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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Go on Oprah and Tell the World I Loved Kittens

Episode 2.02: Driver Ed. Original Airdate 10.05.05

"Veronica finds her life once again swirling out of control as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the bus crash by helping the daughter of the bus driver rule out suicide. Meanwhile, new student Jackie gets the attention of Wallace, who does a little detective work of his own."
Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Veronica can no longer hold herself responsible for solving Lilly's murder, so now it's time to blame herself for Meg's being on the bus when it crashed
  • Jackie's here and she's already awful (listen, I really like Tessa Thompson now but I mostly hate her as Jackie. I don't think she's doing her best work, and Jackie is an underwritten and kind of awful character)
  • Last week Woody Goodman was running for Mayor; this week, he's running for County Supervisor. Because oops Neptune doesn't have a mayorship.
  • Woody Goodman is so creepy. He's always so creepy. Did Guttenberg know he was a creeper when they cast him, or did he just decide he was gonna be a creeper independently?
  • "Elections dredge up ugliness, and I don't wanna subject you to that again." // "You wanna protect me? Run for Sheriff." boom
  • Keith's face "I can't imagine where I'd be if you'd gotten back on that bus."
  • Gasp Jackie is Terrence Cook's daughter! ... estranged daughter
  • Wallace side-eying the shallow girls pretending they knew the bus victims
  • And then he sees Jackie and he lights up adorably
  • Kendall to Logan "You need to not remind me you're in high school, there's an ick factor." AGREED MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. Also that was such a Cordelia line.
  • ugh seriously how long til that entanglement ends?
  • wow yeah Dick Sr announces he's taking Dick Jr to the firing range and invites Logan, and everyone ignores Beaver
  • haha Wallace calls Veronica for a favor and uses her patented cute smile-head tilt-"whatcha doin'?"
  • Kevin Smith is so excited that he was on TV.
  • I actually think it's a darling thing, that other writers who loved Veronica Mars threw their names behind that love by cameo-ing on it (stay tuned for when Joss Whedon shows up to yell at another America's Next Top Model).
  • Oho Driver Ed needed change for a phone call. The last payphone in America!
  • The Sheriff's office is hiring a new receptionist? Where's Inga?
  • Oh right, Jane! I remember Jane. Aw and Jane clearly has an adorable crush on Wallace.
  • "I think my father has a similar philosophy. Of course, he's a murderer, so."
  • Oho and a reporter tries to get a story off Wallace, and Wallace recognizes the notebook style. DETECTIVE WALLACE ON THE CASE.
  • It's bittersweet but very well acted, the scene between Jessie and her dad's gf
  • And Veronica and Duncan have had their first consensual sex.
  • And they hear through the hotel wall, loud moany sex. Duncan: "Maybe we did it wrong."
  • And whoop she knows it was Logan. And now he knows she and Duncan are sleeping together. Everything is awkward and bitter.
  • Turns out Dick Sr is as awful as Dick Jr  I AM SHOCKED
  • Keith tells Woody he's not running for Sheriff. But then he sees Lamb being awful and dismissive to Jessie, and well, he's a good man, our Keith.
  • Veronica: sees girl who was a bitch to her kissing Wallace. sees Wallace's smitten face. doesn't say anything.
  • Check out the dead guy with Veronica's name on his hand.

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • After the crash…
  • It’s interesting that Meg is the only survivor.  Kinda..she’s in a coma.
  • Omg, look how young Tessa Thompson is!  She hasn't aged in over ten years.
  • “You know you can do better right?” – Duncan’s look.  Heh.
  • Suicide is a personal thing.  They wouldn't risk others.  Blaming the bus driver sucks.
  • Hey, it’s Ari Graynor!  The first thing I ever saw her in was on Broadway. “Dog Sees God”
  • She’s the bus driver’s daughter.
  • Veronica, “You must chill,” Ok. Fine.  But her dad just died and being accused of committing suicide while killing 6-7 other people. So…
  • Ugh.  Knowing what I know about Woody/Steve Guttenberg – this scene with him as a little league coach is so damn creepy.
  • But right now, he seems like a good guy.  He’s backing Keith, he’s being a good citizen, helping kids out… watching it for the first time, he seems all right - but ugh.  We don’t know it yet.
  • It’s funny that Kevin Smith is playing a convenience store employee.
Lookat that tiny tiny TV

  • Veronica’s getting really p.o’ed about the 09ers.
  • Jackie enters the room.  And Wallace is in love.
*choirs singing*

  • Ok, Jackie is pretty awesome here. 
  • Cordelia Kendall: You have to stop reminding me you’re in high school. There’s an ick factor” Yes, there is, so stop.
  • Oh poor clueless Mr. Casablancas.  Maybe.
  • So gross that the convenience store is selling Bus Crash souvenirs.
  • The bus logo on the souvenirs has wings…so gross.
  • So Wallace is going to go all Veronica Mars for Jackie
  • The way he’s talking, Veronica is trying so hard not to throw up.
  • Kevin Smith is actually very funny in this role.
  • Veronica is so smart. What would this town do without her?
  • Wallace has learned a lot from Veronica.  Asking witnesses, cross referencing and stuff.
  • The Gun range – Dick doing the douche side arm thing.
  • Oh hey, Wallace still works at that other convenience store – We haven’t seen him work there since like the pilot.
  • So Veronica sleeps with Duncan…and this time, she’ll remember it…and this time he won't think she's his sister... [...yay? - Z]
  • Oh hey, look.  Logan has a suite as well.  Rich kids.  Man.
  • Wow.  Dick senior is just as much of a dick as Dick Jr.
  • And Wallace figured it out!   He saved the day!
  • “Um, who was that kissing you?”  Aww, Big sis Veronica is concerned.
  • Hey, dead guy on the beach.  Written on his hand is Veronica Mars.

Logan and Kendall: second naked sex scene
Zelda: Ugh how much of this?
Daniel: Right? I need another Tums

Favorite Lines:
Zelda: Veronica, to Lamb, "Seriously, why do birds suddenly appear every time you're near?"
Daniel:  Keith: I can't imagine where I'd be if you had gotten back on that bus. Veronica: You'd be sad for a while and then you'd probably turn my room into some sort of sewing nook or yoga studio. Keith: You don't have to make a joke, you know.  Veronica: Sure I do.


Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Duncan, Logan, Dick, Beaver, Jackie (Absent: Weevil)
First Appearance: Jackie Cook, David "Curly" Moran, Richard Casablancas, Jane Kuhne
Recurring: Sheriff Don Lamb, Woody Goodman, Veronica's "Office," Terrence Cook, Kendall Casablancas, Deputy Jerry Sacks, Wallace's job at the Sac n Pack
Future Famous Person: Ari Graynor (Jessie Doyle)
Already Famous Person: Kevin Smith (Duane Anders)
Veronica's Alias: Deputy Ann Shaughnessy, Dawn Lamb, assistant to the District Attorney


Dead Humans - 1
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Jessie Punches Someone - 1
Dick's Single Entendres - 0
Shenanigans Called -


  1. "•Woody Goodman is so creepy. He's always so creepy. Did Guttenberg know he was a creeper when they cast him, or did he just decide he was gonna be a creeper independently?"

    Guttenberg is just a pro at looking creepy but also future knowledge helping out.

    Logan and Kendall: second naked sex scene
    Zelda: Ugh how much of this?
    Daniel: Right? I need another Tums™️

    Daniel's remark made me think of this:

    Every night it's a Tums festival!

  2. I adored Wallace as the detective, and when he first phoned V for help was hilarious! Anyway, Jackie is one of those characters I hate right from the start no matter how many times I watch this season and I think part of it is the voice. Is this Tessa's natural voice? I just find it very fake and adds to my lack of caring about her dad's car. It all just makes me wish she would face some actual consequences. And yet, she has one of the biggest character arcs on the show and I always end up liking her. UGH. Dammit, Jackie.