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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Standing While Black


Episode 2.13: Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough. Original Airdate 2.08.06

"Someone steals the cash box with $12,000 at the school carnival. As accusations fly, Veronica, rather surprisingly, finds herself defending Jackie. Meanwhile, Beaver stands up to Dick, and Logan meets a bright girl named Hannah."

Daniel's Thoughts:

  • The Winter Carnival is coming up.
  • Miss Hauser is back.
  • As much as I hate Madison, her potrayer is really funny.
  • And everyone’s being an asshole to Jackie because of what her dad may or may not have done. We've seen this before with the bus driver's daughter.  
  • “What’s your poison?” “Emotionally unavailable women”
  • Aww, Beav and Mac.  YES, I WILL CHOOSE TO AWW FOR NOW.
  • Streakers.  You can so see they’re wearing something.
  • The mystery of the week is kind of a lame one, but I kinda don’t mind it.  It’s a fun who-done-it.
  • And now it’s time for, ‘Logan finds a new temporary girlfriend’
  • I almost forgot about Hannah. 
  • Ophelia, Weevil’s niece, likes powerpuff girls. Me: I LIKE POWERPUFF GIRLS.
  • That’s really awful: Voting, especially with money, to choose who gets dunked in a dunk tank? It’s like an unpopularity punishment.
  • Poor Jackie, she just keeps getting dunked.  But here’s Wallace, with new girlfriend…. purposefully missing.  I think his new girlfriend approves, which is kinda cool.

  • I like Mac’s pink extensions.
  • Ugh, Dick is awful.
  • Logan is so smarmy but charming and it works.
  • Dick is so happy to see himself on TV.
  • “What were you doing at the copy machine?"  “Making coffee?”  This exchange reminds me of the episode of Buffy where Buffy is on her bed reading and Dawn asks her what she's doing and she says, "Playing soccer."
  • Tada!
  • I really love how Clemmons and Veronica’s relationship has grown since he was smart enough to realize how much he could use her to his advantage.  Plus, there’s an admiration there, you can see.
  • Ahh, poor Hannah.  This was a setup.
  • And this episode is from 15 years ago.  Which isn’t that long ago.  But transphobia is still living large.  I think, someone like Mac, wouldn’t use a trans woman for revenge like she’s just this object who isn’t human with human feelings.  But this is also the same show who used the only openly gay kid at Neptune High for the same reason.  Because being accidently gay, or being accused of being gay is worse than anything. And do I throw out my entire like of a series because of these reasons?  Of course not.  I just have to believe that someone like Rob Thomas would grow with the times; that he wouldn’t do something like that today.  I’d like to say something like iZombie proves it, but….there are absolutely no gay characters on that show.  Having no representation can almost be worse. [Seconding all of this. - Z]
  • Veronica denies it but she totally did it for Weevil.  They’re friendssssss.

Zelda's Thoughts:

  • Rando: "Help her? She's my nemesis." V: "His nemesis? (to Madison) Did we break up?" AMAZING
  • Oh he thinks V is his nemesis because of the Kane Scholarship, right that's a thing
  • Oh right, now that Terrence Cook got arrested, Jackie's a pariah.
  • See, they give Tessa Thompson something to play that's not just bitchy-for-no-reason and she's instantly better
  • "Slushies! Get your ice cold frozen ... sugar water."
  • It's weird seeing Weevil with hair on his head (see gif above in Daniel's thoughts). Is that how they signal his fall from PCH-grace? But he's freaking adorable with his niece Ophelia.
  • ugh Mac and Beaver SAVE YOURSELF FROM HIM MAC
  • Wallace and Jane are cuties though.
  • "We all saw her lurking around." // "Lurking? You mean standing while black?" The more things stay the same, the more things don't change

  • But V's fight against injustice has been triggered, and she's on the case.
  • Meanwhile, Logan's meetcute with Hannah really is cute. It's just too bad that it's actually about getting to her dad (spoilers)
  • And Weevil won't let V get off easy with searching the backpack of tiny cute Ophelia.
  • Oh nm V's gonna assume Jackie's guilty and then feel instantly ashamed first.
  • And we can't even be surprirsed that Jackie's being unfairly targeted because of something her father may or may not have done - we saw what happened to Veronica when her Sheriff Dad had the gall to go after the Kanes for Lilly's death.
  • But Wallace reminds us why he's a lovely human, and deliberately throws as badly as possible, to give Jackie a break from the dunk tank
  • Mac and her cute pink hair, asks "are we winning" she may be adorable but uggggghhhh knowing the future
  • also fuck you Dick. you're so gross
  • also I just remembered what they do for revenge on Dick and I hate it. trans people are not punchlines, nor is being attracted to them
  • I actually can't remember who the actual culprit is, except that it's not Jackie. I remember V's showmanship because of the gifs on the internet, but I don't remember how this shakes out. This is exciting.
  • THAT'S RIGHT. Veronica lies about there being the name Nancy on the $50 bill she took.
  • "I don't care what your zip code is, trash is trash," in case we were in doubt whether Ms. Hauser is as awful and casually racist as Madison Sinclair.
  • So now we've found the framed cash, with the bill with Nancy written on it.
  • Okay so we framed Thumper for it, okay. That's cool, Thumper is the worst.
  • HAHAHA BEST RETCON, V had already made a backup copy of the keys Clemmons confiscated from her.
  • "I'm about to watch Ms. Hauser squirm in her own personal hell, if you're not doing anything ..."
  • "We marked your words before, and I don't know if you know this, but they formed this, like, totally false accusation"
  • I love V making banter and Jackie as her sideman:

  • aww Throwback Thursday to the photos V took of the Triton initiation last year
  • "I don't have a homepage." // "You will." Yeah bc V is friends with Mac.
  • "I stole the test." TA DAAAAAA
  • And for her encore, she finds the rest of the cash in the ceiling.
  • I retroactively feel so bad for Deputy Sacks for having to go on a date with her.
  • Ew Madison tells Dick she's moved on to older men and I just remembered she hooks up with Lamb and then I threw up.
  • The look Logan gives Dr. Griffith. Like. That's amazing and I hate him and love him.

  • Fuck you and your transphobia, writers. For putting that transphobia into so many characters, after you dealt so much better with trans women in season one.
  • It's kind of wild how the Fitzpatricks, for all intents and purposes, didn't exist last season, but now they're wrapped into every subplot this season, including Terrence Cook's gambling debts and Logan's being framed for murder.
  • Oh right, the framing of Thumper was because Weevil did steal the money after all; he just didn't steal the full amount because Ms. Hauser was already skimming off the top. And he even hid the money in exactly the same places V suspected.
  • But V wants to go to Magic Mountain, too, so she's letting him off the hook. Him and his new car.

Favorite Lines:

Daniel: “What were you doing at the copy machine? “Making coffee?” - Clemmons & Veronica
Zelda: "We marked your words before, and I don't know if you know this, but they formed this, like, totally false accusation." - Veronica


Neptune Roll Call: Wallace, Logan, Weevil, Dick, Beaver, Jackie (Absent: Duncan)
First Appearance: Hannah Griffith
Recurring: Madison Sinclair, Deborah Hauser, Corny, Cora Briggs, Terrence Cook, Thumper, Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, Principal Van Clemmons, Jane Kuhne, Dr. Tom Griffith
Generally Known TV Face: Jessy Schram
Logan's Nicknames: Princess (Hannah)


Dead Humans - 0
Backup Sighting - 0
Veronica Breaks In - 1
Veronica Tases Someone - 0
Mac Hacks - 0
Who's Your Daddy? - 0
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 0
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0
Logan Punches Someone - 0
Dick's Single Entendres - 1 "See how it just slipped right out?"
Logan's Single Entendre - 1 "Shooting in a clown's mouth"
Shenanigans Called - 0


  1. I hated Logan for using Hannah but like, somehow I still love him? Damn you Jason Dhoring for being way too charming for your own good!!!

    I love snarky Veronica and she was on fire this episode.

    Also, is Tessa Thompson also Valkyrie? I just saw Thor: Ragnarok but she was amazing and I think my hatred of Jackie has waned now because of that movie. It's just way too good and she was awesome in it.

    1. YAAAAAAAAS Valkyrie killed my last speck of Tessa Thompson hatred!

      I agree about Logan too. I mean, I feel sorry for Hannah but I'm so amused by Logan's plotting that I kinda let it slide.

    2. Jason Dohring is so charming indeed..Logan is so charming indeed but also he played Logan as manipulative and with an agenda obviously (it was the plot story) but also kind of genuine with Hannah. He enjoy being with her, he is charmed by her and it shows and make his scenes with her cute and with some rooting factor despite the context.

      Veronica is very snarky, it is fun but sometimes she can a bit too smug..

      I never disliked Jacky..often she called out Veronica and she was right.

      Transphobia is despicable obviously but realistic. These people are in highschool and it was more than ten years ago..all the progressive (a bit pc sometimes..) evolution is pretty recent.