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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Scoobies Answer: Who Are You?

Zelda is Giles
One of the first things I knew about Daniel was that Anya was his favorite character, and the one he most identified with - he also said as much here. And though I said Buffy was my favorite (she still is), I wouldn't say she was the character I'm most like - I was never going to be a Gryffindor. At first I thought maybe Willow was my character twin, what with being a wiz in school and kind of shy and awkward, but there are huge chunks of her personality which don't coincide with mine. Then last week, Daniel showed me this amazing gif (above) of Anya and Giles fighting in Tabula Rasa. And I realized: ...Oh. That's who I am. I'm the know-it-all who actually does know a lot of random useless stuff. I'm Ravenclaw. I've got a dry sense of humor, I'm too classy to drink beer (actually, I just don't like the taste), and I'm fiercely loyal to those whom I love. I would slice that Mayor's face anytime he threatened my homies. Oh, and I can be super freaking scary when I want to be.

I also take hilarious pratfalls.
But most importantly, perhaps, to this whole discussion is this:

"Yes. Well. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. In fact, I encourage you to always challenge me when you feel it's appropriate. You must never be cowed by authority. Except, of course, in this instance when I am clearly right and you are clearly wrong."

I don't really have to explain any more at this point.

Daniel is Anya

When Zelda first proposed this as a blog topic, I was excited, if not a little bit nervous.  I've always been loud and proud about my fondness and appreciation for Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins and how much I identify with her. But when forced to put my thoughts to paper computer about how exactly I'm like her, at first I came up with a big flat blank.I was worried at first that I wasn't like Anya at all; that I just aspired to be like her.

To describe her superficially, you can say she's loud and tactless: two things, I pride myself in not being.  But if you examine her a little deeper, I think Anya is more self-conscious and needy than most of the Scooby gang.  She puts on a brave front with her sarcastic quips but the things she wants most is extremely human.  She wants to be loved and she wants to be part of the group.  She's often self-conscious about Xander and whether he really truly loves her.  And while the latter (wanting to be part of the group) can certainly be argued, I saw no other reason for her to stay with the group after her and Xander's break-up.

And that's why I was a little apprehensive about doing this blog post:  Because Anya and I often share the same insecurities about life, love & friendship.  Our tactics in hiding it may be slightly different, but what lies underneath certainly isn't.  

Also, I provide much needed sarcasm.

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  1. I think Anya's charm is in the fact that she is a constant commentary on the illogical state of being human. And her tact... I wish for her lack of tact. I heart Anyanka