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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Want to Hear Your Friend Apologize, Season Three?

Series Stats:

Dead Humans - 28
Backup Sighting - 18
Veronica Breaks In - 24
Veronica Tases Someone - 5
Mac Hacks - 10
Who's Your Daddy? - 3
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 14
Weevil Does Veronica a Favor - 5
Leo Does Veronica a Favor - 3
Mac Does Veronica a Favor - 4
Cliff Does Veronica a Favor - 1
Veronica Wants a Pony - 4
Logan Punches Someone - 9 
Dick's Single Entendres - 25
Shenanigans Called - 20

Season Three Stats (including comparison to previous season):

Dead Humans - 7 (-12)
Backup Sighting - 4 (=)
Veronica Breaks In - 9 (+3)
(Tim Foyle Breaks In - 1)
Veronica Tases Someone - 2 (=)
(Logan Tases Someone - 1)
Mac Hacks - 3 (-1)
Who's Your Daddy? - 0 (=)
Wallace Does Veronica a Favor - 1 (=)
Weevil Does Veronica a Favor - 2 (+2)
Veronica Wants a Pony - 0 (-2)
Logan Punches Someone - 3 (=)
Dick's Single Entendres - 9 (-3)
Shenanigans Called - 6 (-1)

Additional Season Three Stats

Absences:  61 total (Wallace 5, Logan 0, Weevil 10, Dick 6, Lamb 12, Piz 9, Parker 9, Mac 10)
New Recurring Characters:  34 total (Professor Hank Landry, Timothy Foyle, Piz, Cormac Fitzpatrick, Parker, Moe Flater, Nancy Cooper, Fern Delgado, Nish Sweeney, Hallie Piatt, Mrs. Lee, Mercer Hayes, Trish, Claire Nordhouse, Dean Cyrus O'Dell, Harmony Chase, Mason, Professor David Winkler, Mindy O'Dell, Steve Botando, Max, Jenny Budosh, Tom Barry, Jeff Ratner, Tina Callis, Wilson Behan, Bonnie Capistrano, Mel Stoltz, Cora, Bronson Pope, Josh Barry, Kathleen Barry, Professor Corrigan, Deputy Gills)
Future Famous Person: 4 total (Armie Hammer, Dianna Agron, Jamie Chung, Nelsan Ellis)
Already/Past Famous Person: 4 total (Laura San Giacomo, Richard Grieco, Patty Hearst, Paul Rudd)
Generally Known TV Face: 20 total Samm Levine, Rider Strong, Rachelle Lefevre, Dan Castellaneta, Lindsey McKeon, Ed Begley, Jr., Matt Czuchry,  Robert Ri'chard, Jamie Ray Newman, Todd Bosley, Amanda Walsh, Charlie Weber, Charles Shaughnessy, Juliette Goglia, Anthony Azizi, Cole Williams, Eric Ladin, Fred Stoller, Patrick Fischler, Kevin Symons)
Buffy Alum: 2 total (Parry Shen, who played a student in the episode "Innocence," Charlie BenIsGlory Weber)
Logan's Nicknames: 2 total (Jose Lunchpail (Weevil), Admiral Moneybags (himself))
Veronica's Nicknames: 1 total (The Man of La Mancha (Max))
Desmond's Nicknames: 7 total (Pus, Plax, Pez, Buzz, Bizen, La Paz (all Piz), Monica (Veronica))
Veronica's Alias: 13 total  (athlete looking for a trainer, sorority hazee, organizer of Camp Waterloo reunion (and so very southern); receptionist at a voiceover audition, Martina Vasquez (the Hottie from Ch. 9), Zeta Theta Beta fan of Ed Argent, Tim Foyle's Distraught Adopted Sister, Knocked Up Hester, Nancy the assistant to Carson Drew, Landry’s daughter, Anna from K-RAC, Ms. Crocket, Nasir's girlfriend)
Keith's Alias: 5 total (Adrian Monk, building inspector, voiceover auditionee, Sheriff, Carson Drew)
Cliff's Alias: 1 total (voiceover auditionee)
Danny the Pizza Boy’s Alias: 1 total (Walter Wolfcastle)
Professor Hank Landry’s Alias: 1 total (Rory Finch)
Tim Foyle's Alias: 1 total (Mr. Tubbs)

Zelda's Thoughts:

I'm just glad we're done, at this point. And it's too bad that that's all I'm feeling. I would kill for more Mac and Weevil in this season, and a hell of a lot less Dick. I think a lot about the rapist arc was handled piss poorly, especially considering Veronica's history with sexual assault. The mystery of the Dean's murder was at least a cool mystery, even if the convoluted path by which Tim Foyle exacted his revenge ... doesn't quite make much sense if you examine it too closely. We barely got any time with the Castle, which I assume was at some point going to become a pivotal organized enemy, replacing the Fitzpatricks (although if the FBI pitch had sold, that would be one more thread dropped). Okay, what good things did the season give us? James Jordan was hilarious as Tim Foyle. I thought the angst (as well as the schmoop) of the LoVe ship was generally well-written and well-performed. Piz and Parker are cuties who never stood a chance. For a few weeks, Neptune had a competent sheriff and everyone hated him for it (except newly-reinstated Deputy Leo).

All this to say: I'm really looking forward to our rewatch of the film, which unlike so many of the nostalgia returns we've gotten, did not disappoint (*glares pointedly at Gilmore Girls). No one felt horribly out of character, nor did anyone seem like they'd sat in character growth stasis in the ten years away (coughRORYEFFINGGILMOREcough), and there was good fanservice with so many returning players, without feeling overly self-indulgent.

I really hope the canon season four continues to satisfy. We're almost caught up to now!

Daniel's Thoughts: 
As to what Zelda says above:

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  1. I can't wait til you have finished VM season 4 and can have a full, in depth discussion about the difference between Rory Gilmore and Veronica Mars in their respective revivals. I will be here for it!