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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Just Your Brother-in-Law

Episode 3.13: Postgame Mortem. Original Airdate 2.13.07

"The basketball coach is found dead after an argument with his son, Josh. The Coach's wife goes to Keith's office looking for help. Veronica becomes involved in the investigation while her father continues the Dean O'Dell murder investigation. Josh escapes from jail, and Veronica is arrested for complicity in his escape."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • So where’s Wallace been?  He’s been playing basketball!  He could have his own Friday Night Lights spin-off.  Maybe he’d appear more than he does on this show.
  • Mason with the cool eyes is here too.
  • And the coach’s son – who quits because he’s sick of his dad yelling at him in front of everyone.  I get it.
  • Oh man, I just noticed there’s a place in the food court called “Spaghetti Western” and that’s awesome.
  • None of my professors in college ever cared if I didn’t come to one class – unless it was a theater class, actually.  But I mean, half your grade is presentation, so.
  • Aww, Dick was actually helpful.  He’s not only helped the hotel staff get into the room, thereby making sure Logan isn’t evicted – but he also actually forwards the note that he might be kicked out of class.  
  • So that coach-dad? Dead now.  That’s the mystery of the week that it looks like Keith & Veronica will be working together.  (And Cliff!) They suspect Josh, the coach’s son.
  • “Don’t worry about the Sheriff.  He has a long and proud history of being wrong.” – Keith
  • “You’re lucky you’re rich, otherwise this would be disgusting.” – Ugh – that’s privilege right there.
  • This little girl looks so familiar.  Both Zelda and I think so.  Like she grew up into someone we know.  Turns out we don’t. That was a rollercoaster.
  • Weevil’s back!  Two episodes in a row.
  • Oh Logan.  He’s still depressed.  And yeah, I get depression – but again, Logan can afford being depressed so I don’t fully feel sorry for him. If I'm depressed, I still have to go to work, because I need money.
  • This is like that episode of Friends when Joey breaks the dog.
  • Arturo the pizzaboy mugger is now in charge of Weevil’s old gang.
  • Heather, “If I had [Super Mario Kart], I’d play it every second.” – Yeah…I once hung out with friends and we played it until dawn. It’s very addicting.  When we went to Denny’s the next morning, I think I hallucinated cars throwing turtle shells at me.
  • Mason With the Pretty Eyes comes forward with a tip about seeing Josh.
  • Aww, Veronica is Logan’s computer wallpaper.
  • Dick is married.   This is getting weird.
  • Wow, so Dean O’Dell’s hot wife and Landry have their stories very straight, even down to the 1:30am cell phone call when they should have been together.
  • And Veronica still has time to make cookies.  When does she watch all the shows on her DVR?
  • The helpful concierge girl is back!
  • So Heather got a request on the air from Logan to Veronica – and Veronica hears it….just as she walks by a radio turned to that exact station.  *total eyeroll*  I'm not going to call shenanigans on this but can I call contrivance?
  • This Heather girl is adorable – she’s so psyched that they bumped into Veronica and she’s trying to get them back together.  And it’s just too cute.  Logan is not as amused.
  • Also too cute?  Dean O’Dell’s letter recommending Veronica Mars, read of course, post-mortem.
  • I don’t think it was Mrs. O’Dell. She might be hiding something, but why would she hire Keith if she killed the Dean.
  • Veronica hid cookies in a book for Josh.  They look professionally made.  Is there nothing she can’t do?
  • And Logan is cured!
  • Was there something else in the book?  Cause Josh escaped and Veronica is being arrested for it!

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • It’s interesting that for this arc of the season, V isn’t the driving force behind the arc-long investigation, like she was with Lilly or with the rapes. Here, Keith is the one on the Dean’s case, and V is dealing with case of the week.
  • Wallace still exists!
  • I LOVE THE MARSES. V finds a plate of toast, takes a bite, reads Keith’s attached note ("If you've eaten any of this breakfast, you now owe me. Invoices have to go out today. See you at the office."), crumples it, says “and I always fall for it.”
  • This is Dick’s like ONE redeeming moment all season: Logan’s completely spiraled out and holed up in his room, and Dick forces him to get some fresh air (by locking him on the balcony) and letting housekeeping clean up the sty (and also reminding him he’s about to fail if he keeps skipping class)
  • Oh right this is where Logan bonds with the little girl who is the voice of optimistic romance.
  • Well, the case of the week is actually brought to Keith, not V. But it'll become her case.
  • Josh’s mom is right, why is Sheriff Don Lamb going after Josh for his dad’s murder instead of the more in-character racist alternative of blaming the PCHers just cuz they can?
  • Oh right, the dude who was threatening Dean O’Dell just before he was murdered (though that was just about reinstating the frats)
  • The show’s writers are still acting like Dick had an emotional attachment to Madison. YOU CAN’T RETCON HIM INTO HAVING FEELS. We saw him have feels over his brother and collapsed family, and I bought that. The rest is nahhh.
  • Aw man, baby Arturo is running the PCH gang now? Good continuity of character bench, show, but it is disappointing to see.
  • Aw Logan manages a small smile at tiny girl’s enthusiasm for playing Mario Kart.
  • Dick got married in Vegas. Of course he did.
  • “Dad, do me a favor." // "Anything." // "Don’t get murdered.” “Honey.” Aw man, #Marsfeels. These two have had too many close calls with losing each other. And the film won’t help with that trauma.
She should get her own spinoff.

  • It’s kinda amazing (Daniel’s word is contrived) that V, after turning off Logan’s voicemail, that she does manage to hear the radio dedication young Heather places on his behalf.
  • Of course, she turns off the stereo when she hears it.
  • Omg so when Heather asked Logan if he had any "extra small" clothing for her to change into, he gave her one of V’s shirts. Because V is tiny. That is amazing.

  • Also this tiny girl ships them and it’s adorable.
  • Not that it fixes anything.
  • Oh right the FBI internship thing. The “please don’t cancel us” hail mary.
  • I should rewatch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I remember finding it delightful.
  • Aw, Keith’s proud papa face when he reads the Dean’s recommendation letter about Veronica.
  • “You know a good lawyer?” “I know *a* lawyer.” Aw, the number of times that’s been used to cue Cliff.
  • Also I am shocked that Dick needs a divorce.
  • Why is Mindy lying about Cyrus showing up at their hotel room the night of the murder? *intrigue face*
  • Aww Heather and Logan are gonna play Mario Kart online … it woulda been cool if they kept that aspect somehow (maybe she’ll show up in the new series! … she won’t)
  • And Logan’s going back to class! All he needed was a dose of eleven year old optimism.
  • Um. Lamb is arresting V for aiding and abetting Josh’s escape? The what?

Favorite Lines:
Daniel: "Don’t worry about the sheriff, he has a long and proud history of being wrong." - Keith
Zelda: "I would have settled for 'I find her nosiness charming.'" - Veronica

Neptune Roll Call:  Logan, Wallace, Dick, Sheriff Don Lamb, Weevil (Absent: Parker, Piz, Mac)
First Appearance: Josh Barry, Kathleen Barry, Professor Corrigan
Recurring: Tom Barry, Mindy O'Dell, Mason, Cliff McCormack, Professor Hank Landry, Mel 
Generally Known TV Face: Juliette Goglia

Dead Humans - 1
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 1 ("I might have to use an oven mitt to feel her up")
Shenanigans Called - 0

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