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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Tale of Two Logans

Charlie may not surf, but Logans do.
Episode 3.4: Charlie Don't Surf. Original Airdate 10.24.06

"When Logan is informed that his inheritance is running low, he becomes suspicious and enlists Veronica's help to sort through his financial records. Veronica uncovers that large sums of money have been going to a man named Charlie Stone. Meanwhile, Keith is hired by Harmony to investigate her cheating husband."

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • "This is a bad idea." // "No, it's not." // "You only think it's not cuz you came up with it." // "Ergo, how bad could it be? Math, sweetie. Me plus idea equals good." Mars banter: always a good start to an episode
  • Awww V’s two men are having dinner together. How mature adulty can we be?
  • Logan is actually behaving pretty well. But oh are the Marses tense. Mostly V. Wish they could have an actual convo.
  • And with one line, we again explain why Mac is not in this episode and boooooo I want Mac!
  • Parker’s wig looks better than when her mom almost moved her home … probably because at this point it’s a “wig”
  • I’m glad V is finally synthesizing her own history with rape and the current season plot, so that she can actually be an advocate/ally/detective and not rolling her eyes at the feminists on campus
  • Uh oh Logan’s funds are running low …
  • AWWW JUST SHOOT ME! REUNION. They have lovely chemistry, but I wish this weren’t the story it’s going to be.
  • Whaaaaaaat is going on with this extra's hair.

  • I … don’t quite get why Veronica doesn’t trust Nish. Is it just because she published the article when V asked her not to? That’s not … that’s not a trust thing. It’s a shitty thing, but it’s not dishonesty.
  • Dick in the Mars household. What is the world coming to.
  • “We’re a frat. Why rape the cow when you’re swimming in free milk?” what a bag of douche
  • Wow, V’s gonna take the job defending the frat. I just … she just … V’s on the weird side of history with this entire arc. I mean, I’m sure she’s partially taking it to see if they *are* responsible, because she doesn’t actually want to help rapists get away with it if they’re guilty, but it’s weird and off-center.
  • Keith and Harmony are phone flirting and he’s smiling so cutely and it’s cute except KEITH SHE IS MARRIED DON’T BE THAT GUY
  • And now they’re having a pizza date in Keith’s office.
  • Daniel just screamed in utter outrage “WHY AREN’T THEY EATING. THEY’RE STILL NOT EATING.”
  • Wow Keith is so smitten so fast. The way he’s half-giggling half-blushing.
  • I keep having to remind myself we’ve met Chip Diller before because he’s … rather bland.
This is him, right?

  • And it’s one step forward, two steps back, as the women protesting the frats and rape see Veronica come out of the frat house ... and see Dick drape his arm familiarly over her shoulders.

  • Gasp that’s two frat boys with bruised knuckles. Have we a fight club?
  • Gasp Logan has a brother.
  • Ohhhhh right the women went to the party with rat traps on their “gropeable” parts, and that’s why the frat boys have bruised knuckles. I forgot about that. I’m amazed they don’t have broken fingers.
  • Logan Echolls and Logan Huntzberger!
  • “You surf?” “As often and as long as I can.” “Maybe we are brothers.” BUT THE EPISODE IS CALLED CHARLIE DON’T SURF.
  • Wow and the real Charlie Stone actually looks more like Logan than fake!Charlie does.
  • Ugh this story Logan’s telling about Aaron forcefeeding him pears. Aaron was the fucking worst. I’m so glad he’s dead.
  • Ahahaha I love it. V outs the reporter, Logan moves as if to punch him, he says “please take a swing, it'd make a great lead,” Logan looks like he’s calmed down enough to not do it … then he socks him right in the nose.
  • I guess my question is how did the reporter plant himself so that when Logan reached out, he got Logan Huntzberger instead of the actual Charlie Stone?
  • “So it’s a piece of cake?” // “A monkey with a friend who’s a bank representative can do it.”
  • “Hello Dick, Chip, Faceless Star Trek Crew Members”
  • Shit, and because of that crappy reporter, Charlie Stone’s been outted as Aaron’s son, and is being followed by paparazzi
  • Oh I see … Logan thinks Charlie’s the one who sicced the Vanity Fair reporter on Logan. I … why? I don’t really get it.
  • At least he lost his story after Logan went on TV with the story.
  • Damn, the reporter was tapping Charlie’s line and that’s how he got in. Ugh, poor Logan and poor Charlie. But also that’s … illegal right? Not that V can throw stones about tapping lines, but still.

Daniel's Thoughts:  

  • Logan’s coming to dinner. 
  • I love that Veronica is giving Logan a list of rules to have dinner with her father. 
  • Oh she’s so nervous, it’s hilarious.  She so wants her dad and Logan to get along.
  • Parker’s got a brand new wig and she looks like a country western star.
"I'm joining the cast of Nashville next"

  • I’m glad Veronica is making an effort to get to know Parker & show empathy and understanding. 
  • Oh crap, Logan’s running out of money.  I guess living in a hotel will do that to you.
  • And Veronica has her mystery of the week.  Logan thinks his manager is skimming off the top.
  • Oh hey, it’s Laura San Giacomo – a totally underrated actress.  She’s so good.
  • Zelda tells me she and Enrico were a couple on Just Shoot Me.  I think I saw that show once or twice?
  • The newspaper says “rape-ternity”.  …Clever pun or forced….
  • “If you’re not gonna shoo it out, I’m gonna step on it” – Veronica, re: Dick being in her apartment.
  • Even when Dick’s trying to be nice, he’s still a dick,
  • I love the moment you can see Veronica’s mind churning.  She takes Dick’s case because she sees an angle in which she can take advantage.
  • Keith and Harmony (Laura San G) totally have chemistry.  They’re flirting but I don’t think they’re fully aware of it yet.
  • Did Veronica invade her dad’s wardrobe? What is this?
Veronica looks as uncomfortable as I do

  • There’s an entire giant pizza in between Keith and Harmony and neither of them are eating.  WHY ARE THEY NOT EATING?  The box is open.  The pizza is getting cold.  I’m not paying attention to anything else that’s happening.
  • Finally, she takes a slice.  SHE DOES NOT EAT IT.  EAT IT, WOMAN.


  • Frat house – more pizza.  A frat guy takes a slice.  I’m very invested in the pizza of this episode. [I can't believe we didn't order pizza during our watch. I was even about to suggest it. - Z]
  • Oh hey! Parry Shen!  He’s on my soap now as a gay lab manager who just stole a baby.  That’s fun.  Oh his name is Bradley Cooper on the show.
  • Parker’s got a much better wig on now.  Just in case you were keeping track.
  • Aaron Echolls – still causing trouble.
  • Avy Kaufman is the name of the manager of the fake charity – Avy Kaufman is also the name of a famous a casting director with a very impressive resume.
  • Ok so Aaron’s Kidz is actually an accurate name…since the money is going to Logan’s brother that he doesn’t know…
  • Parker is always heavily suspicious of Veronica.  I understand her mistrust but, I wish she’d get past this.
  • “Did you go as a hypocrite?”
  • Oh it’s Matt Chzhzhurchcy.  He’s Logan’s long lost brother.  Look at that baby face.
  • Apparently Logan’s sister shot Nicole Ritchie with a BB Gun.
  • I wonder why Charlie never contacted Logan…It’s not discussed here.
  • Logan and Charlie both surf.  OK.
  • Oh man, Veronica does her stuff and doesn’t have to search far to find out Charlie isn’t who he says he is.
  • Logan’s stories of how abusive his dad was…
  • And….Charlie is not Charlie.  He’s a reporter.  Man, Logan just can’t catch a break.
  • But at least he punches NotCharlie out.
  • I really like Harmony’s story.  It’s more complicated than the usual ‘wife hiring a private detective to catch her husband cheating’ story.
  • The real Charlie Stone…is now getting harassed by reporters.  He’s the one that (most likely) put that reporter on Logan so…does he deserve it?  Veronica’s not sure that it was him, but I agree with Logan – what else could have happened?
  • But Veronica was right.  Logan ruined his half-brother’s life for nothing.
  • And Logan feels terrible.  But he’s so quick to react.  It’s a pattern for him.  It’s hard for him to trust and there’s a reason for that.

D: *sings* Cuz we’re more adult now.
Z: You can tell, because this shot has the word NUDE in it.


Favorite Lines:

Zelda: Dick: "You’re torturing me." // Veronica: "Without evening trying? God, I’m good."
Daniel: "If you’re not gonna shoo it out with a newspaper, I’m stepping on it." - Veronica


Neptune Roll Call: Logan, Wallace, Dick, Parker (Absent: Piz, Mac, Sheriff Don Lamb, Weevil)
First Appearance: Harmony Chase
Recurring: Nish Sweeney, Chip Diller, Claire Nordhouse, Nancy Cooper
Generally Known TV Face: Matt Czuchry
Already Famous Person: Laura San Giacomo
Buffy Alum (sort of): Parry Shen, who played a student in the episode "Innocence"


Dead Humans - 0
Backup Sighting - 0 
Veronica Breaks In - 0
Veronica Tases Someone -  0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 1  -------->
Dick's Single Entendres – 1 (“We’re a frat. Why rape the cow when you’re swimming in free milk?”)
Shenanigans Called - 0

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