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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yeah, Buffy. What Are We Gonna Do Now?

We're not sure if you guys have noticed, but we're officially halfway through the final season of watching Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyrs. That's kind of a scary place to be. Not just because the season's just getting worse from here, but because we're going to run out of show soon.

Okay so probably at this point we should figure out what show we want to do next. Zelda's chief concern is that no show will work quite so well as Buffy for this, since both of us have it so thoroughly memorized in a way we will probably never have for other show.

That being said. We can still have a lot of fun. If we can just decide what show to do next. Also if we can decide whether to rebrand this URL or start up a new one. Decisions!

We'd love your feedback, gentle readers. You're at least 15% of why we expend valuable energy, time, and money on delivery food to write this blog.

Possible shows:
Veronica Mars
Pushing Daisies
Dead Like Me

Please share with us your thinks.


  1. I just bought Pushing Daisies and haven't started it yet, so that could work for me. Also Arrested Development... if you don't think that would be a huge mistake.

  2. Angel gets my vote. Lots of great stories and some superb characters arcs. :D

  3. A different Anonymous here, but definitely Angel. I love hearing people's opinions about that show. I haven't watched any of the others so I wouldn't get as much out of it.

  4. Firefly - if you want to keep it in the Whedonverse :)
    Or Angel. Dollhouse.
    Veronica Mars is another favourite.

  5. "That's kind of a scary place to be. Not just because the season's just getting worse from here, ..."

    That made me laugh out loud.

    I would love to see your take on Veronica Mars.

    As for the name of the blog, it's great. No need to change it.

  6. I think Angel would be the natural next step, and I would absolutely love to read the snark during season 4 (ick!), but I also love Dead Like Me, as short as it was.

  7. I know I'm a bit late but I only recently found this and then had to spend a bunch of time catching up. Lovely little blog! Thank you so much for all the free entertainment. Not to be cliche, but I think what's next should be whatever you most want to do next! The only two of those shows that I've watched are Angel and Friends so obviously one of those would be preferable to me, though. But then I imagine Angel might be not so enjoyable to rewatch for Zelda if she really hates the character? I don't know, really, I'm grateful for anything ^^

  8. Really late to the party, but how about Torchwood?