than nice to spend any time longer than necessary with those awful people). And god, I loved Nicole Malloy. I hate that Veronica torpedoed their friendship, but I respect Nicole for not just brushing over it.

But -- and this is a bit strange to say -- though I felt like the returning characters themselves remained in character while also displaying personal growth (or specifically noted lack thereof, and again coughRORYGILMOREcough) -- the show itself didn't feel quite in character. It didn't feel like Veronica Mars. It was an interesting and engaging season long mystery, but the flavor of the earlier seasons was absent. It was mostly just this big epic case, with a bit of Hu at the start to remind us that the show used to be about these small cases, running alongside the Marses working on their own season-long case.

Also killing Logan was stupid and dumb and stupid, even if he was barely more than a sexy lamp this season.

Do we know if they're planning a fifth season?

Daniel's Thoughts:


Ok, I'll say a bit.

It's interesting to see a network show continue to cable/streaming, shedding the constraints it once had. It's like riding a bicycle without your parents' supervision for the first time.  Some will run straight into traffic (coughTWINPEAKScough) and others, like Veronica Mars, will just skirt the edge of town, maybe stopping off at the seven-eleven for a quick Slurpee.  It was actually interesting to see the writers subvert that expectation by having Veronica & Keith have a contest to see who can go longest without saying 'fuck'.  And sure a few curse words, naked butts & HOLY FUCK SAW-LEVEL GORE is gonna be slipped in there because that's life.

Also killing Logan was stupid and dumb and stupid.  Sometimes characters get to be happy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rob Thomas Won't Let Us Have Nice Things

Episode 4.08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed. Original Airdate 7.19.19.

“Veronica and Keith follow a new lead, and discover another victim. Matty follows her own instincts, landing herself dangerously close to a killer. Veronica has a tragic epiphany as the clock is ticking.”

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • Final episode! 
  • We start where we left off.  Patton is begging Veronica & Keith to prove his innocence. 
  • So now the suspect field has opened up to ….pretty much everyone.   
  • Matty is snooping around the Casablancas house.  She plants a bug. She copies files.  She does all the things a Mars does. 
  • BD comes home and he’s not exactly stealthy.  Matty has time to hide. 
  • He stops the file transfer and destroys Matty’s phone. 
  • Instead of calling the police, he calls JK.  But JK dismisses him.   He’s actually already at the house watching all this unfold. Which is pretty awesome.
  • I wonder how he knew. 
  • BD goes from using a golf club to a katana to getting out a gun.  It’s kinda hilarious. 
  • Alonzo distracts him while Dodie gets in the house.  He’s got a machete….and he tosses it for the Katana.  This is so funny. 
  • BD thinks Alonzo is the one who was copying his hard drive. 
  • Whoa.  And the Cartels kill BD.  Katana through the stomach…and then head chop.  Wow, Dick has lost a lot of family. 
  • Veronica Echolls sounds good. Logan Mars also sounds good. 
  • Veronica has gone so far in the other direction she wants to get married tomorrow. 
  • Keith tells Veronica about what happened to Big Dick.  Matty, who is present, acts like she didn’t know. 
  • It seems Veronica convinced Keith to come along on her interrogation of Blake, the fratboy. 
  • Frat boy Blake tells a sob story about accidentally drowning a pizza guy…and the fourth frat guy who seemingly got killed because he was going to tell.  This, they believe, was Patton Oswalt but I refuse to believe they didn’t recognize Patton Oswalt since he’s been all over the news. 
  • Ok, so it wasn’t Penn who delivered the pizza.   It turned out to be Don – one of the murderheads who has been skyping in to the meetings.  He’s supposed to be in DC but it turns out he’s in San Diego. 
  • OMG, it’s Parker!!!  She’s brunette and divorced and works for the county clerk’s office.  
  • So Don is the bomber, for now.  We shall see. 
  • Keith & Veronica pick up Patton to try to get in touch with Don.  
  • Wallace is at Kane High School.  There’s a high school named after Jake Kane? I hope that’s not where the bomb is going to go off. 
  • At the abandoned factory, Keith waits in the car because he can’t go up the steps.  I hope that’s not where the bomb is. 
  • But Matty is on her way to Kane High school too. 
  • Uh oh.  Penn is a suspect after all. 
  • Don is dead.  Bullet through the brain and seemingly a suicide note. 
  • It’s typed, of course.  We’ve done this before.  An entire third of a seasonal plot depended on that.
  • Keith & Veronica are sure now that it’s Patton Oswalt.  And Veronica thinks the bomb will go off at the Kane High dedication.  As do I. 
  • V & K speed up and tell everyone to leave because there’s a bomb. 
  • Patton maintains his innocence. 
  • Keith stays with Patton while he convinces Veronica to get out of the bomb radius. 
  • Patton admits where the bomb is and tries to disarm it. 
  • We all hold our breaths.  The bomb is disarmed.  Veronica can finally exhale. 
  • So it was Patton all along.  He thinks this is going to make him more famous.  And Big Dick is dead, so we have all our bombers in jail or dead. 
  • Except for JK – who pays a visit to Keith.  He says he had nothing to do with the bombing.  Until after the fact, I suppose. 
  • He makes a play for friendship, which is weird.  But it's a weird kind of common thread this season. 
  • Jane, Logan’s psychologist is finally revealed.  And Logan seems like he might not…want to get married…like it was always about the chase which doesn’t feel right to me. 
  • But Logan isn’t at the court where Veronica & Keith are waiting. 
  • And good news: Keith doesn’t have a brain injury.  It was the combination of the meds he was taking that was making him forgetful. 
  • Logan texts ‘sorry’ to Veronica.  They all think he’s not coming. 
  • The text was supposed to say, sorry, I’m running late. Logan blames Siri. 
  • And they’re married! 
  • The feeling of dread is on me. Because Veronica can never be happy. Logan goes to move the car.   
  • AND KABOOM.  I saw it coming.  Veronica saw it coming, way too late.  Her prophecy came true.  She got married and then something terrible happened. 
  • One year later: Spring break again.  Daniel Maloof running for Senate. JK sells old cars with the girl he was chasing. Hu’s grocery is gone.  Chattanooga Charlie’s is gone. Neptune has been fully gentrified except for the Sea Sprite.  Matty did have that ring and she sold it to pay for the motel.  Keith’s had his hip replacement.  Keith & Veronica watch their reenactments. 
  • So this whole narration was Veronica talking to Logan’s therapist, Jane. 
  • Wow, so I knew there was a big spoiler but I didn’t know what it was.  I assumed it was a big death.  My suspects were Weevil, (because I saw some weird buzzfeed article that had him in the title), Keith (because of his illness) & Logan (to a lesser extent). And then later Wallace (when it was revealed he was at the bomb site). 
  • And I don't get it.  I really don't.  I don't get the need to kill off one of your lead characters at the end of a season/series.  You don't always have to Kill Your Darlings.  Sometimes, your protagonist needs to be happy.  For once.  Misery doesn't always make for better TV.
  • Matty is working for Keith which is cool.  I guess.

Zelda’s Thoughts:

  • “It’s less of a money thing and more of a we-think-you’re-the-Neptune-bomber thing.”
  • Ugh I don’t want Matty in a room with Big Dick when he’s enough in his rights that he could “accidentally” kill her. Please don’t hurt Matty, show. We like Matty.
  • Welp, and he found the file copying drive at work.
  • He swaps out the golf club for the decorative samurai sword. I want this to be a running joke of he keeps swapping weapons as he walks through his house.
  • Clyde won’t help him. Partly because he assumes the intruder is Alonzo. Shouldn’t have crossed Clyde, you idiot.
  • Oh I was right. Big Dick has traded up for a gun now.
  • Oh haha there’s more than one intruder. Here’s Alonzo in the pool, which gives Matty the chance she needs to escape.
  • Nope, Dodie is preventing that.
  • And Dodie dumps his machete for the samurai sword.
  • And Big Dick goes down. And the last thing he sees is Matty watching. I think we’re too late to save her from hardening, Veronica.
Rest in pieces, Big Dick.

  • “Let’s go home.” // “You think?”
  • I suppose this farewell moment is as good a time as any to complain that Alonzo Lozano's names are anagrams of each other.
  • A dead body by the pool. That’s how this show started.
  • Aw V wants to marry Logan tomorrow. My sweet maybe-could-be-healthy ship.
  • The frat boys dunking the pizza guy in the surf … sounds like we just found Penn’s motive for spring break hate.
  • Oh. Except it was someone named Don, not Penn. Oh dang, it’s obnoxious Don of the Murderheads.
  • His last name is McNotten, and that’s a pretty on-the-nose name for a red herring shaped suspect.

  • I’m glad they used her this way instead of what they had planned for the film (the shooting script has her as one of the ones on the boat when Susan Knight died, as Dick Casablancas's hook up of the moment).
  • Um. He left without getting the marriage license.
  • Shit, so Don is the bomber? I thought the spoiler I read was that Penn did it? Or did he frame Don?
  • I guess this counts as another shoe dropping. Except for the other one that’s shaped like a falling piano.
  • Stop talking about pee funnels.
  • Oh no. Matty’s diligence shows that the Don pizza ticket was planted there. Okay so Penn DID do it.
  • Fuck, Don is dead dead deadski.
  • With a shit-ass limerick attached.
  • Aw there’s Clemmons. Set to take over Jake Kane’s new fancy school?
  • I actually have no idea who the lady is that my elementary school was named after.
Jake Kane's inner monologue: Why does Veronica Mars have to spoil every
nice thing I plan for myself?

  • Oh, shit, Keith thinks he has football injury brain.
  • And there’s the bomb. Veronica was right.
  • And thank god, they defused it in time.
  • “Face it Mars. I’m always a few steps ahead. My contingencies have contingencies.” I hate knowing the spoiler I know.
  • Wow, he’s even evil cackling in the back of the police car. “You threw me in the briar patch, Mars!”
  • Guys, did we ever find the missing Maloof ring? Does Matty have it?
  • Oh good, Veronica finally told Keith she’s getting married. I was getting worried.
  • Aw Clyde was hoping he’d get to stay friends with Keith now that Big Dumbass Dick is gone. But Keith knows better. He can’t casually be friends with accessory to murder, to assault and conniving shell company schemes. But he’s a bit sad, because he liked Clyde too. He liked his intelligence and quiet confidence. There’s only so much of that in Neptune.
  • Damn, Logan’s therapist is President Roslin. He has good taste.

  • He’s not gonna retire. They’re gonna fix his meds and he’s gonna be fine.
  • Aw Wallace came to the wedding. Good man.
  • The fuck.
  • “Sorry.”
  • Aw the judge is marrying them outdoors. That’s sweet.
  • I hate that I know this is gonna be ruined soon. Bastard writers.
  • I guess I’ll spend tomorrow tracking down and reading all the thinkpieces about this.
  • Street Cleaning Alert on Logan's phone. I guess that’s how he knew to remind her on their skype call.
  • Daniel didn’t know but he’s guessed at this point. He’s just saying “oh no” quietly as Logan goes out to the car.
  • By the way, I had been doing so well at keeping spoiler free, until midway through our watch (between episodes 5 and 6, I think) when I found myself trying to explain the concept of Fridging to a friend, and went to the TV Tropes page on it. When I saw Veronica Mars had an entry, I assumed it was about Lilly Kane dying as the impetus for the show. Nope, it was about the rare occurrence of a male character dying to further a female character's plot/growth (the entry also spoiled that Penn was the bomber). But also I would that's not what happened here. Fridging is usually about sacrificing a woman, or sometimes a person of color, with the killing of said character coming not from plot necessity, but functioning as a plot device to further the male main character's story or character growth. To put it another way, it's not pinch-ouch, but ouch-pinch. Writers being lazy and having a bad thing happen to cause another thing, rather than everything coming from character and narrative. ANYWAY. I don't think it's actually what happened here. Veronica grew. She had grown. She was working on growing, at least. Before Logan went boom. They killed Logan anyway, for no flipping real reason as far as I can tell, except that they're deathly afraid of having Veronica be in any shape contented with her lot. It's annoying. I'm not as worked up as a lot of the fan community seems to be, maybe because of the way I found out, or because I didn't binge the whole season in one day, but I'm annoyed. It's dumb. /rant
  • I guess, even if we hadn't been spoiled, we should have known from the title that something big was gonna happen regarding LoVe, and the fact that Bloodshed is part of that title would be significant. But they did give us what Logan prophesied: Years. Continents. Bloodshed. They're just being stupid about it.
  • One year later, spring break again, Veronica now driving a red car past a Maloof for Senate sign.
  • But apparently  even though Big Dick is super dead, he still won. Spring Break Land is gone from Neptune. I wonder what Max is up to if How High Are You is gone.
  • Ah, Matty did find the ring. So that’s wrapped up, too.
  • Veronica lost her apartment and is back with Keith.
  • Wow, the re-enactment actors … that’s a thing.
  • But at least Veronica’s in therapy?
  • I assumed V’s voiceover was to Logan’s gravestone, but it’s to Jane the therapist.
  • “What do you think Logan would think about you coming to see me? // I think he’d be pissed it took me this long.
  • She’s heading out on another case, this one out of town. Is that the plan for Season Five, if there is one? Finally leaving Neptune?
  • KEITH WALKING WITHOUT A CANE. That’s good to see.
  • Aw and Matty is helping around the office, fully becoming Veronica 2.0.
  • At least the episode didn’t end with the boom. They’re trying to send us more gently off.
  • “I want to marry Veronica cuz she’s the toughest human being I’ve ever met. Blows that would destroy most people, she always picks herself back up.” I take back my gentle, that was harsh, man. It's like a challenge to Veronica that she's not allowed to let herself break down.
  • And that’s what she’s done: picked herself back up. Again. For better or worse.
  • At least she’s in therapy this time.


Therapist Jane: IS REVEALED
Z: Hey.
D: Is that what’s-her-face?
Z: Yeah.

Favorite Lines:

Daniel: “Is it weird to want to marry someone because you respect her? Because you want to be like her? Because you want children who will inherit her qualities?" - Daniel
Zelda: Veronica: Wallace is at the Kane High dedication. // Keith, to his cane: You hear that, pal? They named a school after you. // Veronica: No, this Kane. // Keith, still to his cane: You was robbed. It’s so stupid but I keep laughing.


Recurring:  Alonzo Lozano, Wallace Fennel, Dodie Mendoza, Police Chief Marcia Langdon, Penn Epner, Richard Casablancas, Matty Ross, Clyde Pickett, Cliff McCormack, Don, Jake Kane, Principal Van Clemmons, Parker Lee, Reporter 3 (Tim Davids), Cho's Pizza Manager Kelly, Bob Sargent, Blake Long, 
Already Famous Person: Mary McDonnell
Logan's Last Inspirational Message: Is it weird to want to marry someone because you respect her? Because you want to be like her? Because you want children who will inherit her qualities? I want to marry Veronica cuz she's the toughest human being I've ever met. Blows that would destroy most people, she always picks herself back up.” - Logan Echolls, on Jane's voicemail


Dead Humans - 3
Pony Sighting - 1
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0
VERONICA WAS RIGHT - 2 (Penn did it, and there was a bomb at Kane High)
VERONICA WAS WRONG - 1 (but the limerick was about the bomb he left in her car)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Suit Slayer

Episode 4.07: Gods of War. Original Airdate 7.19.19.

“Veronica debates coming clean to Nicole. Veronica’s fidelity is tested. Veronica and Keith discover they aren’t the only ones who believe they’ve found the bomber. A surprising potential client tries to hire Mars Investigations.”

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Did … did Logan call V only to remind her to move the car for street cleaning?
  • Um but if she does that, Alonzo and Dodie will have her.
  • Wallace! I saw you Wallace!
  • Wow, V keeps ducking out of her chat with Logan.

  • GASP Wallace got offered a varsity coach job at Kane High. There’s a Kane High?
  • “You seem busy, I’ll try you tomorrow.”
  • Ouchie hurt feelings all around.
  • Does it count as growth if V hates herself for spying on our best friend Nicole? She felt no such guilt in S1.
  • Oh damn. Now they’re wondering if Patton Pizza is a possible candidate for the bomber. I mean, he is a pretty prominent name for a recurring. But so is Oscar-winner JK Simmons.
  • WHOA. V succumbs to the guilt and confesses to Nicole that she planted a bug in her office, because Nicole is making it clear she wants to have a real friendship with her.
  • “You really think I’m capable of randomly killing a bunch of college kids, but yet you still consider me a friend. I mean, shit, Veronica, how low is the bar for you?” fair point
  • Shit, that relationship is over. I’ll miss you, our best friend Nicole.
  • But also, damn straight. How can she trust her?
  • Leo, Leo, Leo, do not come over to V’s for Lebowski and chill.
  • He claims he has no tawdry intention but the flirt is STRONG right now on his side (to her credit, not on V’s side)
  • Uh oh, Big Dick leased Comrade Quacks to someone else and it was supposed to be Clyde’s. Um. This is not a person you want to betray or disappoint, Big Dick.
  • Ah, V’s new theory that the nails in the bombs after the Sea Sprite bomb were done because they’re copycats of the original, where the nail didn’t come from the bomb, but did come from Matty’s string art.
  • Oh damn. This theory holds some water.
  • “If there are two bombers, everything we thought about Big Dick works out.” Yup.
  • Nooooo no no no stop hooking up with Leo stop stop stop.
  • Daniel and I are both hoping this is a dream. And there’s Wallace watching, so thank goodness it is. Christ.
  • …the bomber sent a limerick. A bad limerick
  • Penn, what is you doing?
  • And we’ve got an APB out for Pizza Patton.
  • Um. Who is shooting at us? And why?
  • Dammit, is this Alonzo and Dodie? Did they follow Veronica and Keith to the cabin?
  • Yes, yes they did.
  • Veronica just lost her cussing bet with Keith, calling him a stupid shit as he runs out to the car to get his ammo. If they don’t let him live to collect, Imma be pissed.
  • Wow. Weevil brought all the PCHers to scare off Alonzo and Dodie“Head on out, boys. No one’s touching her. Head home!” Holy shit. Our Weevil. He’s still our friend. He and V may be mad as hell at each other, and with reason on both sides, but they still care. They’re so mad because they still care. And he won’t let her be executed.
  • I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’ve got Penn in custody, still waiting for another bomb in 72 hours, but. There’s got to be another shoe. We don’t have Big Dick behind bars yet, but that’s not the shoe I’m thinking.
  • Okay, fine, I’m waiting for the thing that I know because the internet spoiled it for me but Daniel doesn’t know yet.
  • And Keith is retiring, and in tears, and it hurts so much. He’s in so much pain. “My screwed up brain almost got us killed … We’re not going to pretend that this was a one-off or no big deal.”

  • But he knows how close it was just now, and he’s blaming his forgetfulness for it.
  • And for now, having faced death and with the adrenaline leaving her system, she’s in tears of happiness to see Logan.
  • And she’s accepted his marriage proposal.
  • “Why now?” // “I had a moment of clarity.” 

  • Are we ever gonna find out what Keith’s medical scans reveal?
  • Oh holy heck. Clyde hands over to the cartel men evidence that Big Dick is behind the Sea Sprite bombings.
  • Man, the Casblancas family is gonna be down to Dick Jr. and his prodigal mother.
  • Dangit, Cliff, don’t defend stupid stupid Penn.
  • Heh, Matty left the red gift car blocking Big Dick’s drive.
  • She really is Veronica 2.0.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • The Mars' are at the police chief’s office.  They let her know about the bit coin transfer from Maloof to the cartel. 
  • Alonzo and Cartel meanwhile talk about the Mars’. They plan to kill them, but not before Veronica and Keith find the bomber. 
  • Poor Logan is trying to skype with Veronica but she keeps getting distracted. 
  • Veronica makes it clear she’s not that woman in the movies who hangs by the phone for her hero husband. 

  • Veronica drags Wallace to the murderheads meeting.  They’ve investigated the frat boys. 
  • Veronica seems sure that Nicole/Kirby is innocent. But also, she’s Veronica’s only female friend, so.  But she continues to listen in on the bug anyway. 
  • She listens to Kirby & Patton in her office. 
  • Now they suspect Patton Oswalt? 
  • Oh wow.  Veronica admits to Kirby that she bugged her office.  She wants so badly to be a friend and feels so guilty.  It’s rare to see Veronica like this.  It’s almost sweet. 
  • Kirby doesn’t think it’s sweet.  But this is the most vulnerable I’ve seen her in a while.  Especially with everything happening with Logan. 
  • AGENT LEO.  She brought him a cinnamon roll, this time. Just in case you're keep track of the all the food exchanges between them.
  • She’s all business, but he’s flirting.  And she calls him out on it.  But she’s calling her out on assuming it was a romantic invitation. And it’s all very dangerous. 
  • Ok so Veronica’s figuring out now that the Sprite bomb was different than the others.  They were assuming because Penn had one of the nails  embedded in his back, But the nails were already in the room because of the string painting. 
  • Of course the police chief won’t even listen to Keith/Veronica’s theory. 
  • Oh my, Leo is visiting Veronica in the middle of the night.  I’m really hoping this is a dream. As much as I like Veronica and Leo together, this is the wrong timing. Oh wow, hello nudity.  
  • Yeah it was a dream, I knew it.  Seeing Wallace in the bedroom wakes her up.  Wallace?  I guess he’s sort of her moral compass. 
  • Veronica & Keith tell Matty they think she’s right about Dick Sr. but only on the first bomb. 
  • Meanwhile, the bomber left a note that there will be another bomb in 72 hours. 
  • Now the FBI and the chief of police finally want to meet with the Mars…but they’re not buying the theory that Penn did the rest of the bombs. 
  • Chief of Police is playing nice with the Mars’.  She wants them to know she’s not stupid – but she also appreciates their help. 
  • Oh wow, and it seems like Patton Oswalt has plans for all the bombs in his apartment.  He might be it…or he could be being set up. 
  • Claudia’s hinting to Weevil that he’s not going to have to worry about Veronica for much longer but Weevil was there when Alonzo was talking about Veronica, so he should have known this already. 
  • Patton Oswalt: “I’m getting some wood….err…some fire wood.”  
  • The Mars’ find Patton but I’m pretty sure he’s innocent.  And someone else is firing at them.  It’s the Cartels. 
  • And Keith forgot to load his gun. 
  • He runs to the car to get the ammo and Veronica, Zelda and I are very worried about him. 
  • It’s Weevil to the rescue. Everyone is at this cabin! 
  • And Weevil & Veronica have a silent moment and it’s nice.  They have such an interesting and complicated history. 
  • But Patton Oswalt is under arrest. 
  • Looks like as soon as they get Patton to confess (if they do) and he tells them where the final bomb is (if he knows), Leo will leave town. 
  • And Keith & Veronica have a heart to heart.  He admits he’s probably done with the PI business because he keeps forgetting things.  And it’s really sad and Enrico Colantoni does some great work here.  Poor Keith. 
  • And Logan’s back!  That was a short mission…whatever it was. 
  • And Veronica surprises Logan and everyone, asking him if he still has the ring. 
  • JK Simmons comes to celebrate with Keith. Keith warns him that they’re going to get Big Dick which will lead them to JK Simmons. 
  • So in turn, JK finds the cartels and shares the voicemail that will convict Big Dick.   
  • Patton has hired Cliff! 
  • Oh right, I forgot Maloof was shot.  He’s in the hospital.  Veronica meets with Momma Maloof. 
  • She hands Veronica a check. 
  • Matty breaks into Big Dick’s house Veronica style, by hiding in the trunk of his car. 
  • And Patton maintains his innocence and wants to hire The Mars’ to prove it 

Favorite Lines:
Zelda &  Daniel: Veronica, to Matty: “Just don't do anything I wouldn't do.” // Keith: “And most of the things she would do.”

Recurring: Weevil, Alonzo Lozano, Dodie Mendoza, Agent Leo D’Amato, Daniel Maloof, Nicole Malloy, Police Chief Marcia Langdon, Penn Epner, Richard Casablancas, Matty Ross, Amalia Maloof, Clyde Pickett, Cliff McCormack, Don, Carol, Claudia, Angie, Booker Woods, Herc, Bob Sargent, Hector

Dead Humans - 0
Pony Sighting - 1
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Matty Breaks In - 1
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0