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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

What's a Rogue Demon?

Episode 1.10: Parting Gifts. Original Airdate: 12.14.99

“Wesley joins Angel and Cordelia as he pursues a demon that mutilates creatures possessing supernatural powers.”

Zelda’s Thoughts:

  • Oh hey the Oracles are back. And annoyed with Angel, who’s trying to get Doyle back. But they won’t. They don’t want to nullify his heroic act, his atonement.
  • Oh hey it’s Maury Sterling who’s on every show but especially as Max on Homeland.
  • And he’s being traced by someone on a motorcycle who could it be.
  • And the credits give us one last fakeout, keeping Doyle in the credits for one last episode (and probably to not spoil that Wesley is joining the cast)
  • Cordelia’s despondently examining the mugs, trying to figure out if Doyle had a special coffee mug. She’s looking for something to hold onto, to keep of his.
  • Angel being testy about vampire stereotypes: always delightful.
  • Woof,  Cordelia weeping through her audition advertising a stain remover.
  • And the three nonplussed auditors. It’s pretty generous that they’re giving her another run at it.
  • Unfortunately, that’s her cue for GASP A VISION.
  • “Nice adjustment, nice.” // “Thank you.”
  • Maury’s being followed by an assassin, he says. This assassin wears leather and black jeans and has a bag of weapons.
  • Maury seems to be here to add more color to the ambiguously evil demons, but he’s claiming he’s “evil” but not ~evil~ but hey those of us who know the future know that’s a little bit of a big fat lie.
  • Oh right, this is the episode where Cordelia kisses everyone, trying to get rid of the visions.
  • It’s pretty rough, you know. You could argue Doyle could bear his visions because of his enhanced demon strength, but Cordelia is full human at the moment. Let’s put a pin in this, because hey it’ll come back later.
  • Angel leaves his office in bright daylight, but by the time he reaches Maury’s apartment, it is deep night. HOW DOES TIME WORK IN L.A.?
  • Man, I love Alexis Denisof.
  • Well the badass lasted as long as it took Angel to carelessly knock the crossbow out of his hand.
  • But he tries to put it back on with “In point of fact, I no longer work for the Council.”
  • Angel is openly laughing at him.
  • Ewwwwww goop dripping on Wesley from the ceiling.
  • Oh boy, Wesley is still not good at hand to hand fighting.
  • And in all of this, we’re still misdirected on Maury (fine, Barney), because we’re told the demon Wes is tracking is collecting demons with specific powers, and Barney is empathic. But we’re also misdirected by the fact that Wes himself is tracking the wrong demon.
  • But Barney knows Wes is tracking him. Interesting.
  • Yes, Wes, this kiss with Cordelia went better than the one when she was still in high school, but let’s not go there.
  • And with one “what’s a rogue demon?” from Cordelia, Wesley once again deflates.
  • Angel’s quiet irritation with Wes is quite fun.
  • Wes just said “the hell you say,” to which I say “the hell Wes talks like that?”
  • Wes is now wearing leather pants for the sake of a chafing joke, but whoever was doing those earlier we-don’t-know-it’s-Wesley-yet shots was definitely in faded black jeans. Come on, continuity. Get it together.


  • And now Cordy tells Barney about her visions and oops.
  • Because Angel just found the Kungai demon and his horn is missing and he’s dying.
  • Barney: “How old are you? Twenty-something?” D&Z: She’s like eighteen.
  • Well, Charisma is older but dude.
  • I dunno why Barney thinks the visions are in Cordelia’s eyes though. It’s more a brain thing, no?
  • And Wes has abandoned his leather for … a cream linen suit? That’s like when Buffy changed into a white shirt to patrol the sewers.
  • I’m also extremely curious as to Wesley’s luggage while he rogue demon hunts. Why was he packing the linen suit? I get the costume change as a heavy-handed nod to who he is/who he pretends to be, but for real, how much was he carrying on his motorcycle?
  • Wesley, with a quite bedside voice, “Fish will die.” Great job translating.
  • Seriously I love how much Alexis Denisof leans into being a twerp. He’s not afraid of looking silly.
  • Cordelia, hog tied and gagged, finally sees the blobby grey thing from her vision: she’s in the storeroom of an auction house.
  • Gasp a nameless Wolfram & Hart attorney is in the auction house! If only it were Lila.
  • We haven’t had Lindsey back. Maybe they hadn’t decided yet who they wanted their principal W&H characters to be.
  • We’ve introduced a new stat called Wesley Prat-falls, because of what a physical clown he is.

Throwback to case in point

  • Good for Cordy, kicking Barney’s stupid ass.
  • Also I noticed that Wes was rocking some scruff when he wore leather. Now he’s back in linen, he’s clean shaven.
  • But now that he helped save Cordelia, he’s combining the leather jacket with linen pants … and silly bravado about being a rogue demon hunter, while hoping he’ll be asked to stay.

Daniel’s Thoughts:

  • Angel’s trying to talk to the Oracles to bring Doyle back.
  • And the Oracles are right actually – he had a noble death.   He saved many people. That shouldn’t be undone.
  • Angel doesn’t yet know that the visions have been transferred.
  • Doyle is still in the opening credits.
  • And everyone’s sad.
  • Guest starring: Alexis Denisof!
  • “I’m staying right here! Oh, I gotta go.”
  • So we’re still doing the Cordelia is an actress thing.
  • Cute new demon – Barney- needs help from Angel.
  • I love that Angel’s so offended by the stereotype that vampires sleep in coffins.
  • The actors playing the casting directors are hilarious.  And they work well off each other.
  • Cordelia’s first vision.
  • Barney is telling Angel about the guy pursuing him.  We see bits and pieces of this leather clad motorcyclist.  So obviously this is supposed to be a big reveal.
  • Cordelia made the connection between the kiss and the visions – which is right, but also a leap.
  • Cordelia just kissing everyone.
  • Oh hey, the leather-clad demon hunter is Wesley.  He’s pretending to be all tough and it’s cute.
  • Angel easily gets the weapon away from him.
  • And he’s playing it all goofy, because that’s how  he was on Buffy…tho things will soon change.
  • So I guess the other reveal here is that Barney isn’t the demon that Wesley is after.  But Wesley is going after the demon that’s…going after Barney.
  • It’s only dudes she’s kissing.  Also how does she know that it didn’t work?
  • “What’s a rogue demon?”  - classy Cordelia.
  • Angel speaks Korean.  Who knew?
  • Oh, nothing. Demons in towels getting’ massages in Koreatown.

  • “Messages from the PTB” – (powers that be) - Golly, Internet slang
  • Hey. Cordelia has a tramp stamp.  Did we know this? [SMG has one too, though they usually cover it up for the show when they remember. - Z]

  • Evil reveal!  Barney’s not a good demon!
  • “What are you, 20-something?” – Cordelia’s supposed to be 18/19 right out of college.  I wonder if this is supposed to be an inside joke since Charisma is almost 30 at the time of this viewing.
  • And now Wesley is dressed as a lawyer from the south in the 50s. 
Ah say, ah say, yer honah

  • Wesley: I’m useless. A fool.  A sniveling great big – Angel: (looking at the picture) – Ugly, Gray blobby thing.  Wesley: Ugly. Gray, blobby thing – what?
  • Wow, these demons are riled up easily.
  • Alexis is really good at the physical comedy.
  • Cordelia stabbing Barney in the back feels like a an old vamp staking moment.
  • Ooh and when Barney-demons die, they go poof.  Well, they sorta deflate like a balloon? [I think that was his life essence being sucked out by the Kungai demon's horn? - Z]
  • Wesley just wants a place to belong.  Aww, don’t we all. 


Barney: *backhands Cordelia for the second time*
Zelda: Stop hitting Cordelia in the face! That’s the moneymaker!

Favorite Lines:

Zelda: “I’m going to thrash you within an inch of your life AND THEN I’M GONNA TAKE THAT INCH.” – Wes (Alexis’s delivery is insane and I love it) 

Daniel: “I’m usesless. A fool. A sniveling great big” “Ugly grey blobby thing.” “Yes, an ugly grey blobby thing—what?” - Wesley/Angel/Wesley


First Appearance: Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
Recurring: The Oracles
Generally Known TV Face: Maury Sterling
Buffy Crossover: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Whedonverse Hat Trick: Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndham-Pryce on both Angel and Buffy, Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, Senator Daniel Perrin in Dollhouse), Maury Sterling (Barney in Angel, Eddy in Dollhouse ep “Echo”)


Cordelia’s Hair – big looping curls (pinned up for commercial audition), pulled back in a pony with a bunch of butterfly clips
Dead Humans – 0
Dead Undeads – 2
Dead Flashbacks – 0
Dead Lawyers – 0
Cordelia Has a Vision – 1
Wesley Prat-falls – 2
Lawyered Ex Machina – 1 (W&H wins the bidding for Cordelia)
Evil Reveal – 1 (Barney the empath demon)
Unevil Reveal – 2 (Shiatsu Massage Demon, Kungai demon)
Shenanigans Called – 0
Apocalypse Called – 0
Prophecy Called – 0

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