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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interview With A Fellow Scooby

Today, we're taking a break to interview a fellow Scooby and Blogger.  V writes Coincidence and Leprechauns: A blog about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, [her] life, and other important things.
D: How did you start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
V: I first became aware of Buffy with the movie, which my younger self thought was fabulous. So when I read in TV Guide ('member those?) that there would be a series based on the movie, I tuned in to the premiere and the rest is history.


D: Wow, so unlike Zelda and I, you actually watched it from the beginning!  No spoilers! What episode did you realize that this was going to be an awesome show?
V: Yep, I was a fresh Buffy virgin, waiting anxiously every week!
I'm gonna have to say Prophecy Girl. Although younger me was totally sold on the star-crossed lovers angle of Angel and taped it to watch over and over, it was Prophecy Girl that made me go, "whoa!"
D: What was it about Prophecy Girl that made you go, "whoa!"?  And would you recommend it for first time viewers?
V: Mostly, it was the acting. Sarah Michelle Gellar was phenomenal throughout, as was Anthony Stewart Head. It was a great episode for the three-named actors!
But also, that a show would have the guts to kill their own main character in the season finale was something I had no idea you could do. And it was glorious! Even bringing her back didn't feel like a cop-out, because it was just so powerful an image.
I absolutely recommend it to first time viewers. If you don't like Buffy after Prophecy Girl (after having watched the rest of the first season, of course...all the episodes are important!), then you are insane and I no longer wish to know you.
D: Let's talk about characters.  Who's your favorite and why?
V: Buffy. No question. Though Giles comes super-close.
She's the one I related to most. We both were children of divorced parents, we both had a really small circle of best friends, and we both slayed vampires at night. Actually, a lot of the situations she went through I went through and as a result, she became my spirit self, of sorts.
D: So what decided you to start a blog about Buffy after all these years?
Well, I am way too witty to keep all my thoughts to myself!  

Just kidding! I think it was a combination of boredom (I'm by myself for much of the day), passion for the show, and just wanting to accomplish something I thought was worthwhile.
Part of the reason I like Buffy so much is that not only does it have something important to say, but you can find new things to see in it even when you're rewatching for the hundredth time (which I passed, like, so long ago). And I'd hate to think that there's someone out there just dismissing it as a cheesy vampire show when I know for a fact it's anything but. So this is my way of fighting against that ignorance.
D: And with you, we shall fight!  Please make sure to visit V's Blog to fight the ignorance!


  1. V!!! Awesome, you guys. I love seeing how each person got into this show and how it influenced them.

  2. I'm so glad I don't know this chick. She sucks. [none]

  3. Look, ma, I'm somebody! :-D