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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BYO Shovel

Episode 2.2: Some Assembly Required. Original Airdate 9.22.97
"Scream all you want!  ...On second thought.."

"Two science club nerds use body parts to create the "perfect girlfriend" for a teenager who has been brought back from the dead."

Zelda's Thoughts:
  • This episode is to be survived. Though I will note there was more funny than I remembered, the monster of the week is not terribly interesting.
  • Angel giving Buffy tips about what it's like for a vampire to rise. Heh.
  • Angel got beaned by the shovel blade. Zelda laaaaaaaaaaughed.
  • "Gee, I wish people wouldn't leave open graves laying around like this."
  • Daniel and I caught ourselves singing along to the theme song, nasally imitating the guitar riffs. We're such dorks.
  • Poor Giles is so awkward at trying to ask someone out. He's lucky Jenny is a dating ninja.
  • "She already knows that you're a school librarian, so you don't have to worry about how to break that embarrassing news to her."
  • OMG all the banter of Buffy & Xander teasing Giles is adorable.
  • "I know you meant to say gross and disturbing." // "Yes, yes, yes of course. Uh, terrible thing. Must, must put a stop to it. Damn it."
  • Eric: "Look at those legs!" // Willow: "No, thank you." // Us: Give her a few years.
  • "Hello, can we deal with my pain please?" // "There, there."
  • I kind of love how they're just completely ignoring Cordy. She may have gotten over the monster-amnesia, but she's still in no way a part of the group.
  • ...How many hours is cheerleader practice? School gets out at, what, 3:15, and Cordelia isn't headed out to her car until like 8:30 pm.
  • Oho now Angel is trying to make Buffy jealous with Cordelia! I'd laugh more if I didn't know what was coming on his own show (barf).
  • "It was horrible. Angel saved me from an arm!"
  • "Do I deconstruct your segues?" Pretty sure I've used this one.
  • Ewwwwww creepy Frankenstein monster.
  • I do love Buffy's face as she realizes Daryl is alive again.
  • I am in total love with the overacting extra sitting next to Jenny at the game:

  • Those are NOT high school boys on the Sunnydale High football team. Those are trucks. [to be fair, Cordelia's about 30...-D]
  • Cordelia's got a good scream on her.
  • I actually thing the strategy of the choreography of the Buffy/Daryl fight is well done. He's using his brute strength and size to just try and grab and crush her, she's trying to knock him down, take his legs out.
  • "Did you just say second date?" // "You noticed that, huh?" Awwwwwwww
  • Cordelia's whatever face. Amazing. --->
  • "He gets to see you in the sunlight." Awww.
  • Buffy and Angel hold hands as she walks him home. AWWWW. IT WON'T END WELL, I TELL YOU.
  • And the Buffy/Angel theme comes back.

Daniel's Thoughts:
  • Shenanigans!  - She’s not six feet!  When Buffy is standing in the grave in the open coffin, her head is fully out.  She's pretending she's not cute and short. [When does Buffy ever pretend she's not cute? - Z]
  • Giles, never work on your pick up lines with your back to the door.  I've learned this the hard way.
  • "How do you feel about Mexican?" That’s the pickup line I’ve always used.
  • “It’s a fruit”. - Brilliant.
  • Giles  - "Zombies don't eat the flesh of the living".  OK, in most things, I trust the Buffy Universe's interpretation of the mystical....but I can't have this.  Everyone knows that George Romero's zombies are the horror zombies to go by...and they do eat the flesh of the living.  Shame, writers, shame.
  • Worst Mom Ever – surprise, today it’s not Joyce.  It’s Chris and Daryl’s mom.
  • Oh, so much cheese. “Where you gonna throw?” - Daryl is the worst.
  • Cordelia is almost kidnapped but nothing is more important than cheer leading!
  • Knowing what we know about Jenny later…does she really like Giles or was she just getting close to him to look after Angel.  Of course, I don't think the writers even know what happens with Jenny later in season 2 at this point, so I'd like to believe that she really does like Giles.
  • I really try not to think about the fact that Buffy is only 16 and Angel is a big ol' perv.  I choose to suspend disbelief on this subject...cause...creepy.


Zelda: Angel is jealous of Xander. Na na na na naaaaaaaaaa na.
Daniel:  I love that Angel is jealous of Xander.  As if.

Crossfire Part Deux!

Zelda: [re: above] That's not a good crossfire.
Daniel: Yes it is.
Zelda: But we're both laughing about it.
Daniel: What do you mean by the "na na na na?"
Zelda: I'm laughing at Angel being jealous. And his stupid face.
Daniel: Well, I'm laughing at anyone being jealous of Xander. And his stupid face.

Favorite Lines:

Zelda: Buffy: "Yeah. You just say, 'Hey, I got a thing, you maybe have a thing, maybe we could have a thing.'" // Giles: "Oh, thank you, Cyrano."
Daniel: "Guys, if we don't have it down by tomorrow then no one will be led by our cheers." ~Cordelia

Arc/Continuity Stuff:
  • Buffy is in Trig.

Voiceover - Giles
Dead Humans - 0
Dead Undeads - 2
Giles Unconscious - 0
Giles Cleans His Glasses - 0
Buffy Breaks a Door - 1
Evil Reveal - 1 (Chris/Eric)
Unevil Reveal - 0
Shenanigans Called - 1
Apocalypse Called - 0


  1. I hear this episode gets maligned a lot but I really like it. I like this episode for combining two really great works of fiction and ethical issues.

    Most people immediately link it to Frankenstein as that's the obvious story they are going for but I always got a Pygmalion vibe off of this one as well. The guys were trying to create or "sculpt" the perfect woman after all.

    Solid review, guys. Zelda, I share in your laughter at Angel getting hit by a shovel and his being jealous of Xander in this episode.

    1. Yay! Ah Blinvy, I can always count on you to side with me on the whole "let's make Angel look stupid" debate. :)