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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What is this, summer hiatus?

Where is everyone?

Our darling readers, we're so sorry for our prolonged absence.

You see, Zelda moved into a new apartment and it had not one ghost but two! She managed to exorcise the evil controlling mother ghost, but decided to let the benevolent son ghost stick around, as he likes to help with household chores and he can reach the high up things like light fixtures, that tiny Zelda simply can't. Also that thing with the loofah.

Daniel, meanwhile, quit his job at Wolfram & Hart (Zelda misses him terribly, for the record), took his guitar and his evil hand, and drove off in a pickup truck for greener pastures. Rumor has it he joined some kind of heist team that Robin Hooded their way around Portland. Also he has a band? And much longer hair? We're not exactly sure.

Anyway, the good news is, our blog will be back next week with more exciting posts from Season Four! We can't wait to watch the bodyswitch episode this weekend.

See you soon!

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