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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Show's Not Over, But There Will be a Short Intermission.

As we say farewell to The Mayor and Season Three, Zelda just wanted to make sure you were aware of Harry Groener's extensive career as a song-and-dance man on Broadway. He's been nominated for a Tony Award three times, y'all. Now, two of them were for more conventional musical theatre fare: Crazy For You and Oklahoma!

True story.

But let's talk about that third Tony nomination. Because guys? Mayor Richard Wilkins III was a cat.

Truer story.

Oh no, he wasn't just any cat. He was freaking Munkustrap, that ... um ... the cat that narrates a lot of things?

So basically he's all over the cast album. Not only a featured fucking cat, he was in the Original Broadway Cast. That's legit. And apparently he gave such good cat, they nominated him for a freaking Tony Award for wearing spandex and fur and acting swag about it. Please take a moment to digest this, because we suspect you will never be the same afterwards.

Oh yes, he also replaced Tim Curry's King Arthur in Broadway's Spamalot, which is cool and all.

But. Cat.

let the memory live again

We just thought you should know.

Below: in "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats," he has the first line, a featured choreography bit at 0:46, and another closeup at 2:10.

Old Deuteronomy: No vid, but he (and Terrence Mann) lead the song; his first solo at 1:19:

Bonus: We'd love to find footage of him hootin' and hollerin' as Will Parker in Oklahoma! but sadly there is none - just photos like the one above, and the cast album (a good listen, mind you - also featuring Christine Andreas, Laurence Guittard, Mary Wickes, and Christine Ebersole). Instead, here's him tapping away in Crazy For You. The number's pretty boring except when you remember that seven years later he'll try to destroy Sunnydale.

We'd post more but we worry our heads might spin around and explode.

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  1. Mayor Wilkins was a cat? Awesome! I loved that musical when I was little.