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Monday, September 17, 2018

Elementary, My Dear Wallace

Episode 2.21: Happy Go Lucky. Original Airdate 5.02.06

"As Aaron Echolls's trial is about to conclude, tensions rise as Veronica, Keith and Logan take the witness stand to testify against him. Meanwhile, after Veronica finds a suspicious e-mail in Woody's computer, Keith turns to Lamb with evidence to arrest Woody, but Lamb refuses, believing that Keith is trying to turn him into a laughing stock. Also, to everyone's surprise, Lucky brings a gun into school with the intent to find Gia."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • And it’s time for Aaron Echoll’s trial.  And he’s totally playing it up for the jury and they’re totally buying it.
  • Wow, and he’s really claiming that he didn’t have sex with Lilly.  Follow-up from the previous episode when lawyer asked Veronica about his relationship with Lilly.
  • Duncan is being set-up and he’s not even here to defend himself.
  • “Easy Going Veronica Mars – that’s what the kids at school call me.”
  • It’s nice that they remember that Gia & Veronica are in health class together.
  • Also, it’s nice to finally see Veronica actually studying – the thing I always get on her case about.
  • Oh crap.  Gun shots.  It’s Lucky The Janitor.
  • And good-guy without a gun, Wallace tackles Lucky to the ground.  He shoots at Wallace, but the gun is full of blanks.  The security guard’s aren’t.  He shoots Lucky dead and fuck, this is going to be really traumatic for the kids at Neptune High.
  • “Nobody likes a blonde in a Hamster Ball.”
  • “Why should you break in when I’m invited?” – This should be on the Mars family crest.
  • They’re actually showing Jackie a lot these finally few episodes.  That’s nice.
  • Oh hey, it’s Beaver.  I mean, they should show him once or twice before the finale.
  • Aww, MySpace mention.  Remember them?  I’m so old I used to be on Friendster.
  • And we/Veronica finally sees how Woody Goodman is a really horrid person…and how he might be connected to the bus crash.  Except Veronica doesn’t recognize the voices yet.
  • And Veronica is being sworn in.  This is always nerve-wracking.

  • And the prosecutor is totally slut-shaming Veronica now, and the judge is allowing it and it’s totally gross.
  • Aww, Mac is helping out Weevil and Beav – even though neither of them really deserve it – especially Beav.
  • I don’t really understand why Keith is going to Woody with this before going to the police.
  • I know I’m late to the game of realizing this – but has Jackie been living by herself for like the last six months with no guardian?
  • Damn, they’re really trying to tarnish Veronica’s reputation to get Aaron off and it’s really super gross.
  • “If I get you an A, will you shiv him?” - Mac
  • “Is your ego really that enormous that you can turn the murder of 8 people about you?”  - Yeah that pretty much sums up Lamb.
  • I love the Weevil passing Algebra is a major plotpoint in the penultimate episode of Season 2.
  • And oh no.  Just as Weevil passes Algebra, he’s being pegged in a crime.
  • Wallace: “It was worth getting taped to a pole…”  Awww.
  • Instead of starting her final, Veronica books it to the trial.  Which is very irresponsible of her…considering how important getting the Kane scholarship is to her.  There’s no need for her to be at the trial.   And especially to find out that Aaron has been acquitted on all counts.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • We open on Aaron Echolls. We open on talking garbage.
  • AND HE IS LYING. LYING. lying sack of shit, claiming he never had sex with Lilly, claiming he broke up with her, saying Duncan "probably" killed her. I hate him, I hate him so much.
  • I thought witnesses weren't allowed to watch other people's testimony if they haven't testified yet? Did I make that up? Is that just something I mistakenly picked up from other TV shows?
  • V has everything riding on acing her finals so she can get the Kane scholarship and go to Stanford. Since we know the future, we know this will somehow go wrong. She walks out on a final or something, right? Something heartbreaking.
  • Shit, I forgot about the gun. Fuck. This is. This is not something good. And probably not something they would be able to do like this now, with the frightening increase in school shootings.
  • Shit, and when Lucky aims the gun at Wallace after Wallace tackled him. Fucking terrifying.
  • And then the school guard shoots Lucky dead.
  • I don't have anything funny to say.
  • Woody reveals that Lucky was a bat boy for something or other - a clue to the ultimate reveal
  • Woody's password is "mrgoodwood" ew ew
  • Rando: Hey Veronica. // V: Hey ... you. // Rando: Hart. // V & Me: yeah we've never seen this dude before (except IMDB says he's been on the show before, so--ah, he's the one who had the film of Logan's mother jumping off the bridge)
  • gasp V found an audio recording, of the boys talking about what Woody did to them! if only we can figure out the voices on the recording
  • Also why was the subject heading about preventing the incorporation? Is this really just about Beaver's company?
  • Woody, being the Uber Creeper "Are you as smart as you think you are?"
  • I'm amazed he's being chill (well except for the creeperness) with V, considering what's been going on between him and Keith
  • Ohhh the one who sent the tape edited himself out of the tape
  • EW EW EW EW EW Aaron is claiming Veronica propositioned him? EW EW EW EW
  • I do like that V figured out how to help both Beaver and Weevil with their problems - scratched car and passing Algebra - and matchmade them. Although ... they're not gelling well.
  • But Mac chimes in and is the best and I love her hi Mac please become a season regular.
  • ew though this is also so she and Beaver can rekindle, just so we can hurt her more
  • "I'm not a fifteen year old boy, Woody. You don't scare me." man I can't wait for Woody to go down.
love Keith so much

  • Aw Terrence is finally free! Thanks Leonard Lobo!
  • Oh but Lobo is here to tell us just how he wants his thanks. With Terrence glad handing all his casino patrons for the next decade, until his debt is repaid
  • I just. I don't understand this and I never will. I don't understand why they don't get to testify to what they saw, but instead are told what lies Aaron said, and are asked questions as if that were the fact. It makes me want to vomit.
  • And I hate that this shithead Lavoie provoked Keith enough that he assaults him in court.
  • GASP V figured out that it's not the bat boys for the Sharks that Woody assaulted (well, not just them), but also Woody's little league team also called the Sharks - and several of the bus crash victims were players.
  • I'm confused. It seems like Jackie's also lying to Terrence about the Sorbonne (knowing the future is rough). Wouldn't he know she can't afford it, and that she'd actually just be going back to her mom? Or was that not a lie, and she was going to go to the Sorbonne before Terrence lost his fame and fortune?
  • And then fucking Lamb, embarrassed several times over when trying to find the person who caused the bus crash, won't act on Keith's evidence that Woody is a serial predator and could also be the one behind the bus crash (though he isn't).
  • Oh man, Weevil just wants to to pass algebra, make his grandma proud.
  • And just in time, the boys who saw Weevil when he knocked out Thumper have come forward, now that Thumper's remains have been found.
  • "You better enjoy this, because this is as nostalgic as I get. I just wanted to say, it was worth getting taped to a pole. Gonna miss ya." // "And my stupid ass face?" Aw babies.

  • And now it's time for V to sabotage her final exam and a chance at the scholarship and Stanford - because she wants to see the verdict in person. And it's the wrong verdict. I hate this. Everything is garbage.
  • Meanwhile, Woody fled on a private plane.
  • BUT SERIOUSLY HOW DID AARON NOT GET CONVICTED FOR ANYTHING. Even putting aside his tap dancing evidence around Lilly, he assaulted both Marses. 


D: We should have had a stat for how many grown men sexually objectify teenage girls. It happens so much on this show.
Z: But then our stats would break.
D: It's so gross.

Favorite Lines:

Daniel: Easy Going Veronica Mars – that’s what the kids at school call me.  - Veronica

Zelda: "It was worth getting taped to a pole." - Wallace


Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Logan, Weevil, Beaver, Jackie (Absent: Duncan, Dick)
Recurring: Aaron Echolls, Ethan Lavoie, Gia Goodman, Lucky, Woody Goodman, Mrs. Goodman, Terrence Cook, Hart, Sheriff Don Lamb, Deputy Jerry Sacks, Leonard Lobo, Mac, Rodney Goodman


Dead Humans - 1
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called - 0


  1. That entire trial was stress-inducing garbage. I can't believe they got him off. I wonder if they had bigger plans for him at some point that fell through? Because it seems really weird to get him off, despite the fact that he tried to kill the Marses and knocked out that poor homeowner just to *spoiler* kill him off two seconds later.

    Side note: While it was absolute garbage that the trial for some reason divulged Veronica having an STI, I absolutely loved that Keith rushed out to comfort her and didn't shame or judge or anything but asked if she was ok. It's why he's the best dad. :') <happy tears.

    1. I think it's all about worldview (the show's and Veronica's). What we see consistently in this universe is the structures that are supposed to be in place to protect victims continuously fails them (starting in the pilot with Lamb refusing to try to help V after she was raped, and continuing here with Aaron getting off scot-free, and being celebrated for it). And yes, he gets shot in the next episode, but that's vigilante justice, which we also see as a common motif in this show - V getting vigilante justice (and Keith fighting her on it, because he used to be a law enforcer), Weevil getting vigilante justice on Thumper when the system failed him (and getting arrested for it in the finale), etc.

      Also, seconded: Keith is the best dad